Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walking In the Spiderwebs

On the sidebar of my blog, I have the little widget that let's me know from what part of the world you lovely folks have checked in. I will be totally honest in telling you that it thrills me to pieces to see all of the many countries that have! As a former flight attendant, in a weird way, it kinda makes me feel like I am still one. And that makes me very happy. I often wonder who is who. Like will I ever meet the person in Australia at a tarot convention when I finally make it there? Who is the person in Russia, or Ghana? Or any of the multitude of places that have come to visit me. I suppose that is the beauty of anonymity though. I'd like to first say that I appreciate all of you. I see you as house guests and I want to be an appreciative hostess, so please make yourselves at home, stay as long as you'd like. Forgive me when I am absent for extended periods of time. I hope you enjoy it here in my little corner of cyber space and I truly hope you find comfort, healing, and amusement.

Ok, now to the business at hand. I have an Apple laptop. I most often use Safari as my search engine. Apple has this very cool feature where you see your top 12 sites visited. Makes it super easy to go right to where you want to go. Every time I open Safari, my blog is one of the windows shown. For some reason beyond me, the traffic feed thingy calculates each and every single time I go online. Not on my blog. Online period! So I look like some a creepy stalker of my own page LOL! I should not really care if anyone thinks I am a weirdo with regard to this. I mean really, who the hell cares? But I do. So that is why you see (if you even notice or care...) when I have checked in like 25 times in a row. Because if I even close my laptop and then open it again, guess what. It shows that.

So I was trying to think of what cards would show if someone had a real stalker in an actual reading. I think The Devil XV and the 5 of swords kinda capture it. The addictive behavior and manipulation, unhealthy domination,  imposed will or abuse. The cruelty and cruelty of the 5ofSw. And The Devil looks like a totally creepy, predatory wack-job lurker in the bushes in the Faulkner Tarot lol! What cards do you think would let you know you need to warn a client that he or she may have a psycho who is following them?
just had to add two videos. There are a lot of songs about stalkers lol!

Coffee, Computers, and Rx Joie-de-Vivre

I cannot believe I am up! WTH. I have a sneaking suspicion I know the root of insomnia returning to torture me. I just came back from the potty (TMI huh... and saw my Joie-de-Vivre deck. Its gentility and kind nature drew me to get clarity on the matter. (btw, the artist Paulina Cassidy is doing a fantastic deluxe version both the J-de-V and her Paulina Tarot) As I started to shuffle, I felt like I needed to ask it about reading reversals with it from now on. Let's see what she has to say:

How do you fee about me reading you with Rx? - Queen of Pentacles - As I was shuffling this card flipped over and slid itself back into the deck. The Queen of Coins as she is called in the Joie-de-Vivre is my card as a Capricorn woman. She sits near a canal on a toadstool  underneath the bough of a tree that is draped in Spanish moss. This is pretty much the landscape I see when I look out of the window of my room here in New Orleans, just beyond the backyard. I notice her 4 hands, 3 of which hold a large disk with a series of hearts and the triple Goddess lunar symbol in the center, the 4th hand consoling a rather ticked off looking rabbit.  This brings to mind one of my oldest, dearest friends since 8th grade, Laura. Our nick-name for each other is "Rabbit" or simply "R", and she too is a Capricorn. We have talked many times about our Capricorn resistance to change and tried to gently encourage each other (God and Goddess forbid one dare tell a Capricorn what they "have" to do! From stubborn to obtuse in the blink of an eye lol!) to be more accepting of it, dare I say even embrace it. I'm thinking you do want me to read you with Rx.
Clarification - Ace of Pentacles Rx - (shown upright so you can actually see what it looks like) Lol, I have to laugh. Somehow in my insomniac confusion, I inadvertently held the deck the wrong way, and in so doing, the card came up Rx. Aces are potential to be tapped into and cultivated, the seeds of possibility. Thus AofP Rx is warning me of missing this opportunity to grow as a reader. I can't be the timid little mouse at this pixie's feet. And these days I am in a phase of all kinds of bold new beginnings, so I need to continue along that line of thought and behavior. So while I feel some decks do not wish to be read Rx, this one  in particular when I first received it, is telling me it is ready now.

So after a good bit of effort put into ensure the cards were well mixed between upright and inverted, on to the initially intended reading...
Both cards are upright LOL. And the Queen of Coins fell out again!
Both cards are also Swords..... rats... *sigh and upturned lip* Capricorns have such issues with change. Why must it be so painful and feel like it is cutting away at who we are? I need a new mentality about the subject. Stagnation is death.

How does too much coffee affect me?  - 2of Swords-  LOL omg, look at that giant eyeball! Wide awake! And yes I am right now at 07:17 and have been since 04:30! And then there is that large being with an even more enormous eyeball. The bats make me think of flitting about with excessive or nervous energy. The crossed swords saying it causes me to be even more scatter-brained and indecisive, at cross-purposes with myself. I may even be a bit defensive?? I notice how the woman is bent  over, as if her lower back is in pain and her shoulders hunched up that lead to neck and shoulder pain. All of that anxiety leads to tension and thus increases the pain from the damaged disks along my spine. She seems to be immobile, going nowhere fast. It is when I am not exercising regularly that I have issues with my beloved elixir. --- (she says as she notices the sunlight streaming through her window has replaced the darkness of night... *upturned lip*) So I have to make better choices. Which sux. Because I.  LOVE.  COFFEE! I'm Creole for God's sake!

How does spending a lot of time online affect me? -  Ace of Swords - Look at this one, flitting about, one eye looking at me, one through his telescope to see what other people are doing. LOL, and now I see the sun at the bottom of the card starting to rise! I have the potential to be far more productive than I ever am online. But I mostly just flit about like Skippy over here lol. Television and computers are what is known as a hot medium and requires far more brain activity than a cool medium, such as reading, or listening to music without vocals. I need to read a dang book and no more Crackbook.. I mean Facebook before bed! lol

So on that note, I shall take a few deep cleansing breaths and try to get a few more hours as opposed to taking pictures to finish this post. Do any of you find you have the same issues with coffee or being online?

*this gorgeous video is the creation of the person who uploaded it to YT. The song is "Xpectation", a jazz project that Prince did years ago that is unfortuantely not very well known. The music is so beautiful and soothing. I was listening to another song from the album called "Xhalation" but could not find a video for it. However, I think this one it perfect for this post. I do hope you enjoy*


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