Saturday, December 14, 2013

Loosen Up, Earth Queen - Day 31

Using my Dark Angles, 1. What am I moving away from? 2. What am I moving toward? 3. Bottom line.

The first thing I notice is that I have all earth cards. This shows how extremely important having a sense of security that is long lasting is to me, but that I must also be more flexible and accepting of change. Next thing is that both the Page and the Queen of Pentacles (my significator card as a Capricorn) are here. I have to find that balance between behaving like a mature adult yet honoring and my inner child and not judging her. My friend Stephanie who is such a gifted reader just told me earlier this week that I needed to take time to do work with my inner child. Thanks Stephanie!

1. Page of Pentacles - Again I am warned against holding onto things that I think give me security. Look at how she is clutching that disk! I feel like it represents past mistakes and old resentments toward myself and others (Joshua). I am starting to see all of these things as learning experiences and put them to rest.

2. The Heirophant V - I'm moving toward becoming more disciplined and structured and increasing my faith. Proof being that I ordered my Leonie calendars couple of days ago and toning to got a beautiful indigo/violette 2014 day planner.

3. Queen of Pentacles - I love this version of the QofP. Her facial expression says how strong she is and that she will kick your ass if you cross her yet her posture shows how open and flexible she is. I'm actualizing the true essence of who I am, which is a loving, nurturing woman who needs security and also structure. If I can be half as loving and nurturing to myself as I am to others, I'll be very pleasantly surprised at what I can create for myself. But I must be more flexible and patient with myself.



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