Friday, December 27, 2013

Think Outside the Box - Day 44

Tonight I have pulled the Knave of Swords, or rather it fell out while I was shuffling. This deck seems to speak to meant hat manner, a trait I really appreciate. It makes me feel like I am really connected to the spirit of the deck itself. I'm kinda thrown however by this card. I mean, it's the Page of Sw, yet it looks and feels very wands-ish with the bright orange. I do however like how the artist gave the image so much depth as though we have a birds eye view looking down from the kite as it is suspended in the air. Below, a smiling girl in a yellow dress (solar plexus chakra and the color of the element Air which is intellect and communication) looks up at it as the wind carries it along and she guides it with the string. Her air elemental rides the tail to guide it.

So I just looked up what the purpose if a tail in a kite is, and now I totally get this image being use for the PofSw. Kites have been used by some of the brightest scientific minds in various experiments , from studying weather patterns (duh! How did I forget about ole Ben Frank lol) to creating the bridge that goes over Niagra Falls. And that by the way was done by a 10 year old boy! This card is all about daring to think outside the box, being innovative, discovering new solutions for old problems or things that others think cannot be changed, and having the courage to speak your truth with clarity. Like the girl here, I gotta keep looking up, trusting that my spirit guides will help keep me soaring to new heights in my life.


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