Monday, December 30, 2013

Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta Wing It - Day 46

Holy crap, last night's card was SO spot on! Today, I met 30 family members I've never met before! It was like a mini family reunion, it was wonderful! And I found out at least 5 more of us see/hear/communicate with the dead! Some are too afraid of it to honor it, but one in particular is totally accepting of it and oddly enough the one I instantly warmed up to. And her name is Star. Of course it lol.


Tonight's card is the 2 of pentacles. I woman stands in her kitchen reading a recipe. She has several items already cut and prepared and is staring to mix them in a bowl. It looks like she is making a pot of gumbo. Maybe looking over an old family recipe. Beside her is an Earth elemental assisting by adding water to a measuring cup. I'm getting the message of the importance of balancing preparation with knowing when to just wing it by following our gut. I have such a tendency to just not do shit because I'm afraid I'll "get it wrong". This says just do the best I can. And to always remember that at any give moment , that may be to a lesser or greater extent than the moment before.

This card has such a warm feeling and kind of feels like an extension of last nights card, the 10ofP. Maybe I'll end up cooking with my family or having in the kitchen with them. Either way, it seems like good things are starting to take form and I need to not stress and enjoy the unfolding of the goodness that I guess is yet to come. I just can't take on more than I can actually handle. Tomorrow is already set to be a whole lot of business. I will have to be sure to make time to meditate and shield so as to not get overwhelmed and turn into Grumpasaurus Rex.


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