Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Sweet Amy Winehouse

By  Shaka & Nosbé [ PPA Crew ]
I just now heard that Amy Winehouse is dead.... WTF.... I am surprised at how upset I am, but I can't seem to stop crying. My heart is so broken. Last night I drew a card from my Faulkner deck before I went to bed to see what today may hold. Needless to say I was not pleased when I got The Tower. And here it is. A beautiful, talented-beyond-words, 27 year old woman who's life was snuffed out like a candle flame. I fucking hate drugs. I hate what they do to the people who take them and to those of us who love them.

        * Please note, many tarot readers feel that predicting death is highly unethical. I tend to agree, as we are human. Though it works through us and is in us, we not God/Goddess/The Divine. Each and every human we may read for has free will  as does each and every human they come in contact with, and that is a huge part of why card eadings are not set in stone or an exact science. Can one see how The Tower applies in this situation? Sure. This is an extremely shocking event that has come out of the blue today and has been extremely upsetting. But to predict actual mortal end of life, it would take a hell of a lot more cards than just this one. And again, as the scripture says, we know not the hour. So my advice, do not ever predict physical death. If you truly feel a client is in danger, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK and choose your words VERY carefully!! Like saying that you see they need to be sure to lock their doors and don't take foolish chances while driving or walking alone, or swimming, or they need to go to a medical doctor for a check up, ect. In my opinion,do yourself a favor and don't do it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Night of The Dancing Flame

I woke up this morning and saw something walking sideways on the window screen..... I knew I needed coffee, but damn. Then I realized that this was not just caffeine deprivation, but that a very large  moth was trapped in between the window and the screen. Now as nocturnal of a creature as I am I could only imagine what a true creature of the night was going through, trapped in an east-facing window, the direct sunlight burning it and acting like kryptonite on the poor thing, or like sunlight to a Vampyre! So I opened the window and patted on the screen and the poor night angel fell down on its back on the window sill. I realized time was of the essence for her because she was almost dead. I got a papertowel and it grabbed hold and I placed it in a cup. Then I cut a piece of yarn and dampened it with water so it had food and drink and went downstairs and put her outside. I was so afraid she was dead, but then she let me help her on her feet. I think she will be ok, I sure hope so.

moth on my screen window So the question of the day is what is the message to me in all of this? I went to a site that a very cool and knowledgeable lady named Avia Venefica has, to read over the symbolism of moths. Wow does she have a ton of great info! (Btw, I only just realized last night that all of the time I have spent adding links to the end of posts and NONE of them seem to have EVER taken...WTF man. Anyone who can let me know what I'm doing wrong, or how to---shit I don't even know the proper computer make it so when you click on words it takes you to another page, like it does when you type in www. I would SO appreciate it!!!)

So as I was getting the night flyer ready to be released, a few things came to mind. How I too hate feeling trapped. How I have always hated morning but a learning to embrace it since I have to get up early anymore. How I FINALLY set up my new blog last night (YAY ME!) that will be public and this winged lady of the night confirms the name I have chosen for it. How breathtakingly gorgeous the moon was last night!!! Huge, full, and orange, like a picture of Gotham City. How she made me think of vampires, creatures I love so much. How when I was a flight attendant I always tried to work red-eyes. I knew I had to use my Halloween Tarot which was a very special gift from a wonderful lady I met in the French Quarter 2 years ago on what proved to be a very special night. I wonder if any Sword cards will come up since moths have to do with air and because in this deck they are on the face cards. Let's see...

6 of Imps(wands), 8 of Bats(air), Queen of Imps(wands)
The first thing that strikes me is the elemental dignities- Fire/Air/Fire-  Whatever I think of or imagine happening will happen because of what is motivating me. Less talk, more action though. The 8 of  Bats catches my eye first and this is how I feel in a lot of ways, and how my moth friend was, trapped. To me it looks like bats are tyring to help the woman get free from the extreme limitations holding her back from the safety of her home in the background. And look at where she is! Talk about between a rock and a hard place man! Just like the moth was. And today those strips of white are not the usual cloth I've always seen them as, but feel like toilet paper. Surely she can just bust through that, or she can fall into the water so it can just dissolve where she can swim to shore or her bat friends can carry her back to dry land. Like my moth, sometimes we need a little help to escape awful situations before we can gain our freedom and independence. I've been made very aware of angles lately. Another elemental creature of the realm of Air. And Black Cat is already helping---follow my intuition. Once she removes the paper from her eyes, she will see that everything around her is awesome! The 6 of Imps is victory an the Queen of Imps is the woman who can do what 10 people can do with style, grace and laugh the entire way. It's like the little imp from the 6 who held Black Cat is bringing her hope and joy in the form of that sunflower. My moth was here to keep me inspired to not give up.
Now, the card at the bottom is The Lovers IV. Since I am having to make posts from my phone and someone else's computer, loading photos is a pain in the ass lately! So it may or may not get pictured. (I took a picture of Lady Moth after I had taken her outside so lets see if I can post it. Maybe she can bring my ass a scanner lol. Corse, I do have MUCH bigger needs these days lol!) A brief description is that a  woman is laying in her bed, Black Cat over her head, and a Vampire is coming in her window. She seems quite shocked, yet quite calm and he looks very excited. Her German Shepherd is looking at her, not him, and not barking, just very calm. Ok...with regard to the question at hand, the bottom line is that Lady Moth was sent or maybe even drawn to me. The candle on her night table says this, and reminds me not to get distracted. And she is reminding me I have to use my intuition (Black Cat) to guide me toward the right choices. Change is something that I have never liked, but this says that this is a time for drastic change, a whole new way of life. It will be very different, maybe scary. But change is happening and if I allow it to, it will transform my very stagnant way of being into a life of true happiness.

This card also makes me think of an old flame, for a lot of reasons. The moth to a flame metaphor, which is exactly how it was when said person and I met. In New Orleans. A man who loves Vampyres as much as I do. Who walked in on the very night and in the same bar while I was talking to the woman who gave me this very deck of cards. Who is an Aquarius, or in this deck, the King of Bats. Which has a huge moth that has lit on his throne just above his head.--- I won't even get into the other signs I have had in the past few days including today with regard to him..... wtf man.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon in Capricorn 7/15/11

Moon (31/03/07)
Tonight is a full moon and She is in Capricorn. If you have any issues with regard to career/work, security issues of any kind, loyalty, money, being tenacious, or knees and teeth, this is the time to light a candle and say a prayer while focusing your intent on resolving those situations with the best possible outcome. Capricorn - goat-fish

Since I am a Capricorn, I'm going to have to take my own advice on this. But it will have to be tomorrow. Now, it's time to lay it down and catch some Zzzz's.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Walked Into the Lion's Den

 I am happy to say that I have my paws on a few of my decks again. Today I used my Lo Scarabo deck to ask my guides what I need to keep in mind today. Here's what I got:

4 of Swords, Ace of Cups, 9 of Swords

The first thing I notice is the elemental dignities. 2 air cards separated by one water-- don't let emotions keep me from remaining focused and keeping a clear head. Considering all that is going on, this makes all the sense in the world. The demise of friendships is not something to be taken lightly and is obviously a very emotional situation. But I have to not let the hurt, pain, or love, and damn sure not the confusion get me off track. The AofC in the center shows how much emotion is involved and with that nasty ass 9ofSw it demonstrates the severe pain and hurt. And I do think the pain is not just what I feel, but one of  the other parties in this crap feels also. So often the other side of hate and nastiness is love and hurt, and that helps me to be logical about the VERY unpleasant and nasty situation that occurred yesterday. Man....them bitches set my ass UP! (If you've been following this blog since the beginning, the real short version is that I went to get my things yesterday from Helen. Since I don't have a car to move my things, I have had to wait until someone else could make time to help me. I get there, and don't you know Nancy is there! Total set up, my ass unknowingly walked right into the lions den!! Let's just say, it could have gotten a lot uglier than it did, but it was NOT pleasant to say the least!) That 9ofSw is known as the nightmare card and I did have several of those last night. I notice that both sword cards have people with their eyes closed. On the 4ofSw it says that I  need to meditate when it is time to regroup and center myself so I can regain my strength and keep a clear mind to learn the wisdom I need to gain from this situation. The eyes being closed on the 9ofSw shows me that I have got to face my fears and not be bullied or allow ANYONE, including me, to make me feel like shit!! If if I am cornered, keep my wits and be strong. There my be some bloodshed  because sometimes you've GOT to fight. That lock and key on the floor and the fact that dude is in a prison cell makes me see that this was a situation I really did need to get out of.

Having an ace and a 9 says a lot too. Aces, or 1's, are new beginnings and 9's are endings, completion. This says to me that as much as it hurts and I hate loosing friendships, this really is for the best. That whole thing about some people are only in your life for a season . I won't say what part of me thinks, which is that maybe we never were friends. And that AofC reinforces what I have been learning through all of this. That this a huge new opportunity to love myself unconditionally! Conditions on love has a lot to do with how this all got so nasty, but I'll save that for another post. But doubting myself and my own power to change my circumstances is a lot of how I put myself in this situation. It also is reminding me to keep my heart open and not let this turn me into a jaded, closed person. The other thing this triad of cards says is that a lack of clear communication can cause disaster in even the most loving relationships. But if you are not clear with what you tell your own self, how could you possibly be clear in what you convey to others?? And I honestly think that this is one of the major reasons that shit went to hell in a hand bag.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oodles of Noodles Will Save Your Life

I've said it plenty of times, but I've recently been reminded by my current circumstances, Oddles of Noodles are a gift from God lol. And if you doll them up, they can be turned into a lovely dining experience. Here, we can see an example of such. About a minute before they are cooked, crack an egg our two and stir. After that last min to cook the egg, their in fresh spinach and cover for one more minute. Vwahla! A very filling and tasty dinner for like $1.50!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pure Pleasure Seeker

I decided to use my Crowley deck today. I've had it for years, like, over 10, and as beautiful as it is, as much as so many readers absolutely love it and think it is one of the greatest decks ever created in the history of tarot, and as much as I respect it, it just doesn't grab me like it does so many readers. For some odd reason, today it did. Which is a really great thing because I made up my mind quite some time ago that while I will have my favorites, I want to be able to read any deck I put my hands on. For me, it's all about letting go of fear and doubt in my capabilities as a reader.

I don't usually do reverse cards, but some decks I do. It's like different decks are like different people and want to be treated differently based on who they are and how they roll. Crowley, he rolls with Rx cards.

The Star XVII Rx, The Devil XV, The Hanged Man XII Rx
Of course my ole buddy The Devil stands out the most, but for some reason I am not afraid of him today, which is really cool considering this card is all about fear. I see that goat standing there looking all confident and expressing his Capricorn stubbornness, or more to the point, the flip side of that word which I think is tenacity. He says that my Capricorn ass needs to not be trapped by fear and doubt and allow it to hold me hostage any longer. When I see the people in the bubbles below him it looks like they are trapped. The bubbles look like cells that are going through meiosis or mitosis (I'm not a Bio major folks lol) which is about changes that are imperative for growth and maturity at a very basic level. The goat's third eye is wide open, telling me to tap into my inner voice and wisdom on how to do this, not what others think of me. (It's also telling me to trust in myself as a reader!) Which I needed to hear since I have had my panties in a major wad because of a conversation with a dear friend last night and her opinion of how I am in the very fucked up state my life is currently in. The Hanged Man Rx is just confirming that is it is time for me to wake up and take action and not get stuck in my ways or cut off my nose to spite my face, a major Capricorn thing to do! It is reminding me that God helps those who help themselves, so I need to be more active in freeing myself from the lack of faith that is keeping me stuck in repeating cycles that get me pretty bad results. That Rx Star is kinda saying the same thing, reminding me to keep the faith and not to give up hope because I can heal my life, the power is at my disposal. This trio is Air/Earth/Water = Having the desire to create stability but not needing to create the proper mind-set to take necessary action/not letting negative thoughts cloud your heart's desire from becoming reality.

The Card at the bottom is the 5 of Swords. This is that nasty cardI got yesterday and last week that involves shit-talking and harsh thoughts and words about you from others. I like Crowley's take on this card. He has titled it "Defeat". If I let others opinions of me in my head they will feed my own negative thoughts about myself and I will be defeated. Note how he has used the reverse pentagram. This symbol gets such a bad rap from those who don't know any better. When the single point is facing upward it IS positive. When it is not, as he shows it here, it shows the more negative aspects of the symbol. That's a lesson for another post, but for now, just know that this way it shows putting pleasures of the flesh or earthly desires above Spirit. Which goes in perfect sync with that Devil card who is all about earthly desires. And please understand, there is nothing wrong with earthly desires! It is when we put them above our spiritual needs and common sense that we get ourselves in trouble. It makes me think of Charlie Sheen: "Winning!!" Naw sweetie, "Defeated!"
Another bit of confirmation on these cards is the Astrological associations of this set. Aquarius the humanitarian represents The Star. I met with my g/f who is one of the biggest humanitarians I've ever known and has done more than I can even begin to explain to help me rehab my back and my life in general. She is a an Aquarius. And then I end up seeing an old friend I haven't seen in a couple of years who was telling me all about how he had let his earthly desires dominate his life to a really dangerous point. He went to rehab and has been clean and sober for over a year and looks and sounds so grounded and so on top of his life! I am so proud of and excited for him. And yes, he is a Capricorn! lol In fact I'm on my way to meet him and go to an AA meeting with him. If you've never been to one, do yourself a huge favor, go! Am I an addict To drugs/alcohol no. To my own negative behavior patterns that keep me in a dark, negative state? You bettcha. You'd be amazed at the skills you will learn that can help you get your shit togther even if you ar a T-totaler! (Note: DO NOT speak, just SHUT UP and be present and NON JUDGEMENTAL!!! Some folks will welcome you with open arms for being open-minded or supporting a loved one. Others might rip you a brand new ass for your non-drug or alcohol addicted ass in their safe place! Ask me how I know!)
*Again with proof my tarot Spidey senses are spot on, how crazy is it that this song by one of my all time favorite groups came on my Pandora.

Signs Are Back 7/2/11

So all of a sudden, the signs as far as Australia are back! I spoke with Tara and she mentioned it last night. Today, I've had like 5 signs and it's only 3:23 PM! Now, as usual, I have not done any searches for Australia or anything related to it, but it keeps popping up. I did a search for starting a blog on Wordpress, I get some chick who is a blog techie from Australia. I do a search to find my blog, this very one (seems there are a LOT of folks who have the spelling "violette" and kitty in their name...who knew!? And here I thought I had chosen some random, obscure name when I choice this one...humph!) and I end up on some lady's sight who does tarot in Perth. Mind you, she did not have violette or kitty anywhere in the name. I think it was just called "Tarot In Perth". It seems that whenever I am looking up info with regard to tarot or making a new tarot blog that I will actually promote, not just be my diary, the signs for Australia start to pop up. I need to put energy into manifesting a way to get my ass there.
Australia Melbourne


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