Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A friend asked me to do a reading for her. She has the desire to start writing again and wants to know what the cards have to say about her perusing this as a career. I know she really likes the Sweet Twilight so I have chosen that deck for her reading.

What is your greatest strength as a writer? -  7 of pentacles -  Ok, how cow, the first thing I notice right off the bat is that all of the cards except one are pentacles! So I definitely see this having the very strong likelihood of being a viable career choice that will bring financial reward.
 I see this card saying that you have a gift  of strong character development. You know how to step aside and allow your characters to  tell you who they are, not just you create them. You can see the whole of the story in advance. It's like you are able to write so that there are details in chapter 1 that you remember, but have no idea what an integral part of the story they are until chapter 9, or book 2.
I see you writing stories where your readers will love all of your characters, not just the main character. Each of them will be very dynamic and have their own unique personality and style of self-expression. And when you put all of those unique personalities into one creative work, it will be like this card. A cast of crazy characters that form one cohesive unit. I see the one cat in the middle with the polka-dot hat, looking all sullen and so deep inside his own head. Is your main character very heavy and dark, a very unique individual in some way? And I see the girl with the guitar looking over at him sympathetically. Is there one person who really "sees" that character? The only one who is allowed inside? Or is this you and a particular person who is one of the special few who is allowed to knowing you on a very deep level?

How can you enhance that? - Rx Queen -  You need to nurture the gift you have for writing. The huge moon or pearl is behind her. So before you can do that, you have to truly see it how gifted you are. How much wisdom and life experience you have. Both from your own personal experience as well as your keen powers of observation. How you might be sitting somewhere silently, perhaps even unnoticed,yet you are taking in every detail. I also feel like your dreams will give you so much to assist in your writing. Find out what flower essence and crystals helps with dreams.
I also see this as saying that you need to create a designated time and space that is exclusively for your writing. This queen is earth of water. If you wish to manifest tangible results, you must nurture the process as well as the part of you who is the gifted writer. You will be tapping into some deep emotions and that part of you will need know she is in a safe environment to be so vulnerable and to work through the heavy emotions. The pearl says that the greatest irritations or sore spots are what will lead you to create a beautiful piece.

What weakness do you need to address if you wish to pursue this as a career? - Knight of Pentacles - I heard "being out of your element". He is the Knt of P, but he is flying, over water. He is not grounded. Is he not comfortable with who he is? Or is it where he is? Does this come back to not having the proper environment to nurture your creativity? And he is looking back behind him. You need to move past the fear or previous criticism. You can rebuild after the emotional wipe out you experienced.
I also feel like this is reiterating that need for a secluded, safe place to navigate through your emotions that may be turbulent and run quite deep.
Another thing I feel this card is saying is that you have to find a way to not be discouraged if this takes longer than you'd like. Enjoy the process in and of itself, not just the vision of a specific outcome.

How can you turn that weakness into a strength? - The Wheel of Fortune - The first thing I heard is "take that leap of faith". I feel like this is saying you need to do healing work with your root chakra. Heal money issues/poverty consciousness and feeling safe in the world. That no matter what happens the Universe will support you. And with this card and so many positive ones around it, Lady Luck is on your side. You may want to look into what stones or crystals you can work with to balance all of your charkas.  The Knt of P has to do with the root chakra, so for that one, ruby, garnet, obsidian, and hematite come to mind.

What is the first step to making your dream a reality? - 9 of swords - Spending time alone to clear your head. Healthy self-analysis is a benefit of charkra work. Meditate. Again, the theme of what your dreams have to tell you. Do you want to write horror stories that scare the crap outta people like Wes Craven lol?Pray for your angels to make you aware of negative thoughts and doubts that will cut your connection to your creative side. I'm not if depression is an issue for you or not, but there is a lot of fear of the worst case scenario. You have to find a way to remove yourself from negative people or situations. I also see this as saying that you have to see yourself as being completely worthy of having your dreams become a beautiful reality. It's saying to me that you need to make a declarative statement to The Universe. State exactly what you want, don't ask.

Blessings to you my friend. I can't wait to see your name on my iPad or Kindle!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Dawn, A New Day

Today marked the definitive ending of a very long, very unpleasant situation, and I am happier than words can say that this chapter is now officially a part of my past. (Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph! And Freyja, Tyr, Odin and The Buddha too because I damn sure was assisted by all of you through this!)I have learned a great deal during this process, including learning how to stop asking the question "Why?" and start asking "What?" "How?" I swear "Why?" is a Capricorn thing, a huge part of our mission in this incarnation. I have discovered that why can be quite debilitating and how and what tend to be far more empowering.

So when I did my daily draw with my Tarot of Vampyers  for meditation I was not at all shocked but so pleased to get the confirmation from the Universe of the theme of the day. I usually do one card and write about it in my journal, but I was guided to do a 3 card RockStar. Here is what the Goddess had to tell me.

Lead Singer - Ace of Scepters (Wands) -  My face lit up when I saw this card and a sense of accomplishment came over me. Today was all about a new beginning that has been fueled by many things. That fierce red signifies a whole lot of pain as do the thorns of the rose bushes. The pain of my spirit being weighed down by a whole lot of heavy burdens as well as actual excruciating physical pain. That cross shows the pain of my faith being TESTED! And I have no shame in being totally honest in saying there where times when my faith was burned to a crisp. Times when I had lost any kind of hope. But those bright crimson roses signify power, excitement and the vitality of life.I have grown so much through all of this. Everyone has their own proverbial crosses to bear. I am beyond grateful for the love and encouragement I have constantly gotten from the many wonderful people in my life who love and believe in me. Who never lost faith in me, even when I did. The AofW is like that first  spark of this suit, the flame at the tip of a match. So I have to remember to continue to breath fresh air filled with excitement for the new possibilities it holds for me.

Back-up #1 - Daughter of Knives (Page of Swords) -  This card is also spot on. Today did involve very direct communication and signing legal documentation. I love this version of the PofSw. She is a serious kick-ass babe with her Doc Martin's on. And again, pages are represent new beginnings. The glow in the forest behind her is shining from the bright glow of that Ace.

Back-up #2 - 10 of knives (10 of swords) - Yet another dead on card (ok, bad pun lol) Today's date is the 10th. It is done! O-va! Stick a fork in it! I see her Gemini glyph. Again the theme of communication and finding balance before you loose your damn mind. Combined with the Sun carved into the bedpost shows new light and new life shed. It looks like the Daughter of Knives is looking over and this card. That'd be me thinking of how I really thought at times that this shit was gonna kill me! I often see this card as a person having 3 choices. #1. You can be a victim in the situation. A lot of times we actually are the victim. The question is if we are going to choose to stay in that frame of mind and be a victim. Then there is #2, the choice of whether we are going to adopt the behavior of the assassin. Are we going to allow our own pain, anguish and resentment to fester and lead us to behaving like a bitter victim. When we don't learn how to transform suffering into enlightenment we live in the life condition of Hell. That bitterness is toxic and can cause us to find false power in becoming an assassin. Both of those usually have a whole lot of "Why's!?!" attached.
The other choice is to recognize those options and realize that both lead to self-torture. So that leaves us with the choice #3, of accepting the nature of the number 10. It is a transitional phase between the ending of the 9 and the fresh new start of a 1/Ace. This choice means we ask "How can I transform mySelf, my Life. Both in spite of AND because of this situation?" "What can I do in spite of how fucked up things are that will give me even a slightly better result than the one I got right now?"
*I took this picture at least 7 times with several different settings. I have no idea why it is so crappy because it is NOT showing the true beauty and vibrant colors of this deck *

Drummer - The World XXI - I mean really, what more need be said. But in case there is anyone who is new to tarot, I shall explain a bit. This is the end of the major arcana. It is about having gone through a tremendous amount of major life lessons that are now behind you. Many of which involved circumstances beyond our control. When this card comes up, I find you get a minute to breath. See how she is reared back holding the serpent? She is far more flexible in how she sees life and she has learned to face her fears and use them to her advantage. She's sitting on top of the World right now basking in the cosmic energy that surrounds her and runs through her. The bite mark on her neck says she is no victim. She has gone through a massive transformation. Whether she chose the conditions of how it came about is of no consequence to her. That would be a "Why?" Her focus is on being blissfully content with who she has become.
The flowerless vines beneath her remind her/me that there is still much more work ahead. Through this situation that the reading speaks to, I have really come to accept that there is no ending to bad, unfair, or unpleasant situations. But there is no end to the wonderful, inspiring, joyful, blissful ones either. Maybe even the fact that there is no "good" nor is there "bad" Like this 10ofSw. It is usually seen as a "bad" card. One of the worst in the deck fact. And here it signifies a very welcomed ending. Maybe the Buddhists are right. There is no bad. There is no good. Shit just.... is. I think that this gorgeous Vampyress has figured out this key mystery of this life and that is why she was chosen to grace The World card. Maybe she knows that this is what it means to truly live in The World. To have reached Nirvana.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Learning How to Fly

I did it!!! I made a post back in December about buying  a Groupon for flight lessons. Well last week on Friday April 27, 2012, I did it and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done! What's even crazier is that an old friend that I haven't seen since before Kartrina is the owner of the business! What a wonderful surprise it was to see him after so long and know that he is doing well. (His wife? Not so thrilled lol! Grow up lady)

I am posting several pictures at the end. You know I always post the song/video at the end, but this video is just too damn funny to miss! It is so perfect for this post, and as a former flight attendant for 10 years, I have to tell you that though exaggerated, this is in many ways a very realistic take on the behavior of airline people! As for the beginning of the video and the very end, yes, that is very loosely based on an actual incident that occurred at American Airlines a few years back! (And yes, most pilots really are that damn corny!)

        So I am posing the question is  "What do want me to take away from this experience?" I'm doing my RockStar reading with the addition of a new member to the band.  I am using the same decks I used in the original reading, my Sweet Twilight Tarot and my Oracle of Shadows and Light that to tell me a message from Freyja.

Lead Singer - The Tower XVI - Ah, one of those rare treats where the Tower is actually good thing! Doing this was a mind blowing experience that I will never forget! And just like this girl, I was high above it all looking off into the horizon, far removed from anything negative. As she sits here with her teddy bear, it confirms what I already know, and that is that my daddy was right there with me! And I know he was beaming with pride and excitement for me!

Back-up #1- 2 of pentacles - The first thing I notice is how this chick is standing. She is feelin' herself! (that is American street slang for one having extreme confidence lol). I even have an actual photo where I am standing in this same pose! You can't tell her that she ain't tha shit! She sees herself as the woman she wants to be and therefore is. I love that red hat! Very I'm-attending -the-Royal-Wedding. It says I deserve the finer things that bring me joy so it's time to make sure I have them. And the water reminds me of us flying over part of the massive Lake Pontchartrain. I think this card reflects the going back and forth on whether or not to make this purchase given my finances. I did the cards and followed their advice. And don't you know I went to The Quarter the next day and made just what I needed! I am so glad I took the leap of faith and did this!

Back-up #2 - The Lovers VI - A number of things come to mind with this card. First and foremost, to always choose the things that I am most passionate about, that make my heart soar. Flying is divine experience for me that is thrilling beyond words. Even as a passenger or working the flight as a F/A. i freakin' love it! I love how this deck shows them floating above Earth in their own dimention of time and space. Another thing about this card is the connection between the couple on the card. It reminds me of my instructor Lance. There was no romantic connection at all, but the bond of friendship and compatibility was instantaneous! Like we had known each other forever and hung out together everyday. He was hilarious! He told me about a girl in high school who used to say, "I got Lance in my pants and I need to dance!" LMFAO   The same wrapped, dark humor and unorthodox behavior as me. Loved him! We both made note that anyone in any aviation is twisted and perverted lmao!
The other thing about this card is that it is ruled by Gemini, an air sign. My dad was a Gemini. *smile* I love and miss you Al.

Drummer (bottom line) - The Magican I - It is no surprise to me that there are three majors in this 4 card reading. And yet another one ruled by air, the planet Mercury no less, the winged god. The bottom line is to know that I have the power to manifest all the things present in this reading that will allow me to continue with my passion for flight. The fire and passion from the Tower will make me find a way to get the pentacles I need for future lessons. And know that I have what it takes to be a great pilot, so do not doubt myself!

Message from Freyja- Fairy of the Highlands #20 - There were times when I was afraid. I mean, the man turned the controls of a freakin' airplane to ME! WTF LMAO! And the fact that I have never been in an itty-bitty lil plane like that before. When you have to untie the aircraft so that it doesn't blow away when not in use and yell contact to make it go... come on. For real?! And that little flimsy door!  I have seen soda cans that were sturdier than this thing! I swear it was held together with duct tape and spit! And I love sitting by the window when I fly. I always request a window seat. I love looking down at the countryside or cityscapes as we zip past. BUT THE WINDOW HAS NEVER BEEN OPEN BEFORE! WTF MAN! lmao That was SO freaky! This little fairy reminds me that I was brave and should be proud of myself. And I have to do this again! I can't chicken out and think I can't do this, because I totally can! *note to Self*
Fuel? Check.....

 Dear Jesus, I am flying an airplane...(note, my hair is windblown. Know why? THE DAMN OPEN WINDOW IS WHY! LOL LOL)
 Lance, my flight instructor. He was the coolest cat ever!
 Yep, that'd have been taken out of that window that was cracked open!

 the very controls I sat before!

 She is feelin' herself here ain't she?! LOL
 In stead of telling him to say "cheese" I told him "Lance in your pants!" Sicko-whack-jobs! tee-hee

the following were taken in the simulator

 "Holy shit! I just flew a freakin' plane!"
I did it Dad!

 Amelia, goddess of flight, is enshrined in the hallway

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beltane 2012 ~ Stoking the Fires of Passion Part II

There are several Gods and Goddess associated with Beltane. Mine is Freyja. She kicks some serious serious ass.

Here is a list of others you may want to research:
• Cupid
• Orion
• Odin
• Pan
• Dionysis
• Frey
• The Green Man


• Erzulie
• Freyja
• Flora
• Aphrodite
• Xchotiquetzal
• Diana
• Sheila-na-Gig
• Chuang-Mu

I dedicated myself to the Norse goddess  Freyja in 2002. I wanted a goddess who encompassed a wide spectrum of qualities I wanted to cultivate and she totally fit the bill. I decided to rededicate myself to her and what better day than Beltane. She is goddess of love, beauty, sex, sensuality, passion, magick, divination, and as leader of the Valkyries, war. Animals sacred to Her are cats, falcons, wild boar, and swans. Other things include amber, primrose, strawberry, marigolds, primrose, both the sun and moon, Friday (Freyja's day), and the number 13. So Friday the 13th is a lucky day for those of us who follow Her. 

Here is my reading for myself. I used the Gill Tarot.
*Due to the mature subject matter and sexual content, viewer discretion is advised*

1. How can I best utilize my creativity? - Princess of Swords - Free your mind, your ass'll follow. Every creation begins with an initial thought. I have been learning to be more mindful of my thoughts. What you think about you create. That is what manifestation is. That's what magick is. This princess has very single-minded focus. Look at how cloudy the sky is all around her, But above her is a clear and brightly carved out path. I need to have very clear intentions and crystal vision. hmm... I just saw the Crystal Visions Tarot in my mind's eye and I happen to be listening to Stevie Nicks right now. I will make that my next deck I purchase. It will somehow help me to tap into my creativity. The fact that she a page shows I am still in the learning phase. Her blue gown represents the throat chakra, telling me to continue to speak my own truth, To be very clear in my communication.
Another thing is how important music is to my healing process, dare I say vital.
I just got this card when I did the post about Tex. He reminds me of the cat who starred in the movie Thor. And here we see a royal of the Air court who is controlling the weather and using a sword like he uses his hammer Mjolnir. I have never been more upfront and clear in my communication than I have with him. I will continue to do so.
I also knowI need to apply with more airlines. Like this is a student of the realm of Air.

2. What do I need to do to stoke the fires of passion in my life? - High Priestess II - This card was also in that post. And I have shuffled and used the deck several times since then. I need to see myself as a Queen, as a vibrant, young(ish), healthy woman who has extreme depth to her personality. And who has sex! Oye vey, it's been a VERY long time! What am I saving it for, marriage LMAO! A lot of people associate this card with the Blessed Mother, the pure virgin. I always associate it with an alluring seductress, like Angelina Jolie! Though I adore and honor Mary, I wanna be Ang! I'm jus sayin'.
I also need to enjoy my solitude and get re-acquainted with mySelf. I used this card in a meditation on Persephone back in 2004 and I just thought of that. I may need to revisit with Her.

3. How can I ensure that I have a healthy sexual belief system? -  Death XIII Rx - Alright, this is bananas. When I do a reading, I pick up each card one at a time and randomly slide it into the deck in various spots so the same cards are not stacked together. This is the 3rd card from the reading about Thor, wth?! Anywho, I need to resurrect my sex life! I ain't a virgin and I ain't dead, so why the hell am I acting like it! I do know why y'all. Since 2004, I have had about 8 or 9 Tower events back to back. No pun intended, 2 events were with regard to damaging 9 disks in my spine. Others included my father dying and hurricane Kartina to name a few. So getting laid simply was not a top priority, ya know. Getting out of bed, physical therapy for several years, dealing with FEMA, battling a horrible depression, those were the kinds of things that were at the forefront of my mind. Ya know, things like, a place to live, no job, no money, supporting someone in Iraq, my hair falling out of my head. Those kinds of things. I turned off many aspects of mySelf, starting with the sensuous being I used to be. I've never been one to cat around, but in a committed relationship I am, amorous! *evil grin* I owned one pair of flat shoes that I only wore when working international flights until I fell. Nothing less that 3" heels. I did my make-up most of the time, beautiful shades  of eyeshadow and my nails were ALWAYS done. Do you hear me? AL WAYS!! Since I was 19 years old! Now I live in workout gear, Nikes, and I have ugly, crappy nails. (that really pains my very soul you guys, for real). Well Freyja is telling me with this card that it is time for rebirth of Krysten, or as they nick-named me in flight attendant training, Diva! This card often times means there will be a 3 month period of metamorphosis. So that puts me at August, Lammas. Or possibly Halloween/Samhain.
This card is ruled by Pluto, which deals with crisis management and sexual deviance. I need to resurrect my inner dirty girl lol. Yay!!!

4. How can I shed light on the pleasures life has to give? - Strength VIII Rx - Believe in myself, plain and simple. Face my fears and be the Cowardly Lion after he realized he had heart all along. Embrace my inner Domme. Like She-Ra from Saturday morning cartoons lol.  I just realized how much she resembles Freyja.

5. How can I strengthen my union with my partner? - 5 of pentacles Rx - Well, my potential partner, whoever he may be. Stop seeing my short comings. That bright red calls to mind my blown out root chakra. My chiropractor even said that sex would alleviate my back pain to a large extent. See, it's therapeutic lmao! And don't get caught up and start trippin' on the fact that he most likely makes a very decent amount of money and my ass is poor as a church mouse. See myself as worthy of a great guy, and make sure he is worthy of the valuable things I have to offer. Don't create problems where there are none Krysten. And learn better money management skills.

6. What magnificent creation in my life am I not aware of? - 9 of wands - Oooh I like this card in this position! 9's mean it's just about or it is over. The 9ofW says, hang in there baby, you're in the home stretch! It has been a long, hard road out of Hell, but be on guard for the beginning of the end. The word "preparation" is written on it, with the candles lighting the way like torches in the night. Keep your head high and don't give up. Pace myself and know I am surrounded by more protective forces than I even know.

7. How can I exhibit more Self love? -  Princess of Cups - this is such a beautiful PofC. I hear the line from finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming!" She is a mermaid, and she will not change just to try to please someone else. True self love and self acceptance are a bit new to me, but I am getting the hang of it. Continue to be patient and kind with mySelf. Watch what I say about myself, speak positively about me. Remain open to the love of the Goddess. And use my intuitive gifts to guide mySelf to peaceful and emotionally safe and health situations. The more of love and compassion I show myself the more I will attract from others.
               "For the honor of Grey Skull! I have the power!"


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