Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Queen of Swords/Sue Fox - Day 35

In last night's post I introduced working with the tarot court cards by initiating the weekly segment "Person of the Week" and it was the Queen of Swords. Well wouldn't you know that one of the people who had the most profound and direct effect on my life today is the epitome of the Queen of Swords! Suzette is one of my oldest and most trusted friends and the sharp sword of her Aquarian intellect and direct approach has brought me such clarity and a much needed sense of peace as well as courage. Our conversation made me see who the QofSw is in a different light. It reminded me of who all the Queens in general are, the nurturers, the example of how the element of water is expressed respective of each suite. So in this example the QofSw is Air of Water. In speaking with Suzette I had my emotions addressed but from a logical approach, and it benefited me greatly. Her objectivity helped narrow my scope of vision to focus on what is really important and encouraged me to find my own voice and speak MY truth so I can stop falling into the trap of trying to live up to the expectations of everyone else regardless of how much they love me, I love them, or their position in my life.

The QofSw in her more negative aspect is a very bitter, defensive and lonely woman because of her abrasive attitude and caustic toungue. Think, Malificet or Judge Judy. Suzette very candidly reminded me of the multitude of reasons she has to be that kind of woman given several of her life experiences and why she has worked through adopting those behaviors and attitudes so that I could see why they will cause me more harm than good. She didn't pull any punches yet still let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loves and supports me no matter what. I am grateful beyond words to have been blessed with her endless, tireless loyalty and the beauty of her friendship. Thank you Sue Fox for as you put it, "a quarter of a century of friendship". I love you.

(And in case you are wondering, she is just as outspoken and direct as last nights example, Chelsea Handler, but has mellowed to have grace, wisdom and a sense of decorum. Unless you push her too far. Then?? God love ya cause that's yo ass lmao!)

*this card is from the Secret Tarot*


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