Monday, April 30, 2012

Beltane 2012 ~ Stoking the Fires of Passion Part I

Today in the Northern hemisphere we celebrate the sabbat Beltane. It is all about creation, energy, passion and fertility. These things are celebrated in the broad sense, but it is also about primal energies aka hot, passionate sex! It is also a very good time to connect with loved ones who are deceased, second only to Samhain. I have decided to do this as a two-part posting. Part I will be what the Universe wants you all to know in terms of celebrating and learning from this sabbat. Part II will be specific to me. But first is a list of some of the things used to represent Beltane:

Things associated with Beltane                                                  
• fire
• passion
• love
• fertility
• sex
• marriage
• union
• health and beauty
• primal energy
• divination
• pleasure
• connecting with those on the other side
• dancing
• water

 Symbols of Beltane
• oats
• fire
• honey
• a May pole
• Faeries
• flowers
• the colors red, white, yellow
• bees
• roses
• meat
• orange carnelian

I always wonder how it works to address the masses when do a reading. So I have said a prayer asking that whoever reads this post will get the message from it that is intended specifically for them. Again, this reading is NOT about me. It is for YOU. I am using my LoScarbo deck. No idea why it called to me after about 5 years.

*this post contains mature subject matter, adult content, and sexual situations. Viewer discretion is advised*

1. How can you best utilize my creative energy? -  Hanged Man Rx - Just Dance by Lady Gaga just popped in my head. Now I don't think it means go out and get blind drunk as she is in the song, (unless you really wanna and have money for a taxi home) but like she says, "Just dance, gonna be okay". You may have been in a bit of a rut or doing a lot of soul searching lately but the energy of the 3 of this cards says things are now ready to come together but you must get moving! Do things that encourage your soul to live out loud. Take up yoga. Pilate's, chi-gong, ballet classes. Anything that gets you outta the house and moving! The snake brings to mind kundalini yoga in particular. Here is what seems to be a very interesting website I just asked the Universe to direct me to for you. And what the hell.... maybe you should go out and tie one one with your friends or beloved! The bottom line is movement of the physical body will activate the creative, spiritual body. A body at rest tends to stay at rest (ask me how I know lmao) a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Get up off your arse and go shake it! Shake like a Polaroid picture!! You know what to do!

2. What do you need to do to stoke the fires of passion in your life? -  King of Pentacles -  This is the king of Earth. He is a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. Earth signs are ALL about having their earthly needs met! Think I'm joking? Withhold food or sex from a Capricorn or Taurus! Lemme know how that works out for ya! Food, drink, sex, life's creature comforts make this king feel grounded and secure. Are you secure with these things? I see the huge orange sun behind him. Get out of the house! It has been a really weird winter here in the US, especially up north. I know many people are so sick of winter and being cold they are about to go nuts! If you are in the Southern hemisphere then it's about to start getting cold and the days are getting shorter. So get outside, breath in fresh air, spend time in the sunshine. Even if you are unwell and cannot get out, find a window with some sunshine and sit in it. It will do wonders for your mood and help combat depression.
For many of us, money is an issue, but know that you are worthy of those creature comforts! Maybe it's a fabulous Micheal Kors hand bag. Maybe it is curling up with some brie, a glass of port and the latest copy of Allure or Red magazine. Maybe it's a .99¢ download of that song that makes you smile and sing out load every time you hear it. You can get a gorgeous shade of nail polish for $1.99. Wet-n-Wild makes some nice colors y'all. Whatever it may be, go out and get it for yourself!  A king never wonders, "hmm... should I do this for myself??" Uhh, no! A king KNOWS he deserves the things that act as fuel to keep him and inspired. Thus he has the energy and desire to share that enthusiasm with those around him. I also feel that going out in nature and journaling will help. Do you even remember or know what you are passionate about?? Also, you may want to meet with a financial planner so that you can set goals that may seem lofty or beyond your reach, but with lessons or how to budget, they may be more tangible than you think.

3. How can I ensure that I have a healthy sexual belief system? -  Empress Rx - Wow... I get the feeling that there are a lot of us who are need to address this given that she is Rx. I have a ton of messages coming at me all at once, so here we go:
You were not put on this earth for the exclusive purpose of breeding. If you want children, of course, have them! But do not make that your soul sense of identity! Do it for the right reasons? Have you ever even wondered what those may be? Were you taught that sex is for procreation and not pleasure? Does that ring true for you now? Does your mind tell you one thing but your body and spirit another? Or do you use sex as a weapon, to manipulate another's will? If you have children but are no longer with their other parent, do you use your child as a pawn to manipulate your ex? Do you need to do very difficult but necessary work to heal from the trauma of rape or sexual abuse/incest? Is your biological clock ticking and causing you to see sex as a job that must occur on a set schedule with no passion? Has a miscarriage changed your view of sex and you need to learn how to begin the healing process from that tragedy? Are you having safe sex or do you not think of the possible consequences of your actions and not use protection? Do you have good sex? What does that term mean for you? Can you and your partner or spouse speak openly about what that means? Have you read 50 Shades of Grey and are dying to try things you dare not speak of? Or is insanely hot, freaky, passionate, mind-bending sex keeping you in a relationship who's ending is long overdue? Do you know how to talk to your children about safe sex, or sex at all for that matter? Is there someone with whom they may come in contact that... you can't put your finger on what it is, but something about them just ain't right...? (LISTEN TO YOUR MAMMA RADAR!) Do you know how to ensure that they grow up having a sense of morality and common sense, but not a prudish, frigid disconnect from healthy sexual behavior? Are you homophobic? Why?  If your child were homosexual, transexual, transgendered, or heterosexual, how would you feel about that? Could they talk to you openly about that? If so, do they know that?? If not, do you want to think about that?

4.  How can I shed light on the pleasures life has to give? - 3 of cups Rx - Ok people, y'all really gotta get out the house and shake a leg! Go out! Have fun! I don't care if it is the club 'till 4 am and then the after-hours bar, or a girls night at home! Just for God's sake, let loose people! I just realized this is the 3rd 3 (Hanged Man, Empress now 3ofC). As I think about that KofP, I feel like many of you are so set in your ways you aren't willing to change your routine to allow time for life's pleasures. Ok. Then schedule it in your calender!   Ex. *Note: Wed@18:45 ~ have fun*
 Remember that episode of I Love Lucy were Lucy and Ethel were stomping the grapes? There is something or someone right at your feet that waiting for you to throw caution to the wind and allow yourself to have fun! Maybe go to one of those lingere' parties, or adult toy parties, huh, huh?! Or have a big girl slumber party. Everyone make a dish and bring a bottle of wine, Coke or juice for those who don't drink, and stream movies on Netflix. The Wtiches of Eastwick, The Help, Bridges of Madison County. Or The Hangover. Or Thor  or Takers for some yummy girl eye-candy. Or The Secretary if you're groovin' on 50 Shades of Grey lmfao (and no, I have not read it. I lived it! ahhhh... those were the days... *wistful smile* I need to make new days like those, but I digress..) The rule is bring food/drink, an over-night bag, and all car keys go into a bowl that is kept by your spouse (who needs to make his or her own plans to go out) or by a D.D.

5. How can I strengthen my union with my partner? - Rx 2 of pentacles - Again, I feel like finances are causing the waters of love to be turbulent and wash out the flames of  love and/or passion.  Do you have poverty conscious issues that mirror your partners? Does one bring in more money than the other? If so, are things fairly divied up? I mean if one makes $250K and the other makes $37K, how are things divided? Do you know what fair is in that scenario? Check out Suze Orman who will teach you the formula of what fair means. Or Dave Ramsey who is just as awesome. Most people think the number one reason for divorce is infidelity. It's not. Money is.
The other aspect I see with this card is are you making time for intimacy? Is everyone having their needs met? Sex is not just physical, it is far more mental, emotional, and spiritual. (again with the snake and kundalini energy)  Is there equal give and take? Are you getting back what you are putting in? Are you putting in what you are getting back?
Or do you have two sides? The one who is so nice and sweet to everyone else, but then you talk to your partner like they ain't shit. Lash out with a venomous tongue in a way you'd never speak to your friends or family. Or worse, a total stranger in line at the Winn-Dixie or Primark?.... I'm jus sayin'.

6. What magnificent creation in my life am I not aware of? - Rx Ace of Cups - Love. what's going on with you and love? Are you blocking it from coming into your life and if so, how? Why? Old hurts? Is your partner paying for crimes she/he never even committed? I see that Rx Empress. Do you have issues with your mother (or father) that need to be healed? You may be shocked by how profound an effect that can have on all of your other relationships? Or do you have abandonment issues that need to be healed? Do you not feel worthy of love for some reason? Are you too harsh with yourself, therefore you attract others who are not kind or compassionate? Is there a potential new relationship on the horizon but you are questioning if you are ready for it? I think you just may be if you could see your own beauty and what you have to offer. Not what someone else thinks you don't have, but what you do have to offer. Hey, wait a minute. Do you even know what that is? Why don't you think on that one. If you need a jumpstart, look at the qualities of those around you that make you love them. They are a reflection of you. Or are you not speaking to God/the Goddess right now? He/She loves you no matter what. Period! Spend time near water. I don't care if it is the Atlantic Ocean or your bathtub. Light a candle, spend time near water, ask for your angles or guides to bring healing and know that you are loved. Even if you don't love you, Spirit does. All day, everyday.

7. How can I exhibit more Self love? - 7 of pentacles Rx - Have more patience with yourself for Pete's sake! Stop looking so hard at what's "wrong" with you an start looking for what's "right" with you. Why are you more nurturing and patient with others than yo are with your Self? Take time, make time, to tend to your own needs first. This does not make you selfish!! It makes you smart! What happens when you give your all to everyone around you until you are too fragile to nurture yourself? Even if you are a parent, take some Me time. Check in with your Self and ask how can you take better care of You. Or let those around you know what they can do that will make your job easier. Like RuPaul says, "If you don't love you, how the hell can anybody else?!" Now sashay, away. LOL

I struggled on what song for this post. I think this one covers it!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blessed Beltane/Samhain

Tomorrow is Beltane for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. I was looking up info in order to create a spread for this Sabbat and I found this beautiful video and wanted to share it with you all.

Blessed Beltane

For our friends in the Southern hemisphere it is Samhain. I found this charming that Helen Demetriou did. If you are not familiar with her, I suggest checking out her YouTube channel. She is an absolutely lovely lady and has many wonderful and inspiring videos on various aspects of spirituality.

Blessed Samhain

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walking In the Spiderwebs

On the sidebar of my blog, I have the little widget that let's me know from what part of the world you lovely folks have checked in. I will be totally honest in telling you that it thrills me to pieces to see all of the many countries that have! As a former flight attendant, in a weird way, it kinda makes me feel like I am still one. And that makes me very happy. I often wonder who is who. Like will I ever meet the person in Australia at a tarot convention when I finally make it there? Who is the person in Russia, or Ghana? Or any of the multitude of places that have come to visit me. I suppose that is the beauty of anonymity though. I'd like to first say that I appreciate all of you. I see you as house guests and I want to be an appreciative hostess, so please make yourselves at home, stay as long as you'd like. Forgive me when I am absent for extended periods of time. I hope you enjoy it here in my little corner of cyber space and I truly hope you find comfort, healing, and amusement.

Ok, now to the business at hand. I have an Apple laptop. I most often use Safari as my search engine. Apple has this very cool feature where you see your top 12 sites visited. Makes it super easy to go right to where you want to go. Every time I open Safari, my blog is one of the windows shown. For some reason beyond me, the traffic feed thingy calculates each and every single time I go online. Not on my blog. Online period! So I look like some a creepy stalker of my own page LOL! I should not really care if anyone thinks I am a weirdo with regard to this. I mean really, who the hell cares? But I do. So that is why you see (if you even notice or care...) when I have checked in like 25 times in a row. Because if I even close my laptop and then open it again, guess what. It shows that.

So I was trying to think of what cards would show if someone had a real stalker in an actual reading. I think The Devil XV and the 5 of swords kinda capture it. The addictive behavior and manipulation, unhealthy domination,  imposed will or abuse. The cruelty and cruelty of the 5ofSw. And The Devil looks like a totally creepy, predatory wack-job lurker in the bushes in the Faulkner Tarot lol! What cards do you think would let you know you need to warn a client that he or she may have a psycho who is following them?
just had to add two videos. There are a lot of songs about stalkers lol!

Coffee, Computers, and Rx Joie-de-Vivre

I cannot believe I am up! WTH. I have a sneaking suspicion I know the root of insomnia returning to torture me. I just came back from the potty (TMI huh... and saw my Joie-de-Vivre deck. Its gentility and kind nature drew me to get clarity on the matter. (btw, the artist Paulina Cassidy is doing a fantastic deluxe version both the J-de-V and her Paulina Tarot) As I started to shuffle, I felt like I needed to ask it about reading reversals with it from now on. Let's see what she has to say:

How do you fee about me reading you with Rx? - Queen of Pentacles - As I was shuffling this card flipped over and slid itself back into the deck. The Queen of Coins as she is called in the Joie-de-Vivre is my card as a Capricorn woman. She sits near a canal on a toadstool  underneath the bough of a tree that is draped in Spanish moss. This is pretty much the landscape I see when I look out of the window of my room here in New Orleans, just beyond the backyard. I notice her 4 hands, 3 of which hold a large disk with a series of hearts and the triple Goddess lunar symbol in the center, the 4th hand consoling a rather ticked off looking rabbit.  This brings to mind one of my oldest, dearest friends since 8th grade, Laura. Our nick-name for each other is "Rabbit" or simply "R", and she too is a Capricorn. We have talked many times about our Capricorn resistance to change and tried to gently encourage each other (God and Goddess forbid one dare tell a Capricorn what they "have" to do! From stubborn to obtuse in the blink of an eye lol!) to be more accepting of it, dare I say even embrace it. I'm thinking you do want me to read you with Rx.
Clarification - Ace of Pentacles Rx - (shown upright so you can actually see what it looks like) Lol, I have to laugh. Somehow in my insomniac confusion, I inadvertently held the deck the wrong way, and in so doing, the card came up Rx. Aces are potential to be tapped into and cultivated, the seeds of possibility. Thus AofP Rx is warning me of missing this opportunity to grow as a reader. I can't be the timid little mouse at this pixie's feet. And these days I am in a phase of all kinds of bold new beginnings, so I need to continue along that line of thought and behavior. So while I feel some decks do not wish to be read Rx, this one  in particular when I first received it, is telling me it is ready now.

So after a good bit of effort put into ensure the cards were well mixed between upright and inverted, on to the initially intended reading...
Both cards are upright LOL. And the Queen of Coins fell out again!
Both cards are also Swords..... rats... *sigh and upturned lip* Capricorns have such issues with change. Why must it be so painful and feel like it is cutting away at who we are? I need a new mentality about the subject. Stagnation is death.

How does too much coffee affect me?  - 2of Swords-  LOL omg, look at that giant eyeball! Wide awake! And yes I am right now at 07:17 and have been since 04:30! And then there is that large being with an even more enormous eyeball. The bats make me think of flitting about with excessive or nervous energy. The crossed swords saying it causes me to be even more scatter-brained and indecisive, at cross-purposes with myself. I may even be a bit defensive?? I notice how the woman is bent  over, as if her lower back is in pain and her shoulders hunched up that lead to neck and shoulder pain. All of that anxiety leads to tension and thus increases the pain from the damaged disks along my spine. She seems to be immobile, going nowhere fast. It is when I am not exercising regularly that I have issues with my beloved elixir. --- (she says as she notices the sunlight streaming through her window has replaced the darkness of night... *upturned lip*) So I have to make better choices. Which sux. Because I.  LOVE.  COFFEE! I'm Creole for God's sake!

How does spending a lot of time online affect me? -  Ace of Swords - Look at this one, flitting about, one eye looking at me, one through his telescope to see what other people are doing. LOL, and now I see the sun at the bottom of the card starting to rise! I have the potential to be far more productive than I ever am online. But I mostly just flit about like Skippy over here lol. Television and computers are what is known as a hot medium and requires far more brain activity than a cool medium, such as reading, or listening to music without vocals. I need to read a dang book and no more Crackbook.. I mean Facebook before bed! lol

So on that note, I shall take a few deep cleansing breaths and try to get a few more hours as opposed to taking pictures to finish this post. Do any of you find you have the same issues with coffee or being online?

*this gorgeous video is the creation of the person who uploaded it to YT. The song is "Xpectation", a jazz project that Prince did years ago that is unfortuantely not very well known. The music is so beautiful and soothing. I was listening to another song from the album called "Xhalation" but could not find a video for it. However, I think this one it perfect for this post. I do hope you enjoy*

Thursday, April 26, 2012

If I Was My Vampyre

The Tarot of Vampyres is one of my most beloved decks. The images are hauntingly beautiful, so filled with depth and meaning. I absolutely love how it has the perfect blend of darkness and light. Lots of onyx-tinted hues of greens and greys to enhance the rich crimson, emerald and blue-violette. The artist Ian Daniels captures so much emotion and passion in the expressions of their faces and you can all but feel the smoothness of the satin and lushness of the velvet of their gowns and feel the mist that blows past. I.  Love.  This.  Deck.
I've been wanting to do a very cool reading that Chloe of Inner Whispers created and Lisa of Tarotize did as well that depicts My Life As a Vampyre.
                                                                 *click photo to enlarge*

1. What would I be like? - 6 of Grails - I first notice that this card is the Sun in Scorpio. I would be an extremely  passionate creature who would reminisce about certain aspects of my humanity, primarily my loved ones who I would have to leave behind, wouldn't understand or accept my choice,  or I'd have to watch age and die and move on to a different realm from me.  Yet I would still completely embrace and accept my new existence. I would be able to release so many fears that keep my paralyzed and constrict the freedom my soul longed for as a human. I would learn to use my fears as tools to enhance my existence. I notice how this vampyre looks like a younger girl and she is looking at the Empress next to her. I think I would be a mother. Little goth vampyre wee ones LOL.

2. What aspect of my human existence would be magnified? - The Lovers VI - I think I would be more at ease with the choices I made, especially given the insight from the last card. My husband and I would have chose to go through the transformation together.

3. What would I struggle with/fear the most? - 5 of Knives - In reality, my Venus is in Aquarius, which is the astrological association of this card. I would be afraid I would be too trusting of other creatures of the night. And that I would have be in conflict with other vampyers who would expect me to have no regard for any human life. Others would feed at any cost. I couldn't harm innocents. I'd be more of a Dexter type of vampyre. Hunt evil warlords in the Congo.

4. What would I strive to accomplish? What would motivate me the most? - 10 of Knives - I would strive to "live" my new "life" to the fullest, and to make damn sure some psycho, right-wing holy-roller didn't stake me! I 'd be motivated by the ending of a life where sickness, disease, physical pain (back pain) are a given. I'd be motivated by the far greater possibility of immortality.

5. What would I excel at or embrace? - The Empress III - A nod to card #1. I'd embrace being a mother. And excel at nurturing and being supportive of the newly created vampyers.

6. What aspect of my humanity would I most try to cling to? - The Devil XV -  Ok this card was about to really trip me up at first, but now I totally get it! It all goes back to card #1, the 6 of Grails. All of my earthly desires that are not wise choices as a human being but not harmful if not completely acceptable as a vampyre. All of the things that as a human I only wish I could/would do. I'd drink coffee with extra sugar and heavy cream all day long. Eat a pound of bacon a day, hot-cross buns, crepes with Nutella, Popeye's fried chicken, beignets, red velvet cake, Ritter Sport chocolate with hazelnuts and Australian shiraz, and extra butter on everything! And drink Absinthe even though I hate licorice. I'd dress in leather, latex, satin and velvet in 6" heels/boots and wear elegant but heavy goth make-up and cyber-locks. While at the ballet.  I'd drive a Dodge Challenger at its max speed as well as a Harley. I'd skydive, snow board, horse back ride, roller blade, ride roller coasters,   and pole dance because my back would be healed. I'd deep-sea dive off the Great Barrier reef with the sharks. At night. I'd ski down double diamonds in The Alps, go out deep on they bayou in the dark of night. I'd train hop with the drifters and learn all of Betty White's dirty jokes. I'd do any and every dangerous, hedonistic thing I could think of at least once. Twice if I really liked it! tee-hee-hee!  Ohhh... if only I were a Vampyre  *deliciously evil grin*   V""V

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Message From the Blue Heron

Great blue heron Ardea herodias
There is so much beautiful wildlife in the S.E. Louisiana bayou country. There are always lots of egrets/storks/cranes, but the past week I have seen so many blue heron. (what the specific difference is between them all, I'm not sure. The differences are not very obvious except with the blue heron) So in addition to looking up the symbolism, I decided to ask Tarot what the blue heron is trying to tell me?

I first used the very pretty Druid Animal Oracle. I did a daily draw when I first got back down here a week ago and that was the card that came up. This deck has a special sentimental value to me because I won it in a contest held by the incredibly sweet Monica of Tarot In a Teacup.  The booklet talks about the crane being the keeper of arcane knowledge in addition to the extreme concentration, patience and perseverance this bird possesses. It can stand there, one leg lifted, for hours waiting to strike and capture its meal. With the recent upswing things have taken, it is telling me to remain vigilant, as well as patient Capricorn,  in seeking the things I most want.

Then I Googled and found an environmental management company and for some reason clicked on that link. I am astounded by how germane the information was that I found. This is a direct quote from their siteAccording to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve. The long thin legs of the heron reflect that an individual doesn't need great massive pillars to remain stable, but must be able to stand on one's own.

Blue Herons have the innate wisdom of being able to manoeuvre through life and co-create their own circumstances. Blue Herons reflect a need for those with this totem to follow their on unique wisdom and path of self-determination. These individuals know what is best for themselves and need to follow their hearts rather than the promptings of others. Those with the Medicine of the Great Blue Heron may sit until the rest of us loose patience. And, when they follow the promptings of the heart, they are one of the most magnificent when they choose to soar.

This is the message that Blue Heron brings.

I was for some odd reason called to my beautiful Ancestral Path deck. I haven't used this deck in about 6 years, so I have NO idea why it called to me today. Here is what it wanted me to know using my RockStar reading.
                                                        *click photo to enlarge*

Lead Singer - 5 of wands -  This version of the card is the complete opposite from any other that I know of. It clearly speaks to working together in order to achieve a specific result. We see the pharo overlooking the cartographers with their protractors and T-squares, and graphs. The 5ofW so often makes me think of the tag line for my blog; "That I know of, there are 5 chix in my head. All of them have way too much to say. These are their stories." *insert the duhn-duhn sound fro Law & Order* I need to make sure my thought process is cohesive and with set goals. And realize Rome wasn't built in a day, nor were the pyramids. I must see my desires through to the end. I need to take every word from that website and deeply ingrain it into my being!

Back-up Singer 1- The Fool 0 - This is the most unique and thought provoking version of The Fool I have ever seen. I know I have only scratched the surface of what Julia Cuccia-Watts is trying to convey through it. It always calls to mind New Orleans given the tarot reader as well as the jesters and voodoo doll. It is telling me I need to take more decisive steps in reading professionally, and life in general. Be bold, brave and daring. Expect things to work out in my life far better than what I can even expect. The Fool reminds us that the Universe completely supports us so be fearless because we are safe. I always associate it with the root chakra, so this is also a reminder about poverty-conscious mentality.

Back-up Singer 2 - The Empress III - .... ok, WTH!?! Egret/stork, whatever the hell, potato, potahh-toe! I just  can't even get with this one right now LOL! Doctors clinical analysis be damned I suppose!

I am so grateful for my love of nature and the way that the Goddess speaks to me through it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Head-turner In Houston

I've been away from my blog for so long now. Lots going on. At first it was lots that was not too good, but now it is lots that is actually pretty good. That whole Mars Rx thing was a hum-dinger! Who knew it was such a powerful transit? And I think it being in Virgo made it even more challenging, yet also quite beneficial. Ever since it went direct, things have been moving in a much more positive direction with some umph. There are a few posts I'd like to make, but I'll start with this post. It  is with regard to a possible new relationship with a very hot guy I met while flying through Texas. I'll give more info later, right now I just want to do this so I can make a dang post! (And cause I really really want to know what the cards have to say about it all! tee-hee! It's been a long time since I had a man turn my head! And this one dang sure did! I'm pretty sure I did the same to him!)

I've chosen to use my Gill Tarot. It was the second deck I ever owned. (Don't you agree that U.S. Games makes the hands-down best cards with regard to quality!) You all know love my dark and goth decks! But I think maybe it is the whole Spring thing that has me wanting the brightness of this deck and its simplicity at the moment. I am choosing to only pull one card at a time instead of laying them all out first and then doing the reading.

                                                        *click photo to enlarge*

Where he is right now? - The Lovers VI - Ok, if I told you I didn't just do the girl squeal and I'm not sitting here looking  like the Cheshire Cat, I'd be a damn lie! The  Lovers for me blends the head with the heart. It is about romantic love, but just as much about choice. He has made the choice to be open to love, make a real connection with someone. His energy in person reads to me like that of a person who has been through some serious shit and came out on the other side better for it. A man who is very comfortable in his own skin. And a might fine skin it is LOL! And this card says that he is a point where he has chosen to have a serious commitment.

What is influencing that? - The Chariot VII - He has either tried to harness his emotions in the past or let them run out of control and not gotten a good result. He is an air sign, so he has most likely had a hard time balancing emotions and logic, as was shown in the previous card. This card also tends to represent travel. And being in the airline industry, I'm betting he is wanting the Cancerian traits of this card in his life. The safety and security of a nurturing home life after traveling so much. I also think this shows that we both felt some serious sparks and are really trying to pace and not get ahead of ourselves.

What does he want in a mate?  - Death XIII - Uhh.. ok. Let me think on this for a few min... Ok, I first notice the scythe the angel of Death is holding. He wants a woman who cuts through the bullshit and tells it like it is. (Wait until I have time to tell you guys the story of how we met lmao) Next I notice the crown. He needs a woman who knows what she wants and who recognizes her own majesty, knows her own worth and commands respect. Now I am thinking of how the Death card is ruled by Scorpio. He wants depth, passion, wisdom, sensuality, loyalty and trust. A woman who is sexually adventurous. Trust is a very sensitive issue for him I'd say. I just heard in my head " till death do us part" Does he want a wife??

What does his gut tell him about me? - Ace of Wands - That it is time for him to make a bold new start and I am a very passionate woman who will inspire him to take chances and have fun, and he seems like he loves to have fun.  Especially following the Death card, that I will offer him a whole new way of living, a fresh start. That I am bright, enthusiastic, passionate woman who he is now ready for.

What action will he take? - 10 of cups - This cat is really wanting to create something serious, dare I say, even to be married?? And holy crap, out of these 5 cards, 3 are majors and one is an Ace! There is major karma or a much higher prupose at work with all of this.

Where am I right now? - 6 of cups - On this deck, we see the word "satisfaction". It is a bright card and the colors make me think of the solar plexus and heart chakras. I notice how the chalice on the top of the wheel is replenished from what is pouring out of the one at the bottom. I really am in  a much better place emotionally and I would really like to have the give and take of a loving relationship. And the emotional satisfaction that I have been cultivating from within is what is attracting healthy emotional situations.

What is influencing that? - Princess of Swords - I really like this version of the card. And yes, these days my mind is much clearer and focused. I do feel more in control of my thoughts and am learning to be better at speaking my own truth. The fact that she is the Princess/Page shows that I am still in the earlier stages of this and still have more growth to do. This version of the card also calls to mind the spell I did back in Oct to find a compatible mate.

What do I want in a mate? - The High Priestess II - My favorite of all tarot cards. I do want someone who is deeply spiritual and has done a lot of self-reflection and thus has a lot of wisdom and respects the wisdom I have. Who is very comfortable with who they are, a profound sense of depth to their character. Who has an air about them that just draws me to them, like the tide to the moon, and them to me. Yet understands the importance of quiet solitude and soul searching.

What does my gut tell me about him? - King of Swords- LOL! And yes, he is an air sign! An Aquarius no less! (If you've read my  blog for a while, you will know the irony of that. Well get a load of this: he has the same birthday as my previous KofSw!! wth) My gut tells me he is so strong, yet can be fragile at times. He is most likely a work-o-holic. Goddess, please don't let him be a total Aquarius know-it-all! He is probably very outspoken. He may be prone to insomnia. He needs change, excitement, and he has a very strong personality. He has a very strong humanitarian side and is drawn to things that are unconventional. If nothing eles, I have most likely made a friend for life. And I do have Venus in Aquarius, which is why the weirder they are, the better I like 'em! He doesn't strike me as "weird" but we are defintely opposites in some respects. Which is always right up my alley. And the KofSw aka King of Air goes along with him being airline.

What action will I take?  - Wheel of Fortune X - Lol, yep, that's how I'm feelin'. Let's spin the wheel and see what happens, but I'm feelin' pretty lucky. 10's mean it's time to start again and go into the next phase. His last card was a 10 and so is mine. The earth energy of it shows me being grounded and my need for something stable and secure in my life, but that I am willing to take a chance.

What does Spirit want me to know?  - The Fool 0 - For this i used the card at the bottom of the deck. Another major! This is a whole new phase of life for both of us. We are ready for a fresh start, a new adventure and we are both feeling very optimistic. We have both played the fool before, but now we are so much wiser for it. I have a feeling that we are both trying to not get over zealous and just walk right off the deep end, but we are so ready for this new adventure. This card often times means a house move, and with the 10 of cups and AofW, I really can see where this could be the case. Spirit is telling both of us to keep an open mind and an open heart and dare to go for it! I have to say I also find the 10ofC, AofW and The Fool to be a very interesting combination! I dare not even speak that yet though lol!


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