Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Person of the Week - King of Swords - Day 41

It seems the royal family of Swords wants a bit more publicity. Last time it was the Queen and tonight we have the King of Swords as our "Person of the Week". The KofSw is an intellectual who tends to see life in very black and white terms. His approach is very logical, so forming emotional connections can be a bit of a challenge. Think Dr. Spock. If you want someone to wipe your tears or listen while you give a long narrative with regard to how you feel, this is not the guy you want to talk to. If you want things done methodically and with precision, he's your man. The downside is he may be a pompous ass with a God complex who believes the rules apply to everyone but him. The upside is since he prides himself in being the the shit, you can bet your ass he has the chops to back it up. As a matter of fact, when the pressure is on, this is the guy you want running the show. He's a natural born authority figure and his ability to be logical, impartial and take decisive action quickly in situations where there is no margin for error earn him respect from others every time. This is the guy that will make make you say, "What a dick!" But as a former flight attend, I have to admit he's also the guy you want when you have hydraulic failure at 35K feet.

Astrologically the KofSw is associated with Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. Though he may not be an air sign, he has those qualities. This is a man who cannot sit still. They literally have to have both their bodies and brains active. They tend to be walkers or joggers and always have a book within reach. He most likely graduated top of his class. NatGeo, Discovery and Science Channel are their first choice on the tube. Career wise, these guys come up in readings as doctors, attorneys, pilots, surgeons, politicians or Soldiers, Air Force in particular. They are always the ones who come most highly recommended in their field.

If this King shows up in a reading either look for a person with these qualities or this is the kind of approach you need to bring to the situation in order to get clarity.



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