Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Dawn, A New Day

Today marked the definitive ending of a very long, very unpleasant situation, and I am happier than words can say that this chapter is now officially a part of my past. (Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph! And Freyja, Tyr, Odin and The Buddha too because I damn sure was assisted by all of you through this!)I have learned a great deal during this process, including learning how to stop asking the question "Why?" and start asking "What?" "How?" I swear "Why?" is a Capricorn thing, a huge part of our mission in this incarnation. I have discovered that why can be quite debilitating and how and what tend to be far more empowering.

So when I did my daily draw with my Tarot of Vampyers  for meditation I was not at all shocked but so pleased to get the confirmation from the Universe of the theme of the day. I usually do one card and write about it in my journal, but I was guided to do a 3 card RockStar. Here is what the Goddess had to tell me.

Lead Singer - Ace of Scepters (Wands) -  My face lit up when I saw this card and a sense of accomplishment came over me. Today was all about a new beginning that has been fueled by many things. That fierce red signifies a whole lot of pain as do the thorns of the rose bushes. The pain of my spirit being weighed down by a whole lot of heavy burdens as well as actual excruciating physical pain. That cross shows the pain of my faith being TESTED! And I have no shame in being totally honest in saying there where times when my faith was burned to a crisp. Times when I had lost any kind of hope. But those bright crimson roses signify power, excitement and the vitality of life.I have grown so much through all of this. Everyone has their own proverbial crosses to bear. I am beyond grateful for the love and encouragement I have constantly gotten from the many wonderful people in my life who love and believe in me. Who never lost faith in me, even when I did. The AofW is like that first  spark of this suit, the flame at the tip of a match. So I have to remember to continue to breath fresh air filled with excitement for the new possibilities it holds for me.

Back-up #1 - Daughter of Knives (Page of Swords) -  This card is also spot on. Today did involve very direct communication and signing legal documentation. I love this version of the PofSw. She is a serious kick-ass babe with her Doc Martin's on. And again, pages are represent new beginnings. The glow in the forest behind her is shining from the bright glow of that Ace.

Back-up #2 - 10 of knives (10 of swords) - Yet another dead on card (ok, bad pun lol) Today's date is the 10th. It is done! O-va! Stick a fork in it! I see her Gemini glyph. Again the theme of communication and finding balance before you loose your damn mind. Combined with the Sun carved into the bedpost shows new light and new life shed. It looks like the Daughter of Knives is looking over and this card. That'd be me thinking of how I really thought at times that this shit was gonna kill me! I often see this card as a person having 3 choices. #1. You can be a victim in the situation. A lot of times we actually are the victim. The question is if we are going to choose to stay in that frame of mind and be a victim. Then there is #2, the choice of whether we are going to adopt the behavior of the assassin. Are we going to allow our own pain, anguish and resentment to fester and lead us to behaving like a bitter victim. When we don't learn how to transform suffering into enlightenment we live in the life condition of Hell. That bitterness is toxic and can cause us to find false power in becoming an assassin. Both of those usually have a whole lot of "Why's!?!" attached.
The other choice is to recognize those options and realize that both lead to self-torture. So that leaves us with the choice #3, of accepting the nature of the number 10. It is a transitional phase between the ending of the 9 and the fresh new start of a 1/Ace. This choice means we ask "How can I transform mySelf, my Life. Both in spite of AND because of this situation?" "What can I do in spite of how fucked up things are that will give me even a slightly better result than the one I got right now?"
*I took this picture at least 7 times with several different settings. I have no idea why it is so crappy because it is NOT showing the true beauty and vibrant colors of this deck *

Drummer - The World XXI - I mean really, what more need be said. But in case there is anyone who is new to tarot, I shall explain a bit. This is the end of the major arcana. It is about having gone through a tremendous amount of major life lessons that are now behind you. Many of which involved circumstances beyond our control. When this card comes up, I find you get a minute to breath. See how she is reared back holding the serpent? She is far more flexible in how she sees life and she has learned to face her fears and use them to her advantage. She's sitting on top of the World right now basking in the cosmic energy that surrounds her and runs through her. The bite mark on her neck says she is no victim. She has gone through a massive transformation. Whether she chose the conditions of how it came about is of no consequence to her. That would be a "Why?" Her focus is on being blissfully content with who she has become.
The flowerless vines beneath her remind her/me that there is still much more work ahead. Through this situation that the reading speaks to, I have really come to accept that there is no ending to bad, unfair, or unpleasant situations. But there is no end to the wonderful, inspiring, joyful, blissful ones either. Maybe even the fact that there is no "good" nor is there "bad" Like this 10ofSw. It is usually seen as a "bad" card. One of the worst in the deck fact. And here it signifies a very welcomed ending. Maybe the Buddhists are right. There is no bad. There is no good. Shit just.... is. I think that this gorgeous Vampyress has figured out this key mystery of this life and that is why she was chosen to grace The World card. Maybe she knows that this is what it means to truly live in The World. To have reached Nirvana.


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