Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheetah Girl - Day 36

The Animal Messages Oracle pulled me to it and now I completely understand why. Cheetah says, "A decision once made will be followed by unwavering action." This falls in line perfectly with the advice I received and posted about yesterday from my Queen of Swords Suzette. As a member of the cat family, I get the sense that following my intuition, my raw instincts will get me the best results. Like this feline, I needed to patiently assess and then rise above the situation in order to see things with more clarity. Look at that beautiful, endless expanse of azure sky and golden brush on the landscape. As scary as what I need to do is, Suzette told me it is the only way I will know true freedom. I don't like it, but my raw instincts know how true it is.

Lol! I have to laugh because my own sweet mini cheetah just jumped into my lap with her motor purringp as though to amen this message. I'll take that as confirmation.


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