Ok... So what the hell is going on with me and Australia?! There have been several signs about Australia  for some time now. It all started last June. I'd see an add for travel there or see something about actors from there. Then I started reading a new series of books and of course, it takes place in Australia. I felt the draw to go there that was so strong. Back in November I had a dream. I hate like all hell that I don't dream like I used to. If I was asleep for more than 5 min, I was dreaming and it was in BlueRay with Dolby surround sound! So it was so awesome to have any dreams let alone this one. There was a man, I couldn't see his face, but we were clearly in love and had a great friendship/relationship. He asked me to marry him and move to Australia. I told him though I was nuts about him, that was a real far away from home and I wasn't a flight attendant any longer. He said he would make sure I could get back to the stares any and everytime I wanted to. I said that sounded all well and good, people have the best of intentions so often but when it comes down to it, life can so often make it so things don't go according to plan. He said that since I will be going back to flying I would be able to do something about that and that he would set up a separate account with a credit card just for me to go to the States anytime I wanted even when he couldn't go. As well as one for our kid. (!!?! WTF) Just marry him! I said "YES!"

Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, Australia kangaroo australia Then when I was in Atlanta, the signs started up again. I'd go to look up websites for tarot and end up finding readers in Australia. Vintage clothing, cool and unique home furnishings, lingerie... all on Australian sites. Then I saw the movie "Australia" with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. It was a bit cliched and at times campy, but I thouroughly enjoyed it and watched it twice and plan to watch it again. I love both of them as actors and I am not ashamed to admit that I pant and drool like a cat in heat when I see Hugh Jackman!

Australia (2008)< /a>  But one of the biggest stars of the movie was Australia itself. It was absolutely breathtaking and they made sure to show the vastly different the topography is, from the marshlands that look just like the Lousisianna bayou to the unforgiving, baron harshness of the red rock in the dessert like Nevada, to the beautiful and mountainous coastline and ocean so similar to California. This all made my desire to go there become a determination.

Australia, Uluru Sunset Melbourne, Australia Since then the signs have increased like crazy! I happened to turn on my favorite show Globe Trekker after not having seen it in months, and of course.... Australia was the destination, Queensland to be specific. About 3 weeks ago one of my oldest friends, Tara, "let me know" that "I have been given a whole year's notice to get my shit together because she wants to go to Australia for her 40th and since we are only 2 months apart I need to go too." Tara has never been out of the country and she chooses to go to Australia.

A few days later, I had a dream about an old flame I hadn't spoken to since around last June except when he wished me Happy Birthday via FB. We were at a formal ball and had on masks. It was a really great party and we were together as a couple and having a great time. I woke up and made sure I recalled as many details as I could so I didn't move for a few minutes. I really thought things with him were gonna work out. I was wrong. But the connection between us is still so strong. I tried to make myself look at it from a totally logical perspective. I figured well since I met him in real life in New Orleans, during Mardi Gras, at a party, well, it was no deeper than just a mundane dream. While laying there I turned on my phone. The first email in queue was an email from said old flame. It had been sent 15 min earlier. He was sending a mass invitation to a party. He was moving. To Australia. He had gone on vacation to Prague last July and met a chick. From Australia. But the month before, June, he'd been sought out by two different companies for long term positions. In Australia. That would be the same month of June I started feeling this whole Australia vibe.

Since then, I keep getting signs non-stop. So though I am poorer than a church mouse and there seems NO possible way I will be able to go around the corner to the bus stop, I know without a doubt I am going to Australia. Dude even wants me to meet his new girl. Why not... He is a great guy and it makes me happy that he has been learning how to be happy and is allowing himself to be. Maybe I should take a few notes.

Highway, Western Australia So, I finally did a reading about the whole Australia thing. It was a spread created by Ferol at Living Tarot. I've been doing her daily exercises for about 2 weeks now and I can see where I have grown so much as a reader! (Along with the beautiful encouragement Kate from Tarot Elements gave me and a HUGE amount of consistant patience and encouragement from my wonderful friend Karen in Devon, U.K. But that will be another post.) Here are the positions: 1. WHY? 2. WHY NOT? 3. WHAT IF?

The question: What if I go to Australia??
1. WHY: The Magician I: OMG, I mean I know it, but to see it is so cool! I MUST go! The Magician is a golden opportunity, a Godsmack that you'd be a fool not to take! It's about making the magic that you want to happen by taking action. It's in your lap, all the elements to make it happen are in place, now you just have to come up with an action plan and do it. The kitty is holding the pentacle, the element earth. It's like he is saying not not worry about the finances. The weather vane is pointing away, like telling me to go. And the crystal ball is covered by his hands which says to me that I can't even imagine the magicakl things that will happen once I go. And that it is not meant for me to even know them yet because I would be too overwhelmed and may end up sabotaging myself like I often do.

2. WHY NOT: Ace of Wands: So if I don't go, my life won't suck by any stretch of the imagination! I will still have new opportunities to create the life I want. But the girl and the branch in her hand is so tiny in comparrison to to tree and the apple. Why not do something really big even if it seems out of reach? Why not step out of my comfort zone with things that seem managable and dare to believe that I can create the unbelievable? Why the hell NOT go to Australia?

3. WHAT IF: Judgement XX: What if I answer the call to go. What if i bury past shit, ALL of it: fear, insecurity, doubt, pain, relationships that didn't work out, negative karma that I avoid because facing it and transforming it is just so damn overwhelming! The Judgement card is all about second chances and a very heavy new chapter unfolding in your life. It's a huge change that gives way to wonderful oportunites if you are willing to step out on faith. It's often said that the angel always pictured is the arch angel Gabriel announcing the shocking news that you are being given a major wake up call. The gypsy meaning is 're-think your career". What if I do the work (allll the hard work that will so totally suck lol) and go back to flying, only this time do corporate flying. I think somehow I will be able to get a job that either has me based in Australia or has me going there regularly. Because the other gypsy meaning  Rhiannon gives is "journey over water, a serious, big move and massively successful career change."

Qantas 747-438LR VH-OJT Australian Flag I have NO freakin' clue how on God's green earth it's gonna happen, but all I know is my ass is going to Australia. Period. Might want to get to work on that huh.

After seeing this license plate, now I wonder if my dad is in on this. AEB are his initials....

Australia - South Australia


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