Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Restoring Balance - Day 47

I just spent 7 hours in a car with 4 other humans who range in age from 7-79 years of age. I see where the phrase "driving me crazy" and "driving me to drink" came from lol. Omfg I'm worn out. And the pain level is through the roof right now in every way; muscles, bone and nerve. I seldom drink, but what I wouldn't give for a glass of Black Opal Shiraz right now! I was able to finally run a hot bath and soak in Epsom salts. While reading a wonderful magazine I found last week at Barnes & Nobel, I fell asleep in the tub for about an hour. I'd say this version of The Chariot and The Hermit say it all. (As much as I adore the device itself, why does iPad 2 take such shitty pictures?!)

I will now focus on my body and mind returning to a natural state of balance and well being before falling asleep. This time in the bed, not in the bathtub lol. Because all in all, it really was a nice day. By foucusing on that, I will ensure that tomorrow will be as well.

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