Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Restoring Balance - Day 47

I just spent 7 hours in a car with 4 other humans who range in age from 7-79 years of age. I see where the phrase "driving me crazy" and "driving me to drink" came from lol. Omfg I'm worn out. And the pain level is through the roof right now in every way; muscles, bone and nerve. I seldom drink, but what I wouldn't give for a glass of Black Opal Shiraz right now! I was able to finally run a hot bath and soak in Epsom salts. While reading a wonderful magazine I found last week at Barnes & Nobel, I fell asleep in the tub for about an hour. I'd say this version of The Chariot and The Hermit say it all. (As much as I adore the device itself, why does iPad 2 take such shitty pictures?!)

I will now focus on my body and mind returning to a natural state of balance and well being before falling asleep. This time in the bed, not in the bathtub lol. Because all in all, it really was a nice day. By foucusing on that, I will ensure that tomorrow will be as well.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta Wing It - Day 46

Holy crap, last night's card was SO spot on! Today, I met 30 family members I've never met before! It was like a mini family reunion, it was wonderful! And I found out at least 5 more of us see/hear/communicate with the dead! Some are too afraid of it to honor it, but one in particular is totally accepting of it and oddly enough the one I instantly warmed up to. And her name is Star. Of course it lol.


Tonight's card is the 2 of pentacles. I woman stands in her kitchen reading a recipe. She has several items already cut and prepared and is staring to mix them in a bowl. It looks like she is making a pot of gumbo. Maybe looking over an old family recipe. Beside her is an Earth elemental assisting by adding water to a measuring cup. I'm getting the message of the importance of balancing preparation with knowing when to just wing it by following our gut. I have such a tendency to just not do shit because I'm afraid I'll "get it wrong". This says just do the best I can. And to always remember that at any give moment , that may be to a lesser or greater extent than the moment before.

This card has such a warm feeling and kind of feels like an extension of last nights card, the 10ofP. Maybe I'll end up cooking with my family or having in the kitchen with them. Either way, it seems like good things are starting to take form and I need to not stress and enjoy the unfolding of the goodness that I guess is yet to come. I just can't take on more than I can actually handle. Tomorrow is already set to be a whole lot of business. I will have to be sure to make time to meditate and shield so as to not get overwhelmed and turn into Grumpasaurus Rex.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family Love - Day 45

Haha ha! Same card four days later, the10 of pentacles. And once again it is perfectly appropriate. My mother came to town. We went to dinner and I spent the evening with her and met several cousins I never knew and ones I haven't seen since I was a child. I got to hear about many family members I love dearly, many who are gone to the spirit world. It makes me realize how important it is to pass down the stories and recipes from the older generations and to spend time with loved ones while we have the with us.


I pulled one more card and got The Fool. This truly marked a fresh start with regard to my relationship with my mother. It has always been an extraordinarily stressed one despite the enormous amount if love we have for one another. Maybe because if the self-discovery we have both done this is the beginning of a much happier, healthier and enjoyable relationship. I certainly hope so.il


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bask In the Deliciousness- Day 45

Here we have a woman on the 7of pentacles who has climbed a tree to pick a gorgeous basket of shiny, bright red apples. She closes her eyes as if to envision all of the glorious creations she can make with them. Will she make apple pie like her Aunt Amy used to make for the holidays? Will she cut them into slices and serve them with havarti and a nice Pinot Grigio? Does she take the seeds and use them for healing magic? I can literally hear Abraham Hicks in my head saying to" bask in the deliciousness of creation." looking at this card I'm reminded to take stock of the many blessings to have manifested in my life and have patience for the ones yet to occur. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Think Outside the Box - Day 44

Tonight I have pulled the Knave of Swords, or rather it fell out while I was shuffling. This deck seems to speak to meant hat manner, a trait I really appreciate. It makes me feel like I am really connected to the spirit of the deck itself. I'm kinda thrown however by this card. I mean, it's the Page of Sw, yet it looks and feels very wands-ish with the bright orange. I do however like how the artist gave the image so much depth as though we have a birds eye view looking down from the kite as it is suspended in the air. Below, a smiling girl in a yellow dress (solar plexus chakra and the color of the element Air which is intellect and communication) looks up at it as the wind carries it along and she guides it with the string. Her air elemental rides the tail to guide it.

So I just looked up what the purpose if a tail in a kite is, and now I totally get this image being use for the PofSw. Kites have been used by some of the brightest scientific minds in various experiments , from studying weather patterns (duh! How did I forget about ole Ben Frank lol) to creating the bridge that goes over Niagra Falls. And that by the way was done by a 10 year old boy! This card is all about daring to think outside the box, being innovative, discovering new solutions for old problems or things that others think cannot be changed, and having the courage to speak your truth with clarity. Like the girl here, I gotta keep looking up, trusting that my spirit guides will help keep me soaring to new heights in my life.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas With My Boudreaux Family - Day 43

For tonight's draw I pulled the 10 of pentacles. We have a group of people that seem to be gathered together for a family reunion. All the different generations and laughing and smiling and enjoying each other's company. This makes complete sense to me because I spent today with extended family that I absolutely love being around. It's crazy to see the little ones now old enough to have made little ones of their own. So while I didn't have a birthday cake and to be perfectly honest as far as birthdays go this one was definitely a pretty shitty one. But as far as Christmas's go however this was a wonderful one. I love my Beaudreaux clan and I'm so happy I spent my day with them.

This also reminds me of dear friends who are like family and I spent the rest of the evening with. I called them my niece and nephew and I truly love them dearly as well. We sat down and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate and watch the movie Insideous with cats and dog curled up beside us. This was truly a 10ofP kind of day and this card reminds me how wealthy I am in terms of loved ones, both blood related and not. Family is who loves you no matter what.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me! - Day 42

This is post 42 and so am I today.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Person of the Week - King of Swords - Day 41

It seems the royal family of Swords wants a bit more publicity. Last time it was the Queen and tonight we have the King of Swords as our "Person of the Week". The KofSw is an intellectual who tends to see life in very black and white terms. His approach is very logical, so forming emotional connections can be a bit of a challenge. Think Dr. Spock. If you want someone to wipe your tears or listen while you give a long narrative with regard to how you feel, this is not the guy you want to talk to. If you want things done methodically and with precision, he's your man. The downside is he may be a pompous ass with a God complex who believes the rules apply to everyone but him. The upside is since he prides himself in being the the shit, you can bet your ass he has the chops to back it up. As a matter of fact, when the pressure is on, this is the guy you want running the show. He's a natural born authority figure and his ability to be logical, impartial and take decisive action quickly in situations where there is no margin for error earn him respect from others every time. This is the guy that will make make you say, "What a dick!" But as a former flight attend, I have to admit he's also the guy you want when you have hydraulic failure at 35K feet.

Astrologically the KofSw is associated with Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. Though he may not be an air sign, he has those qualities. This is a man who cannot sit still. They literally have to have both their bodies and brains active. They tend to be walkers or joggers and always have a book within reach. He most likely graduated top of his class. NatGeo, Discovery and Science Channel are their first choice on the tube. Career wise, these guys come up in readings as doctors, attorneys, pilots, surgeons, politicians or Soldiers, Air Force in particular. They are always the ones who come most highly recommended in their field.

If this King shows up in a reading either look for a person with these qualities or this is the kind of approach you need to bring to the situation in order to get clarity.



Monday, December 23, 2013

Let Go In Order to Receive - Day 40

This is an interesting 4 of pentacles that breaks away from tradition. A woman who seems to be quite exhausted, her hand her brow, stands in assessment of her kitchen cabinet. Her bandana, jeans and dowdy beige shirt show that she was prepared to work. Before her are shelves full of canned preserves and it seems there is quite a variety. The little gnomes are trying to guide her attention to certain jars but she hesitates to reach for them. Off to her right, a pot she has forgotten about boils over on the stove. The tone of the room is dark, heavy, restricted and somber.

I pull another card.

The Knight of Wands is a woman dressed in her flowing ceremonial whites. Around her neck is what would be called an "eleke" in Santaria. Elekes are very special necklaces that represent particular spirits and show your association to them. She stands at an altar with a pentacle that has five orange pilar candles at each point and three white tapers she is about to light. Four salamanders who are fire elementals are ready to lend their energy to her work. Off to her right is a separate altar with a goddess figurine and offerings of water, orange flowers and a sunflower. The room is glowing with sunlight as she stares with focused intent and confidence that strongly influence the outcome of her spell.

I once had a life coach who told me about a client she had who was extremely wealthy. She had a home that was basically a palatial estate and was opulently decorated. She wore the most exquisite couture, drove several luxury vehicles and had a couple of passports that had numerous stamps per page. In her kitchen, she had a particular pantry that was different than the rest. It had a false back. Once you removed the shelves, you could knock down the back wall of it with minimal effort. Once you did, it opened to a secret room full of enough food to open a grocery store and more blankets and practical clothes like jeans, sweaters and work boots than Macy's. She was a survivor of the Holicaust. As a young girl, she'd experienced first hand what it was like to be hungry, cold and destitute. She vowed neither she nor anyone she knew would ever be in that position again. The two of these cards side by side remind me of that story.

This combination is also telling me to work smarter, not harder. There are resources at my disposal, yet I hesitate to make use of them. I'm holding on too tightly to things because I know what it's like to experience very financially challenging times. Since Katrina, there is such a hoarder in me if I were to give in to it. I need to remember that EVERYTHING is energy! Money is no exception to that truth. It is a piece of paper/cloth or metal that is a physical representation of energy. The question is what is the vibrational frequency one attaches to it. Gratitude or bitterness? Prosperity or scarcity? Magnanimous expectation or paralyzing fear? It's a piece of paper and ink in its most basic physical form that is used to represent value. In fact, some places still refer to it as a "bank note". Stagnant energy prevents energy from flowing. Spell work is getting in touch with and harnessing particular energies to get a specific result. I feel that it is important for me to be aware of both the resources and assistance right in front my face and to use them and not allow foolish pride or fear to prevent me from tapping into them. These cards are letting me know that specific spell work to a certain Orisha is starting to unfold. I have to be very conscious of my mindset when I'm handling money. Spend with joy and gratitude, reciting the montra that "Any money I spend stimulates economic flow and comes back to me multiplied." Lovingly release my monitary notes with appreciation for them and the ones that will be drawn to me. This combo is also letting me know how important it is to keep my own energy flowing and not be a recluse. Like our woman here in the 4ofP, brighter times are closer than they apear to be from my current vantage point.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Learning to Avert Danger and Temptation - Day 39

I went to the misa today as explained I planned to do in last night's post and the cards I drew made sense in ways I didn't foresee. The female pictured on the patriarchal Emperor card as well as the other two were reflected by a conversation I had with a woman about working with Spirit and the possibility of getting initiated and thus having godparents.

Tonight's cards are the 8 of pentacles and The Devil XV. Two earth cards. I've gotta be flexible. I woman sits at a potter's wheel carefully molding her clay into what she wants it to be as two earth spirits assist and encourage her. The 8ofP is about learning a new skill and being patient. She has a beautiful smile on her face as she works, and around her are pots she examples of what she can accomplish and has done in the past. It's all about taking your time as the creation process unfolds and being proud of each accomplishment. The Devil card is at her back. Such a unique version of this card. She is not distracted by the various temptations that would interrupt her flow or her joy. Together they speak of learning how to not revert to old behaviors that have consequences I'd rather not pay, regardless of how enticing the prospect of satisfaction. I'd would only be short lived and lead to guilt somehow.

Now I question if she is not distracted by temptation or something harmful, or is she oblivious...


Something said I should pull another card and it is my significator card, the Queen of Pentacles. What's funny is that the woman on the card actually resembles me and the man reminds me of a friend I spent most of the day with. In the card, the two of the walk in a lush garden and she listens as he seems to be explaining something. We weren't in a garden, but like the card, my friend has been very kind and supportive as I formulate a plan to create the life and surroundings that are healthy and promote my growth and stability. Like what is said in the other two cards, we talked about not getting side tracked by certain distractions that can be very tempting for me but are very unhealthy.

This seems to be all about today. I wonder if any of this will be played out as I go about my day tomorrow.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Preparing for Yule - Day 38

I've realized over the past few days of posting that the cards are foretelling what's to come the following day as opposed to rehashing that day. Last night's card made complete sense. I did have to be a bit brave and I had a number of interactions where I had to be direct in my communication starting with the email that required me to respond to and take decisive action quickly with regard to a particular business matter and then make subsequent phone calls. I also was pleasantly surprised be seeing someone that is a new acquaintance yet feels like an old friend and wanted to speak very candidly about helping me cut the bullshit and start fresh on some things. It was a very Ace of Swords kinda day. But no Gerard Butler lol.

Now, on with tonight's card. It's from my brand spankin' new, Book of Shadows, So Below deck. I can see it becoming a favorite. I pulled the Emperor IV. We have a woman on the phone taking notes so she can be organized and prepared. I notice the he shirt is blue as opposed to the normal red associated with this Aries card. She remains cool and calm while still creating order for herself and others. She has her cup of coffee so she can stay alert and not turn into a grump. (My coffee maker was broken recently. SO not cool!) In the background she has a calendar with Samhain circled so she won't forget to prepare for the sabbat. Interesting, because I will be attending a misa, a Santeria ritual, where we will be celebrating Yule. Not sure how traditional that is but the misas I've attended are so nice and I always feel so much better, lighter after I attend.

Something made me pull two more cards and they tie in perfectly. The 8 of wands and the Page of Chalices. Together they perfectly illustrate one of the main things that occur at a misa, which is a seance, or communing with everyone's deceased loved ones who choose to come through. Look at the woman in a peacefully altered state drawing down spiritual energy, and the 8ofW is about messages, as is the PofC who is about loving or emotional ones. It is also a card of psychic communication. I think I will bring pen and paper so I can be prepared like the Emperor so I can have any important information at my disposal. And since the Emperor card is based on the patriarchal archetype, I have the distinct impression my daddy may pop in to give me an early birthday message. That would be the best present I could ever get.


Friday, December 20, 2013

The Wife of Mars - Day 37

The Universal Goddess Tarot has given me the Ace of Swords who is expressed via the Roman goddess of war and the wife of Mars, Bellona. Since today was actually a pretty good one, I wonder what sort of shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow that I will have to embrace my assertive side and stand my ground. Being a sword, I will try to be clear in my communication, yet use diplomacy and remain objective. The AofSw always means a new opportunity to cut through bullshit and get rid of any stagnant energy or situations. I feel like perhaps some piece of mail or business conversation may occur. Maybe I'll get lucky and it just means someone will ask me to watch Sparta on Netflix and I can droll over Gerard Butler.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheetah Girl - Day 36

The Animal Messages Oracle pulled me to it and now I completely understand why. Cheetah says, "A decision once made will be followed by unwavering action." This falls in line perfectly with the advice I received and posted about yesterday from my Queen of Swords Suzette. As a member of the cat family, I get the sense that following my intuition, my raw instincts will get me the best results. Like this feline, I needed to patiently assess and then rise above the situation in order to see things with more clarity. Look at that beautiful, endless expanse of azure sky and golden brush on the landscape. As scary as what I need to do is, Suzette told me it is the only way I will know true freedom. I don't like it, but my raw instincts know how true it is.

Lol! I have to laugh because my own sweet mini cheetah just jumped into my lap with her motor purringp as though to amen this message. I'll take that as confirmation.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Queen of Swords/Sue Fox - Day 35

In last night's post I introduced working with the tarot court cards by initiating the weekly segment "Person of the Week" and it was the Queen of Swords. Well wouldn't you know that one of the people who had the most profound and direct effect on my life today is the epitome of the Queen of Swords! Suzette is one of my oldest and most trusted friends and the sharp sword of her Aquarian intellect and direct approach has brought me such clarity and a much needed sense of peace as well as courage. Our conversation made me see who the QofSw is in a different light. It reminded me of who all the Queens in general are, the nurturers, the example of how the element of water is expressed respective of each suite. So in this example the QofSw is Air of Water. In speaking with Suzette I had my emotions addressed but from a logical approach, and it benefited me greatly. Her objectivity helped narrow my scope of vision to focus on what is really important and encouraged me to find my own voice and speak MY truth so I can stop falling into the trap of trying to live up to the expectations of everyone else regardless of how much they love me, I love them, or their position in my life.

The QofSw in her more negative aspect is a very bitter, defensive and lonely woman because of her abrasive attitude and caustic toungue. Think, Malificet or Judge Judy. Suzette very candidly reminded me of the multitude of reasons she has to be that kind of woman given several of her life experiences and why she has worked through adopting those behaviors and attitudes so that I could see why they will cause me more harm than good. She didn't pull any punches yet still let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loves and supports me no matter what. I am grateful beyond words to have been blessed with her endless, tireless loyalty and the beauty of her friendship. Thank you Sue Fox for as you put it, "a quarter of a century of friendship". I love you.

(And in case you are wondering, she is just as outspoken and direct as last nights example, Chelsea Handler, but has mellowed to have grace, wisdom and a sense of decorum. Unless you push her too far. Then?? God love ya cause that's yo ass lmao!)

*this card is from the Secret Tarot*


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Person of the Week - Queen of Swords - Day 34

So I've had this idea for weekly posts since like, forever. But because I am the most ridiculous procrastinator God ever created, I have not acted on it. Well in keeping with the theme of getting my shit together and having some kind if discipline by making a post, I will implement my new idea tonight. It's the "Person of the Week". In an attempt to focus on the court cards and gain a deeper understanding of them I will select a court card and make the comparison of it with an actual person. Sometimes I will choose a particular card after shuffling, sometimes I will intentionally pick a specific card. So with no further ado, let's meet this week's...

Person of the Week - Queen of Swords as Chelsea Handler - What better example for this suit than a talk show host. The QofSw is the type of woman who is very logical and her greatest asset is her sharp mind, equaled only by her razor sharp toungue and often times cutting, dry whit. She takes no shit and cuts to the core of any topic. That woman has no board of censors on duty in her head lol. It's like word vomit with her lol! And just like the QofSw, she can be a total asshole and not care how badly she hurts someone's feelings. But how freeing it must be to not keep your true feelings bottled up. And if you go up against someone who is a QofSw type of person, have your shit together because I promise you she will. Her delivery may suck, but she is honest, effective and you'll always know where you stand.

Now often times when I do a reading and a court card comes up it will match up with the person's zodiac sign. If that is the case, she would be an Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini. But I've learned the hard way that that isn't always the case and Chelsea is a prime example. I cannot believe this woman is a Pisces!? I'd have totally pegged her as a Gemini! She is the most outspoken, crass person and she cracks me up!

The QofSw from the Dark Angles deck has always made me go "Huh??" Now the blue makes me think of the throat chakra. But her demeanor is so calm, almost meek. Or maybe she is actually pausing to think before she speaks. Maybe she is being a good communicator by listening more and talking less. I will take these things into consideration tomorrow. I will be direct in my communication, think before I speak and listen carefully.



Monday, December 16, 2013

Viking Territory - Day 33

The Vampire Tarot called to me tonight. Judgment XX asks me if I am ready to take a leap of faith into the unknown like a Viking ready to discover knew territory and up for any challenge. It's time to jump to it.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Long Day, Sleepy Girl - Day 32

I have had the busiest day. A very good day, but a nonstop busy day. I am tired as shit. But I like I said on Day 1, no matter how tired, no matter how short the post, I will make one each day. It's about the discipline, commitment and follow through. All things I must get better about.

I shuffled an got the Rx Knight of Wands. How spot on. Having exerted a lot of energy doing things that excited and motivate you that you are just fried. My "Wife" and I spent the day having "Lady Day" as we call it. Her boyfriend is out if town and left me the keys so rolled out man. We hit Michael's, Marshal's, T.J. Maxx, Kirkman's, Ulta, broke for an scrumptious dinner and La Madaline, then on to World Market and Big Lots! Then came home and made charm bracelets (which I'm pretty proud of. Pictures later.) So then I pulled out the 4 of swords intentionally, as one of its defined meaning so-to-say is rest, recuperation and healing. This girl in the card is so damn tired, she's sound asleep in the snow lol. Like her, my ass is sleepy lol. AND I have to get up and go to my family's annual Cookie Sunday! Ugh! As much as I want to, I really just want to lay in pajamas, eat and watch football.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Loosen Up, Earth Queen - Day 31

Using my Dark Angles, 1. What am I moving away from? 2. What am I moving toward? 3. Bottom line.

The first thing I notice is that I have all earth cards. This shows how extremely important having a sense of security that is long lasting is to me, but that I must also be more flexible and accepting of change. Next thing is that both the Page and the Queen of Pentacles (my significator card as a Capricorn) are here. I have to find that balance between behaving like a mature adult yet honoring and my inner child and not judging her. My friend Stephanie who is such a gifted reader just told me earlier this week that I needed to take time to do work with my inner child. Thanks Stephanie!

1. Page of Pentacles - Again I am warned against holding onto things that I think give me security. Look at how she is clutching that disk! I feel like it represents past mistakes and old resentments toward myself and others (Joshua). I am starting to see all of these things as learning experiences and put them to rest.

2. The Heirophant V - I'm moving toward becoming more disciplined and structured and increasing my faith. Proof being that I ordered my Leonie calendars couple of days ago and toning to got a beautiful indigo/violette 2014 day planner.

3. Queen of Pentacles - I love this version of the QofP. Her facial expression says how strong she is and that she will kick your ass if you cross her yet her posture shows how open and flexible she is. I'm actualizing the true essence of who I am, which is a loving, nurturing woman who needs security and also structure. If I can be half as loving and nurturing to myself as I am to others, I'll be very pleasantly surprised at what I can create for myself. But I must be more flexible and patient with myself.




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