Saturday, December 21, 2013

Preparing for Yule - Day 38

I've realized over the past few days of posting that the cards are foretelling what's to come the following day as opposed to rehashing that day. Last night's card made complete sense. I did have to be a bit brave and I had a number of interactions where I had to be direct in my communication starting with the email that required me to respond to and take decisive action quickly with regard to a particular business matter and then make subsequent phone calls. I also was pleasantly surprised be seeing someone that is a new acquaintance yet feels like an old friend and wanted to speak very candidly about helping me cut the bullshit and start fresh on some things. It was a very Ace of Swords kinda day. But no Gerard Butler lol.

Now, on with tonight's card. It's from my brand spankin' new, Book of Shadows, So Below deck. I can see it becoming a favorite. I pulled the Emperor IV. We have a woman on the phone taking notes so she can be organized and prepared. I notice the he shirt is blue as opposed to the normal red associated with this Aries card. She remains cool and calm while still creating order for herself and others. She has her cup of coffee so she can stay alert and not turn into a grump. (My coffee maker was broken recently. SO not cool!) In the background she has a calendar with Samhain circled so she won't forget to prepare for the sabbat. Interesting, because I will be attending a misa, a Santeria ritual, where we will be celebrating Yule. Not sure how traditional that is but the misas I've attended are so nice and I always feel so much better, lighter after I attend.

Something made me pull two more cards and they tie in perfectly. The 8 of wands and the Page of Chalices. Together they perfectly illustrate one of the main things that occur at a misa, which is a seance, or communing with everyone's deceased loved ones who choose to come through. Look at the woman in a peacefully altered state drawing down spiritual energy, and the 8ofW is about messages, as is the PofC who is about loving or emotional ones. It is also a card of psychic communication. I think I will bring pen and paper so I can be prepared like the Emperor so I can have any important information at my disposal. And since the Emperor card is based on the patriarchal archetype, I have the distinct impression my daddy may pop in to give me an early birthday message. That would be the best present I could ever get.


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