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Tarot Blog Hop- Imbolc 2012


This year I am very pleased to be a part of a tarot readers Round-Robin. You are continuing your blog hop journey from Kareena's  fantastic blog Tarot Musings . The theme is "How can I be a better candle?" What this says to me, is how can I improve mySelf in order to inspire others.  I decided to use the Universal Goddess deck to find answers to this question.

Every year on February 2 many people in the Northern hemisphere celebrate Imbolc. If in the Southern hemisphere, August 1.  It is also known as Candlemas or St. Brigit's Day. It marks the midpoint of winter and the renewed hope of spring. For many people around the globe, February is a hard month. It has been cold, snowy, or icy for a long period of time now and it can seem like it will never end. This is a day that is all about finding the will to continue on. It is a day of hope and the promise of the fresh, new possibilities of spring.
goat eating yellow flower

Things Associated with Imbolc
• dawn
• fire/candles
• yellow flowers
• goats and sheep
• candles
• spring cleaning
• courage
• healing
• maiden goddess


1. How can I create healing in my own life? 2 of Wands -  I am drawn to the two little boys sparring with their wands. This is the internal conflict within myself. The one side that is positive and hopeful battling the more negative aspect who likes to tell me "I'm not being negative, I'm just being realistic." The giant tortise is reminding me that I need to keep a steady pace in moving forward. The scene is set out in the desert, a place that is known for being barren. Yet here we see the goddess interacting with her children in various forms. I can bring healing to my life by focusing on all of the many things that I have to be thankful for. I do believe in the validity of the law of attraction. No matter how harsh things are, I have to have single-minded focus on creating the life I DO want. Not get caught up in thoughts about what  I don't want. That will automatically bring healing.

2. How will that assist me in bringing hope to others? -  3 of pentacles - I need to look at all of the things I have accomplished, all of the many ominous, proverbial dragons ,so to speak, that I have slayied. I tend to underestimate my accomplishments from a misguided sense of humility. I need to realize that this is counter productive to remaining confident and hopeful. It do not serve my Self, the goddess, or others. But by maintaining that seingle-minded focus of creating the life I want and drawing strength from the challenges I have experienced I can help others to have a sense of hope that they too can thrive in spite of adversity.

3. What areas do I need to be more courageous? -  7 of swords - I was kind of stumped at first when I drew this card. I mean, the 7ofSw usually has very negative connotations. But as I just read that card for what it is actually saying to me right now, not what it is "supposed" to mean, I see the goddess Blodewedd as weell as the swords displayed on the wall. This continues with the theme of self-confidence. I need to stop looking to others for acceptance or validation and be confident in my own intellect and in trust my own mind regardless of others opinions.
It also speaks to some information I recieved last week with regard to some very cruel, nasty and hurtful lies someone told about me. I need to have the courage to just let all of that go. We are no longer friends and knew we never would be based on their past actions. I need to completely cut ties  of those who turned their back on me and neither defended me nor at the very least stayed nutural. Only two people had the courage to stand up to several others who were so ugly. I have the utmost respect for them.

4. What area do needs the most emotional house cleaning? Queen of Pentacles - As a Capricorn, this is my card and today especially this depiction makes all the sense in the world. I went to the doctor today. I need to deal with the fact that I may not be able to have children. I've never been convinced that I wanted them, but I was definitely not convinced I didn't. But now that my choice has most likely been taken away from me, I am not happy one little bit. I by no means wrap my identity around being a mom. If I did, I would have had one by now. I first got this news back in August but have put off dealing with it because there are so many more pressing issues in my life that really must be dealt with immedeiately. But that line of thought is also a big part of why I chose not to have any. This card is telling me I need to deal with this and not get stuck the feelings of anger and bitterness at either my choices or what  the hand that fate has dealt me and move on with my life.

5.Where do I need to start on my mission to becoming a better candle? - Judgement XX - I see the goddess
Ceridwen looking at her reflection in her cauldron. The song "Dream On" by Aerosmith just popped in my head. The first line is, "Every time that I look in the mirror, all these lines in face getting clearer. The past is gone. It went out like dust to dawn." I need to start being an inspiration to others by letting go of the past and stop judging mySelf so harshly. That way I can move into the next phase of my life and implement the wisdom of the crone and use the wisdom I have gained in my 40 years to help whomever the goddess puts in my past. And to dream on. Dream until my dreams come true!

I hope that this post in and of itself sheds light on your journey and helps you to discover how to become a better candle. Please continue on the blog hop journey by visiting La Vonne's blog.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. King

January 15th is the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as Joan of Arc. I would like to pay my respects to two of the most profound and courageous figures in history. I have chosen a couple of cards that I associate with both of them.

Dr. King~ Emperor IV, The Star XVII, King of Pentacles

 Joan of Arc ~ Queen of Pentacles, Emperor IV, 7 of wands

Two incredibly strong human beings who both are Capricorns. This sign is known for unwavering loyalty to any person or cause that they feel is worthy of respect and honor. I chose the Emperor card for both of them because they were such amazing leaders who took care of the masses and wielded a great deal of power and authority. The Star card because of Dr. MLK's unwavering hope for humanity and for peace. The 7ofW because to me this card is all about valor, standing up for what you know is right, sticking to your principles, regardless of how difficult or unpopular.

What cards do you associate with the two of them?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mick Jagger Is the Devil

If  you frequent my blog you know that I often add a song/video at the end of a post. That is because I love music and often hear songs in my head when I am looking at the cards. Or when I am listening to music, I will often times see cards in my head that go with the lyrics. Yesterday as I was cleaning the bathroom I was listening to the Rolling Stones. The lyrics of first song on the playlist had a line that made me think, "Dang, he's the Knight of Wands and she is totally The Queen of Swords Rx" LOL" So with each song I associated the cards I thought fit. Since Mick Jagger is the King of Wands (Leo) I'm not surprised that a lot of wands cards came to mind. And The Devil XV came to mind a lot LOL! Both positive and negative. I have thought up Rx cards here, but have posted the pictures upright so you can see each card. If you do not do Rx, I'd say to still look for these combinations and see what your intuition and guides tell you. I don't often do Rx and it has really worked well for me either way when doing actual readings. Now many of the cards I chose can and are repeated themes in their songs so I didn't put the same one in every song I could have. And since The Stones have God only knows how many hundreds of songs, this is just a short list. The decks I chose had interpretations that seemed to fit best. I have added only a couple of videos. Here is what I came up with.

The first song that came on was "She's So Cold" - Rx Queen of Swords, Knight of Wands. "I'm so hot for her and she's so cold." "I'm the burning bush, I'm a steaming volcanoooo!" Mick really wanted this chick, but she was having NONE of it!! LOL Cold, hard rejection!

 Next up was "Sympathy For the Devil" - The Devil XV, King of Pentacles, Moon XVIII - This song makes me think of a bible verse that cracks me up, "There he goes to and fro , seeking that which he can destroy." It makes reference to the devil, and throughout the song, Mick talks about the various periods in history where tragic events have occurred and that the devil was there. I got the KofP because of the line "I'm a man of wealth and taste".  The Moon card because he says "...hope you guess my name. But what's troublin' you is the nature of my game."  Now I absolutely love the Moon card and most often see it in a very positive connotation, unless there are other cards around it that make me think otherwise.

This one was fun to try to come up with cards for. "Under My Thumb" - The Devil XV, 2 of cups Rx, 5 of swords, 5 of wands - I chose the 2ofC Rx because it is about a really messed up relationship and the whole vibe of the song is so win-at-any-cost, hence the 5ofSw. The 5ofW because there is so much ego and fighting. The Devil because it is based on intimidation, manipulation, and domination- not the good kind lol! tee-hee!

"Start Me Up" - The Devil XIV, 8 of wands, Ace of Wands, Knight of Wands, 6 of pentacles - Now here is where we can see why it is so important to not see cards as "good" or "bad". The Devil in a positive light is about earthly needs and desires. Letting go of puritanical notions that are repressive. Ace of Wands because he says "Start me up!"  and "I'm runnin' hot". He is clearly fired up and ready to go plus the wand being a phallic symbol. 8ofW because he is very clearly communicating the action he desires to take. Knight of Wands because we all know Knights take action and this knight  is all about heat, fire and passion. Now one could say that he's all fire that burns out quickly. All I will say with regard to that is this has NOT been my experience lmao. The 6ofP because it seems to be a.... reciprocal relationship. Refer to the line, "You make a grown man cry! You'd make a dead man cum!" LMAO

The newer stuff that The Stones put out does not appeal to a lot of their fans, but I really like a lot of it. This next song is so moving to me and makes my heart hurt when I hear him sing it. It comes from a place that is so raw and so real. "Almost Here You Sigh" - 5 of cups, Rx Ace of Cups, Rx 2 of cups, Rx 10 of cups, Rx 9 of cups, Rx Star XVII, Rx Queen of Swords, 3 of swords, 9 of swords - The  5ofC because there is so much regret and sorrow, 3ofSw because you can feel how much his heart is breaking. Rx 10ofC because it just feels like he is missing a sense of "home". Rx QofSw because sighing makes me think of breath, air and she has "... that stone cold look in your eye."  Rx AofC and Rx 2ofC because it sounds as if they have tried to make it work, to reconcile and heal the relationship, but no matter how much he wishes with all his heart, Rx 9ofC, he has lost all hope, Rx Star and knows it is over. But he still asks, "Will I wake up in the morning and find out it's been a bad dream". Hence the 9ofSw.

Here is another one that just breaks my heart when I hear it. Keith Richards actually sings this one and even though one could easily argue that he sounds like a cat in heat who is drowning, I think it is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful song. Again, just raw, honest pain. "Thru and Thru" -  Rx Lovers VI, The Hanged Man XII, Rx Knight of Cups, 3 of Swords, Rx Page of Cups -  I chose the Lovers VI Rx because of the line, "And you know this love is constant, I'm your lover baby thru and thru". He is still so in love and he has no choice in the fact that it it is over. "Any minute, any hour, I'm waiting on a call from you" shows The Hanged Man and the Rx Pg of Cups. The 3ofSw shows his broken heart and his is hoping and trying so hard, but getting nowhere makes me think of the Knt of Cups.

The last song is "Get Off Of My Cloud" - Ace of Swords, 9 of cups - The man just wishes for nothing more that to be left the hell alone and for people to stop raining on his parade and trying to steal his joy lol! "Don't hang around because two is a crowd"

 I have only had the opportunity to see The Stones live once and it was on the Steel Wheels tour. If you ever get a chance to see them, even if you only like them a little bit, GO! They put on an amazing show that was over 3 HOURS! And Mick does not stop for that entire time! I always thought they were ok, but it was when I went to to see them live that I became a true fan. I'd love to hear what cards you guys would choose for these songs or any other Stones tunes so please do comment.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My First Football Predictions

I really enjoyed the posts that Kiki made about her football predictions.  Tonight is a huge college ball game. I don't' really do college football, but in Louisiana, LSU football is not a game; it's a religion! So tonight's game is very serious business. No. 1 ranked LSU vs #2 ranked Alabama. So last night I did a couple of readings on football games, including tonight's. Whenever I do readings for more than one person or group, I always do the opposition or the visitor first. Here is what I got.

1. Alabama - 5 of swords - Just look at how the two birds are scowling and angry. It looks like Alabama will be very happy at the end of this game. They always say "Roll Tide!" Looks to me like the tide will roll right on out on them.
2. LSU - Strength VIII - LMAO I had to crack up when I saw this card and if you know anything about LSU you'll easily see why. First, their colors are purple and gold. Second, their mascot is the Tiger. I mean, really, need I say more??
3. Outcome - 10 of pentacles - Not really sure how to take this, other than maybe there will be a 10 point differnce in the score at the end of the game.

*Ok, I did this reading in the wee hours of the morning and right now the game is actually on. It is half time and things are not looking really pretty for LSU. We are down by a score of 9-0. Now, they say that LSU is know to be able to come back strong on the second half of a game. Let's hope so, cause right now it ain't looking real pretty. But I did read in the paper that one of the  most well know psychics in NOLA who is a reader at Bottom of the Cup Tea Room did a reading and he also predicted that LSU would be the winner. Let's hope we are both right.

Another reading I did was totally hind-sight. My Pittsburgh Steelers where in the playoffs and were playing the Denver Broncos last night. Everyone had picked them as the favorite to win. Long and unpleasant story made short, we lost in overtime. But I just wanted to see what the cards would say. Kind of testing my predictive abilities, wondering if the cards would show what I already knew to be the cold, hard truth.

Denver Broncos - 2 of cups - Happiness, joy and positive emotions. Yup. That is exactly what Denver is feeling because they damn sure won.
Pittsburgh Steelers - 4 of swords - This is exactly what we did! We were just lunchin', just not focused and not playing the aggressive, well-planned and well executed type of style that we are known for playing and over the years has earned us 6 SuperBowls, the most of any NFL team. We were like we were half asleep. Our game was sloppy. Denver just plain out and out won fair and square and played a much better game than we did and that is why they won.
Outcome - 4 of coins - Look how sad she looks. And this is how me, all Steeler fans, and the team looked. Despondent and worn out. It also makes me think of how many injured players we had that we had to "save" and not risk injury.

The other thing I notice about the 2 of cups is the fact that it is a water card and is about the close relationship between two people. Now here is where it gets ultra-freaky folks. Tim Tebow is the Denver Broncos' quarterback and is very public about his devout Christianity, his relationship with Christ.
Tebow's parents were missionaries. While in whatever country they were serving , his mother caught some horrific parasite. When she went to be treated she found out she was pregnant. The doctors advised her to abort the fetus. She and her husband prayed and asked God if He would give them a healthy child, they would raise this child to be a prophet in His name and to spread His word. There is a specific scripture that says, "For God soloved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeith in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."  That  passage is John 3:16. In college he used to have "John 3:16" written under his eyes as opposed to the plain stripe of black face paint they wear to fight the glare. The game went into O/T.
 •The man threw for an a total of 316 yards. They are a team who runs the ball far more than passing it. They won. In O/T. With a pass. the yardage of that pass ended the game. It was the 316th yard.
• His average pass was 31.6 yards
•Our QB for the Steelers threw an interception in the 2nd quarter - IT WAS ON 3rd and 16
•The overnight rating is the average of households that watch a certain tv show. This game - 31.6%
 Click here to see the stats for yourself.
Ok, I don't care if you are Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, Atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or belong to that cult that worshipped the Hale-Bop Comet! There is NO way you can say anything less than that is more than just coincidence. Actually, at least 4 coincidences! I don't think Denver will go on to the SuperBowl. I don't think that is what it is about. I think it is about exactly what it seems. That man made a promise to God and has kept it! I will not air dirty laundry about my team. But the card I drew was the 5 of swords, the card of winning at any cost and in such a way that is cruel and immoral. Given certain situations that occurred over the past couple of years that could be described as unscrupulous at best! I think it is also one hell of a "coincidence" that we lost to a man who carries himself as a fine, upstanding man. A man who is in one of the grittiest, most harsh, macho careers, yet proudly lets it be known without being overbearing that he is a follower of Christ. I'm just sayin'....

so I did one more reading. I asked "Who is going to the SuperBowl?"

Team A - New England Patriots - I so do not want them to win another SuperBowl. But their colors are Blue and silver with a touch of red. Before I shuffled I said that if a sword came up or a wintery scene, I would take it as the Patriots.
Team B - New Orleans Saints - As soon as I saw this card I thought of a parade, Mardi Gras.

*I just found out the score of tonight's game. I could not have been more wrong if I tried. Alabama beat the living tar out of us!!! 21-0 *sigh* I'm sad we lost, and I'm sad I was SO far off the mark. Going to have to make sure I don't let this rock my confidence....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reading For the Year 2012

I am doing a spread that my friend Lisa of Tarotize created. It is called the 6 Card New Year's Eve spread. Well I have been battling bronchitis since Christmas Eve, so I am just doing it now. The first thing needed is to figure out your personal tarot card for the year for 2012. Mine is The Lovers VI. She advises that you use that card from one deck and then do the reading with another. That way you can see if that same card comes up again in the reading. (How crazy would that be??) She also says you will get much more out of the reading if you know the planet, astrological sign, and element that correspond with your card. For The Lovers it is the planet Mercury, sign  Gemini, and the element of Air. She says that any cards that have those energies will be emphasized.

Place your Year Card just off to the right so that you can remember that you are viewing this reading through the eyes of that card. I have chosen to use The Lovers from my Tarot of Vampyres. It is absolutely gorgeous.
Lay the cards out to represent a pentagram, as if drawing a star. So bottom left is earth. At the top as if to be the point of the star is spirit. Horizontally across from the first card, (earth) and off to the right of the center card (spirit) is the 3rd card you lay, it represents fire. (think bottom point of the star you are drawing). Diagonally across and between card 1 and card 2 place the 4th card for air. Horizontally across from it place the 5th card for water. (Again, imagine you are drawing a star. If you need a visual, Lisa has one on her post you can see). The final card is placed dead center. She advises using an oracle card to show what your role is in the greater scheme of things. I will use my Shadows & Light Oracle.

1. Earth - Financial and physical outlook for 2012.
2. Spirit - You main spiritual lesson (She says you could also use an oracle card here as well. I will use both)
3. Fire - Shows your creativity, will power and ambition. Where to direct your passion.
4. Air - Problem solving in your head. What is your main communication and problem solving theme.
5. Water - Your main relationship theme and how to nurture your emotional Self.
6. Interface card - How you can best serve humanity.

The very first thing I notice is that all of the cards but are the same element as the elemental position. The earth position has an earth card, air is air, and water is of water. Interesting.

If I am to look at this reading through the eyes of The Lovers, then I am to look at things from the perspective of making choices that will lead me to what my heart truly longs for, what I know in my heart I am passionate about.

1. Earth - King of Pentacles - OMG are you serious!? Could you ask for a better card in this position? Material success and good health! Woo- freakin' hoo! This king looks very content and grounded. I think those are grapes up in the top corners of the card, but to me they look like wisteria, which grows prevalently in New Orleans and is one of the things I love most about springtime here. The money to be made from me reading cards in The Quarter will be pretty slim until springtime or at least late winter when Mardi Gras rolls around, but boy will it roll in then! I also notice an egg at the side of the BunnyRabbit king reminding me to put savings in a nest egg. Earth is the slower of the elements. I need to remember to be patient and persevere, not to give up because this wealth may be slow at first and this reading is the themes for the whole year. So do not get discouraged. (I tend to ya know)

2. Spirit - Nautilus Princess #41 and 2 of swords - My main spiritual lesson is one of powerful personal growth. This card is about entering a transition from Princess to Queen and thus having to make better choices aka time to grow the hell up! I see the nautilus shell as saying that I need to come out from my comfort one if I am to grow and the pearls in her hair showing that I have the wisdom necessary. The companion book says, "A time of spiritual and emotional transformation that could come via a new job, relationship, or life transition, like becoming a parent." ..... OH MY! "It is time to take your self and your potential seriously." The tarot card I pulled is the 2ofSw.This version of the card says I need to not cut of my nose to spite my face (a very Capricorn thing to do lol). Also, just because my earthly eyes cannot see all the answers, I have to learn to truly trust the vision of my third eye, my intuition. Again the theme of making choices based on what will make my heart content.

3. Fire - 8 of coins - Choose to follow my follow my passions, start by learning as much as I can about the things I am passionate about. It looks like she is a witch out in the bayou creating magick in her cauldron. This is telling me to get more involved with my calling to get back on my path as a witch. Also to learn as much as I can in the areas I love. I need to go to RS12 is a very strong feeling I get now. I sure hope that KofP

4. Air - Justice XI - The element of air in the air position. I reminds me of that 2ofSw in Spirit and the main theme of the Year Card, The Lovers; choice, decisions made from a place of integrity and balancing the head with the heart. My fate is not set in stone, I have free will. So I need to really weigh my options in order to make better decisions and thus get better results. And to be fine with the decisions I make and stop stressing!

5. Water - The Chariot VII - Again with this theme of choice. I need to be decisive and focus on what I want NOT what I do not want. Don't get overly emotional because that takes my focus from reaching my goals. Oh yeah, SET SPECIFIC GOALS so I am not just floating aimlessly and at cross purposes with myself.

6. How can I best serve humanity - Fairy of the Highlands #20 - I really do not like conflict and generally try to avoid it. But this card says that there will be some and I must be brave and fight like I mean it when I have to and do not back down. Take back my power and cut ties with those who do not have my best interest at heart.

This was a very cool reading and yielded a lot of good information. I think it would really serve me well to come aback to it periodically to do progress checks with myself.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I spent my first New Year in New Orleans tonight. How I've never been here for NYE is beyond me! The Quarter was bananas LOL! Met some really nice people, one lady in particular who's husband is deceased and is keeping her house from being sold. And then there was my crazy, hilarious family from Mississippi who cracked me up! I just fell in love with them! Since it took 2 HOURS OF DRIVING AROUND to find a place to park, I didn't make much money though. But when I pulled in the driveway tonight and got out of the Green Goblin, I saw 2 shooting stars!! What a most auspicious sign to have gotten within the first 3 hours of a brand new year! So here is to all of us increasing our faith and hope. Having our angels look out for us. And keeping a watchful eye for the bright possibilities that await us and to us creating new ones as well. HAPPY 2012!!!

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