Saturday, October 29, 2011

Barbie Tarot

I am 39 and I am still a sucker for cool Barbie dolls. Tonight I remembered the coolest deck that I guess will forever remain unpublished given legal red tape and copywrite laws and whatnot. *sigh* Which totally sucks because I would love to own it. It was a labour of love that someone did called The Barbie Tarot and you've got to check it out!


So I decided to follow the link that allows you to get a computer generated reading and ask about my husband that I don't have but would like to. It ended up being really cool! Sounds  like he's going to be even better than Ken! LOL
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sexy Samhain Witch

So the Queen of Wands Called

I've been on the fence for about a month as to whether or not I will move to New Orleans. I got the most amazing reading fro the Stephanie The Quirky Empress that screamed in no uncertain terms what would be the best course of action. But as so often with me, fear and doubt keep me in limbo. Quite often that fear is related to what others will think or will I somehow let them down. When will I ever start living for ME and stop thinking that doing so makes me an asshole or ungrateful for any kindness others have shown. It keeps me in a vicious cycle of putting myself in the position of needing help. Or maybe the false belief that I do because I owe someone. What the hell ever....

So out of the blue, one of my most trusted, loyal and wise g/f's calls, Victoria. Her name is perfectly suited for this strong Leo Queen of Wands,  Domme, victorious and regal. She always seems to sense when I am going through some shit that she can offer her words of wisdom and the wonderful confidence she always brings out of me. She reminded me that I am 39 with no kids and no job; the world is mine to shape and create into whatever I want and anyone who doesn't like it or approve can kiss my ass. Or not so much even kiss my ass, because that infers hostility, and it's not about that. That would be wasted energy. It's about me doing whatever will make my soul truly happy and not what will make OTHERS happy at my soul's expense. I've done it so many times. I've got a completely fresh canvas to create the scene I want to experience everyday. She reminded me of how she put all her shit in her car and moved to Miami. And the time she bought a oneway ticket and moved from Connecticut to San Diego with on e suitcase. She is one of the most dynamic, powerful women I've ever known. And one of the most wonderful things about her is that she loves helping other people find and cultivate their own power as well. It took me years to see that just like every single human being, she has fears and doubts. Even when we were room mates, I didn't see that. Now I see that the difference between her and the masses is that she faces shit head on and she doesn't let anyone else govern who she is. When people are foolish enough to question her about what she is doing or why, she will start of with saying, "I think I'm minding my business..." You'd be advised to quit while you're ahead at that point LOL!

Another thing she pointed out is that I should move here because I truly want to, not because it's familiar and I'm too fearful to move anywhere else. She also reminded me of how much I love makeup artistry and that I am very good at it. (WHY is it still so hard for me to compliment myself??)

So of course, just as I am about 80% committed to the calling my soul feels to move home to New Orleans ( I do realize how melodramatic that sounds, but it really is how it feels), Victoria calls after not talking to her for like 3 or 4 months. Since I just opened my brand new Tarot of Vampyres that I absolutley freaking adore, I have to use the QofW from that deck to tell my friend/big sister/confidant how much I love and appreciate her. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Z'otz on Oak St.

I was wondering about Uptown today driving down Carrolton Ave when I remembered a favorite old haunt. I am so happy to see that Katrina did not destroy it. It's called Z'otz and it is the coolest internet cafe' on one of the coolest streets in New Orleans. And you know that's saying a lot given this is one of the coolest cities on the planet. The bathroom used to have the coolest Blessed Mother theme but it's seems that they had to re-paint and it's not quite like it used to be. The decor is so eclectic/rustic/goth/cool-as-shit. And being a coffee shop it reminds me of the Ace of Cups from Sweet Twilight. Coming here today I ran into some of the coolest people, two of whom I oddly enough met last week at my newly met cousin's pumpkin carving party (another post I need to do). Another two I met today. Both burlesque performers, one a fire performer. See, toldja this place was cool as shit! So I experienced the re-newed emotional warmth of this city and this particular place.

*the bathroom

Oak St. is a place with all kinds of cool ass stuff. Artists that are amazing, a super cool comic book store, great thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange. And the musical history of this street is unreal. This is where true New Orleans funk, R&B, and jazz can be found. So if you are ever in town and are wondering where the locals hang, Oak St. is one of the places you need to hit. And Z'otz is the perfect place for a pit stop for coffee, herbal teas and a variety of pastries and sandwiches. Or you can set up shop and spend all damn day here like I just did lol. And if you forget to bring your laptop, not to worry, they have about 4 desktops in the front room. Or you can go the one of the back rooms and pick one of the books or board games of the shelf. It's the coolest, coziest place to just chill. And the folks who work here are very nice.

*one of the really cool tables that are decorated with cool pix and Mod-Podge. And the beautiful antique vanity/prep station.

*You can buy the coffee in a bag, either ground or bean version. Just be advised that they are a $ only establishment and the bagged coffee is a bit more than you may expect. (Ask me how I know...) So if you are on a budget, ask about the price first lol.

Does Anyone Read Tea Leaves?

I have never tried this form of divination, but it interests me very much. Do any of you read tea leaves? I have no idea how I got to this site that has a really cool article on it, but I thought I'd post it. It seems to have a lot of info on the topic.

If anyone knows how to read tea leaves, I'd be much obliged...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reading In Jackson Square: Give/Get

I've decided that while I am here in NOLA I am going to put on my big girl panties and go read cards in Jackson Square. I got the idea from a really nice lady named Traci from the LinkedIn Group called Tarot Entrepreneurs  that Theresa The Tarot Lady started. It's a really great group of readers both new and experienced.
So I decided to do a reading about it using my Shadows and Light oracle that I absolutely love and has been so very accurate for readings I've done, both for myself and for others.

1. What do I bring to this new venture? Death and the Maiden- The caption on the card reads, "Invasion, boundaries violated, dominance". Ok, when I first got this, I was like WTF?! Then I reminded myself to calm the hell down and just read the card in the context of the question. I first noticed it is numbered 28. 2+8= 10, a transitional phase, the cusp of the old phasing into the new. Right now, that describes exactly where I am in life to a T. As I look at this skeleton, he really seems to have no sense of boundaries. I mean, he is all up in this poor girls personal space and she seems a bit intimidated. How many times do we need a reading to help us with these kinds off issues and situations. Be it some guy/chick stuff, or an employer, or a parent. And definitely the obnoxious "Yeah, but..." negative part inside each of us. I am sure I will have many a person needing guidance on how to set healthy boundaries and not be bullied, but to assert dominance in their own lives. Hell, I'm doing just that myself! This card shows that many of my experiences will be very helpful to others finding their own voice and power. It's not always about blatant abuse. Sometimes it's harder to see, just like the skeleton is hovering behind The Maiden. Sometimes we are The Maiden, so paralyzed with fear and what is not a good situation is not obvious. It comes in many forms, guilt, blame, co-dependence, emotional blackmail. Sometimes we are Death, sucking the life out of others. Been on both sides of that coin, sad to say. I can see where this will help me to allow Spirit to speak through me with an honest and direct voice, yet not come across as an judgemental asshole.

2. What will I gain from this venture? Marie Masquerade- "Glamour, intrigue, drama"- The first thing I notice is the mask in her hand, very Mardi Gras it is. And her gown and the word masquerade are making me think of all the wonderful balls here in New Orleans. In particular, the first annual Witches Ball of New Orleans that I am very sorry to say I won't be attending this year. I wonder if the lady who organized it and also has a very nice shop in The Quarter (I'll be blogging about it soon) will end up having me do readings in her store? That could be very cool since it is very well known and respected.

Next thing I notice is that this is card 14. 1+4=5, and 5's = bullshit. Oh boy, let's read what the booklet says. Hmm, seems to say that people will be jealous and gossipy due to me being very successful, so to be aware of getting pulled into petty drama and silly little games. Networking is great and will be helpful. And this is a very word of mouth type bussiness. I just need to be mindful of who I get close to or wants to get too close to me too quickly. I think I;ll have to be sure to do a lot of cleansing and protection rituals, which I planned to do. It's just sad that it will not only be due to clients, but coleagues as well. Thanks for the heads up Marie Masquerade.

Friday, October 21, 2011 - 100% Handmade & Independent Design! Stripe-y Kitty Hat - Purple & Black - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! - 100% Handmade & Independent Design! Stripe-y Kitty Hat - Purple & Black - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Ok, I just added a new thing for Safari to be able to add stuff to any of your social sites and I saw this adorable kitty-cat cap. So I figured since it fits the VioletteKitty theme, I'd test it out using this.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Outlook For a Relationship For a Querent

Someone asked me to do a romance reading about them and another person and asked me to use the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. Let's see what it has to say.

1. Where things stand at this time- 6 of wands- This version of the card always makes me have to really think. Sometimes I will lay out just one card at a time. When this one comes up I know I have to take the other cards around it into very strong consideration. The 6ofW is known as "the victory card", but she is crying, so I usually question are these tears of sorrow or tears of joy? Given the rest of the cards in the reading I'd unfortunately say these are tears of sorrow. She is crying so hard, so many tears are streaming down her face, and she is all alone with no one to comfort her. The Jack -in-the box made me think of bad surprises. I see the spring and I feel him bobbing back and forth. There has been a lot of back and forth with this relationship.  I can hear that song by Loose Ends "Hangin' On a String". The girl has a far away look like she is so tired and in a daze. So all this to me says that the relationship is one of empty victories.  We all have to define what happiness is. I think the girl on the 6ofW is asking you to ask this of yourself.

2 What's blocking things from moving forward or to the next level- King of Swords- I had asked the querent what the other person's sun sign is and this card doesn't reflect the answer. But I wonder if it does still represent the other party. The KofSw is very inteligent and logical, all about practicality. He can be very charming and if intellect is something you find to be a sexy quality, and knowing the querent's sun sign I'd venture to say it is, then I can see the attraction. But the KofSw can also be very cold and detached. In fact his weapon of choice is his words and they can cut like a knife. That intellect that can be so attractive is his go-to weapon of choice. Again, knowing the querent's zodiac sign, I can see where that is like smoking Newport's in a box while standing next to a Exxon tanker. Shit is on and poppin'! And when I think of the elemental dignities of these two cards, fire and air, that just feeds the flame. It also makes me see that there is most likely a lot of passion between the two of them and maybe they feed off of the drama as well. I see all the storm clouds and the little girl in the background looks like she is pissed and giving the king a piece of her mind. She is by no means any shrinking violet! But he has his arms raised, like he is saying "What!?! What's the big deal man!?" It is also like the KofSw has his back turned to our girl on the 6ofSw who is in tears. What's blocking seems to be conflict, stress, detachment and drama.

3. What's best for the other person- 2 of swords- Basically, shit or get off the pot. They are at a crossroads and a decision needs to be made, but that means taking the blinders off and seeing things for what they are. The girl is posted so high out of the water on the chair. It says to me that the other party is not comfortable with their emotions much less anyone else's. The girl's arms are over her heart while she holds a sword. Is the other party very guarded and defensive because of past heartbreak or not having strong emotional connections of any kind? I hear the song by Blondie, "The tide is high but I'm holdin' on. I'm gonna be your number one." But this card and the others say to me that the only person who is number one is the one sitting in this chair. I wish this person would see that the answer to what is best for them is to make an actual decision. Use that cut and dry logic to cut the crap. And to open up some of that water/emotion that is right there and so accessible. It is such a gorgeous, inviting turquoise. Might wanna choose to at least test the waters with a toe. The 2ofSw says cut the shit or at call a truce.

4. What is best for the querent- Queen of Swords- I am really taking note to how many swords there are in this reading and not one cup. It pains me to say that does not bode well for a happy relationship. I love this version of the QofSw. She is strung up to a burning stake, but it is so clear that there is no need to worry about this Queen! This card advises that the best thing the querent can do is fight fire with fire so to speak but in the intellectual realm and give the other person's inner KofSw a worthy adversary and embrace their own inner QofSw. Remove themselves from a less than favorable situation while they still have the strength to do it. And if they feel like they don't, this queen screams otherwise. She is an extremely strong-willed assertive woman. Though she has a strong humanitarian side, mistake her kindness for weakness and watch her rip you a new ass with that sword! The QofSw is often known as the widow or single woman. I don't feel at all that that is their fate. The best thing I can advise the querent is to do is the take time and space alone to clear their head and they will figure out what is best  in the very near future easier than they may be able to right at this exact moment.

5. Advice- Knave (page) of pentacles- I had to go back and check, but my querent got this card in another reading in the same position. It is driving home the point that they need to take steps to begin their own journey and that can best be done on their own right now. Start now to lay the groundwork for what they want to come to fruition in the future. It also is reminding me that I feel that they are supposed to be with someone who is in some way very different or opposite to them. Someone very avant guard and a lot of fun, not at all down for the same-ole-same stuff couples usually do together. Like, their future mate will want to skydive, or go to a Foo Fighters concert. In Munich or Tokyo. But they will have the utmost respect for one another's differences. It will be what makes them a stronger and  unified front to stand up to anyone is stupid enough to try to make trouble or talk shit about their mate. The querent is a Scorpio. Huh...I sure hoe noone is that stupid. Trust! They will SO not get a good result!

6. Outcome if that advice is followed- 8 of pentacles- I see this relationship as a very important learning experience, something they can look back on to remember the good times that were shared but also to remind themselves of what they do and do not want out of a relationship.

I just got my beautiful new Shadows & Light oracle and since I know the querent loves this deck too, I just had to ask it for its take on things by pulling one card. I so wish I had something to say in this reading that is more along the lines of a happy outcome....
Three Witchy Sisters- The booklet says that the hats they wear connect them to celestial knowledge and "they often visit people who know that something isn't quite right, they just can't figure out what it is." And "Something that has jsut happened will happen twice, then three times. Something that has already happened twice will happen one more time. And something that has happened three times is now complete." The two sisters who have their eyes closed remind me of the 2ofSw from earlier and are saying to me that my dear querent has also been one to take a blind eye what is going on, or not going on, in this relationship. The triplet in the middle is confidently looking straight ahead with eyes wide open, and asking telling them to do the same.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The King of Swords Still Gives Me Butterflies

This is actually Saturday's draw. I just asked "what would be the energy of the day". I got the King of Swords as the rockstar and the backup singers were the Magician I and the the Moon XVIII. I got from this that I need to bring out the energies of the KofSw, his logical, direct, to-the-point decisiveness which Goddess knows I lack! Look how confident this KofSw looks. That would play perfectly off the Magician. He looks like even he is in awe of the magick he is creating. Both are ruled by air and the Magician by the planet Mercury which is all about communication and speed. I need to learn to process my thoughts more quickly so I can take more decisive actions and trust myself more to make good decisions. The Magician can show my inner KofSw I have everything it takes to create the results I want. A certain someone who's card is the KofSw and still has a place in my heart (if you've read my blog for a bit then you know who I mean, the one who moved to Australia. You can plat catchup here if you'd like to know more) popped in my head. I thought about his personality and certain risky but very rewarding decisions he made and how they paid off big time. I need to follow his lead in that respect. I just need to calm the negative Moon aspects of fear of the unknown that keep my emotions in control instead of assuming a commanding presence who cuts through the shit, makes moves and gets results. This is also shown by fact that the cards are the elements of air/air/water. This was the message I got when I did the cards early in my day.

While I was out and about I got two signs with regard to that certain someone who was my King of Swords. First sign was a street in Uptown New Orleans that is his first name. About an hour later I got sign number two. One way my guides speak to me is through license plates and I saw one from Colorado, the state he lived in before moving to The Land Down Under. As I drove around Lee Circle I thought about the night we met in the French Quarter and how there was that instant spark of electricity. And I felt it again from thinking about the strong connection we had. Then I felt the pang of dissapointment that there was just too much E.S. (extra shit) going on in both our lives that kept things from working out. Before he moved, we had a really good, very open and honest talk and he made it clear to me that he was really sorry things didn't work out and he knew I'd always be in his heart. I admitted the same. When I got back to the house that night and was puttzing around on FB I saw these really crazy, really cool black boots with the skeleton of a leg and foot on them, like it was an X-ray. I tagged my dear friend Seleus who does the Lotus Flower blog on Nicheren Buddhism in the post. I'll be damned if said Aquarian KofSw didn't click "like" on it! We don't really communicate anymore. He has a g/f and I am very happy for him that he is doing so well and is happy. But I think that we both still have feeelings that stem from all of the "What if's??" so it's just not possible for us to have an actual friendship. But every blue moon he will "like" something I post and I know that is his way of saying hi. It also shows that the connection is still there. And everytime he does, I still get butterflies and think of the night we met and everything that we shared. And I still hear my heart ask, "Man....What if..."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The World Has Lost a Brilliant Mind

I'd just like to take a moment to pay homage to one of the greatest minds ever known, Mr. Steve Jobs. He passed yesterday due to pancreatic cancer. As I type from my MacBook Air, I am truly saddened and most appreciative for the countless ways he improved modern life as we know it. How many people can truly say "I changed the world" and it be true.

Apple has a link if you'd like to go to it:
If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email

My Dark Passenger Is Restless

I'm funny about tv. I once went 3 years and turned on the tv in my apartment a handful of times, the Phillies playoffs and World Series games becoming the exceptions. Well back in January when I was in The ATL I made up for lost tv-time like a banshee with two particular shows that I am now addicted to. Supernatural is one, but that is for another post.  I had been told by friends about a particular show that they just knew I'd love, Dexter. My beloved friend Peanut and his partner where so excited for me to watch it, they bought the whole damn series on their Apple TV. And instantly, like a moth to a flame, a crack addict to a 1/4 rock, I sat and watched ALL 5 SEASONS BACK TO BACK! Yes, 12 episodes a day for 5 days in a row! Now, I do at least have the common decency to be embarrassed, but still, I'm ok with it. Because I LOVE ME SOME DEXTER MORGAN! And Harry! And Deb, and Masuka, and Angel, and Rita, and Harrison. Hell, I even loved Lila. Well, at first. Luemen for some reason just got on my nerves. Anywho... Season 6 just premiered last Sunday and I haven't yet been able to see it and my own Dark Passenger who hungers for the show is very restless.
(The Death XIII card from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. Doesn't the girl look just like Lila!)

If you don't know anything about the show, please be advised, it is not for everyone. It is about a vigilante serial killer. The plots and storyline and characters are so well written and complex. If you are the faint of heart or easily offended you most likely are not on this blog, but just in case, Dexter is probably not the show for you. But if you are a fan, then you know how I am longing to curl up on the couch and reconnect with America's favorite serial killer!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Romance Reading

Someone asked me to do a reading on what is blocking them from true love, and requested I use my Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.  So let's see what the cards have to say:

1. What do you need in a relationship?
2. What you will bring to a relationship?
3. What behaviors or beliefs are blocking you from what you want?
4. How can you transform those things to put you on the path to get what you want?
5. Outcome if you follow the advice of card 4.

1. The Empress III- You are all about the love and passion! The Empress is ruled by the planet Venus. You love romance and need to be courted and treated like the precious gift you are, even to be spoiled. But this can NEVER come at the price of your independence. I'd also say that shall we say... "earthly desires"... Oh hell, we're all adults here! You are NOT playing about your sex! LOL You are very sensual and adventurous and sex is a huge part of how you express your love for your partner. You also need to nurture and to be nurtured in return.  But I wonder if this can lead to problems by you finding men with mamma issues. Either they are mamma's boys or they don't have good relationships with their moms and expect you to fill that role. You are extremely protective of your partner and loyalty is of the utmost importance. Not just fidelity, but let's say someone was mistreating you or being unfair. Even if you were somehow wrong in the situation, your mate had better defend you tooth and nail in front of others, and be a little careful when mentioning the situation in private as well. You are very emotional and can be a bit moody, but your love is as rock solid as Mother Earth herself, and you need a rock solid commitment.

2. 4 of Wands- This is known as the marriage card. You are looking for the real deal and are looking for a partner who will be your rock, your refuge. Again, I feel that passion is a key component and you have plenty of it given the fire of a wand card, but you will bring a lot of stability, comfort and security with it. Your partner can come to you and talk and express their deepest, inner-most feelings or fears and know they have your total attention and concern. (This also may be where you need to watch for the mamma issues. You may want to take over and fix things, in stead of letting them handling their own problems and you just stand by and support them) You also have the ability to make them feel at ease just by your presence because you are very intuitive and aware of what is going on inside of them. You make your partner feel inspired and motivated to work at creating a good relationship because you are.

3. 9 of cups- You may not be getting what you want because you may have a few unrealistic expectations. This also shows that you may tend to be extremely emotional and get swept away with the fairy tales we were all sold about what love is/should be. I'd also say a bit more inner transformation with regard to self-love needs to take place.

4. 2 of swords- Find balance between your head and your heart. I feel like you get swept away with the passion and emotion and don't always see things for what the really are and that makes you either turn cold or lash out at the other person. But before you get involved, this card is telling me you need to take a good long look at what you really want so you can make better choices. Sometimes even if we don't know what it is we want, we know what we sure as hell don't want. Write those things down in two lists and then refer back to it to make sure the choices you make in partners is in sync with your choices on the list.
    Another thing it's saying is about communication. Start working on how you communicate with others you are close to now so that you'll have better skills with your partner.  I'm wondering if you clam up when you are upset and then when your emotions get to a point you can no longer hold them in, you come on like a hurricane and slice them to ribbons with the words you use. Make sure you get enough alone time to sort through the things in your head, but don't make your partner feel like an outcast when you do. Explaining that this is crucial to you feeling even and balanced and that it doesn't mean you don't love them or that you are rejecting them will go a long way.

5. Knave (page) of pentacles- You have the strong potential to set the ground work for a solid and stable relationship. I love to see pentacles in romance readings because of they symbolize growth and strength that is long term and steady, not fly-by-night. Being a page, this also addresses healthy communication skills. If follow the advice of the previous cards, you can end up feeling confident about the choices you make and get tangible results. For some reason I feel like your mate may not fit the "norm" of who you or others around you may expect or think you should be with. But as long as you both share the same values and goals, you'll have something that is healthy and has the potential to evolve and grow.


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