Monday, December 23, 2013

Let Go In Order to Receive - Day 40

This is an interesting 4 of pentacles that breaks away from tradition. A woman who seems to be quite exhausted, her hand her brow, stands in assessment of her kitchen cabinet. Her bandana, jeans and dowdy beige shirt show that she was prepared to work. Before her are shelves full of canned preserves and it seems there is quite a variety. The little gnomes are trying to guide her attention to certain jars but she hesitates to reach for them. Off to her right, a pot she has forgotten about boils over on the stove. The tone of the room is dark, heavy, restricted and somber.

I pull another card.

The Knight of Wands is a woman dressed in her flowing ceremonial whites. Around her neck is what would be called an "eleke" in Santaria. Elekes are very special necklaces that represent particular spirits and show your association to them. She stands at an altar with a pentacle that has five orange pilar candles at each point and three white tapers she is about to light. Four salamanders who are fire elementals are ready to lend their energy to her work. Off to her right is a separate altar with a goddess figurine and offerings of water, orange flowers and a sunflower. The room is glowing with sunlight as she stares with focused intent and confidence that strongly influence the outcome of her spell.

I once had a life coach who told me about a client she had who was extremely wealthy. She had a home that was basically a palatial estate and was opulently decorated. She wore the most exquisite couture, drove several luxury vehicles and had a couple of passports that had numerous stamps per page. In her kitchen, she had a particular pantry that was different than the rest. It had a false back. Once you removed the shelves, you could knock down the back wall of it with minimal effort. Once you did, it opened to a secret room full of enough food to open a grocery store and more blankets and practical clothes like jeans, sweaters and work boots than Macy's. She was a survivor of the Holicaust. As a young girl, she'd experienced first hand what it was like to be hungry, cold and destitute. She vowed neither she nor anyone she knew would ever be in that position again. The two of these cards side by side remind me of that story.

This combination is also telling me to work smarter, not harder. There are resources at my disposal, yet I hesitate to make use of them. I'm holding on too tightly to things because I know what it's like to experience very financially challenging times. Since Katrina, there is such a hoarder in me if I were to give in to it. I need to remember that EVERYTHING is energy! Money is no exception to that truth. It is a piece of paper/cloth or metal that is a physical representation of energy. The question is what is the vibrational frequency one attaches to it. Gratitude or bitterness? Prosperity or scarcity? Magnanimous expectation or paralyzing fear? It's a piece of paper and ink in its most basic physical form that is used to represent value. In fact, some places still refer to it as a "bank note". Stagnant energy prevents energy from flowing. Spell work is getting in touch with and harnessing particular energies to get a specific result. I feel that it is important for me to be aware of both the resources and assistance right in front my face and to use them and not allow foolish pride or fear to prevent me from tapping into them. These cards are letting me know that specific spell work to a certain Orisha is starting to unfold. I have to be very conscious of my mindset when I'm handling money. Spend with joy and gratitude, reciting the montra that "Any money I spend stimulates economic flow and comes back to me multiplied." Lovingly release my monitary notes with appreciation for them and the ones that will be drawn to me. This combo is also letting me know how important it is to keep my own energy flowing and not be a recluse. Like our woman here in the 4ofP, brighter times are closer than they apear to be from my current vantage point.



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