Saturday, November 30, 2013

Me, Kylie, & Aphrodite! - Day 17

Tonight's drawing is from Universal Goddess Tarot. This is the third time in a week that I've drawn The Lovers VI card. In this depiction we have a very scantily clad Venus emerging from the ocean. She is clearly a very confident woman comfortable in her own skin. I can hear the song Aphrodite by Kylie Minogue and my head right now. I absolutely love Kylie Minogue. I'd kill to see her live! She is such an amazing performer as well as an absolutely beautiful, sensual yet gracefully elegant woman. To quote the lyrics, "I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty, don'tcha mess with me I'ma Aphrodite alright!" this song always makes me feel so energized and confident. 6's are about re establishing harmony and lovers card speaks to choosing what you're passionate about. I think when I wake up tomorrow song as well as well I'm getting ready for my day can choose embrace and exude my own inner Aphrodite!


Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving - Day 16

I've drawn the 2 of cups from the Crystal Visions deck. After having had such a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, I am reminded of just how blessed I am to have so many who truly love me.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Joy and Inspiration - Day 14

Tonight's deck is the Robin Wood Tarot. Since I've decided to commit to making a post every night no matter how short it may be, almost every time the cards have jumped or fallen out whilst I was shuffling and tonight they did again. Both the 3 of cups (another 3 tonight I see) and the Knight of Wands. This seems too be both a recap of today and foreshadowing of tomorrow. I spent the day with my dear friend Michaelle, or "my wife" as we both affectionately refer to one another. We went to H&M which only just opened in N.O. last week. God I love that store! And then her partner Jim took us and his friend Yvette (who is one of the funniest people I've ever met!) for late night nosh at I-Hop. What a wonderful day. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will spend it with so many people I love. So this card duo speaks to me about how the joy and laughter spent with people I love will create a positive momentum inspiring me to create more of those situations and that frame of mind.

The Kn of W also confirms a reading that my friend Stephanie who is a fantastic reader did for me! I got this card as the answer to something I'm planning on that is very exciting and a big sign to go for it. Thank you again Stephanie!

I am very thankful to be receiving such encouraging cards each night.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burgundy- Day 14

Tonight I decided to draw from an oracle deck, The Secret Language of Color. The question I asked was what color do I need to meditate on before I go to sleep tonight. I've drawn Burgundy- awaken your passion. Picture on the card is the center of a rose that is starting to open up. It's funny, for the past week I've been wearing a burgundy lipstick and my sleep shirt tonight is a wine or burgundy color. Inna Segal, the author of the deck, says burgundy will assist in connecting with one's passion vibrancy and enthusiasm for life. It can help you to make your dreams come true. What a perfect card for where I am in life!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

3's -Day 13

I decided to pull two cards.

1. What am I moving away from? Hanged Man Rx - Being in limbo. We see the clock and from this perspective it looks like it's 5 or 45 min until midnight/noon. It ain't over yet, but very soon a major turning point will be reached.

2. What am I moving toward? - 3 of cups - the first thing I think of is the brilliance and the solid nature of a diamond. I will have joy will have a strong foundation based on a commitment to loving and honoring mySelf.

I notice both a cards are 3's. This speaks to me of nurture, love, creativity and completion. *big smile with a glimmer of hope in my heart*


Monday, November 25, 2013

The Rx Star - Day 12

As I was shuffling the Faulkner Tarot, a card flipped over, The Star Rx. As many times as I've looked at this card I've never noticed that there is a lid covering the wishing well. It's like all the things I'm wishing for are so close, but something is blocking me from having access. I'm taking this a sign to not loose faith in spite of the many obstacles in front of me. And The Star card means angels and according to Rhiannon Faulkner who created the deck it means a house move. Just what I've been praying for. Thank you angels for looking out and for sending me signs.

I was ready to call this done and as I was typing the very simple title The Rx Star instead of The Star Rx, it made me think; what is a reversed star ? A black hole? I'm too tired to get lost in Google-land looking it up and I think the point is the question I just asked myself that questions the contrast between the two. What I'm getting is a warning to be mindful not to absorb negativity, a reminder to do my cleansing baths and to shield.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Creating Focus - Day 11

Tonight I have the 8 of pentacles from the Ludy Lescott. I woman sits in a posh chair while wearing a sapphire blue night gown. She holds needle and thread in one hand and her the embroidery she has been working on for some time, her (very odd looking) kitty cat at her feet. From off to the side, a man is about to enter the room. To me this is about remaining focused on what I want to accomplish and not letting anything or anyone deter me from what those things. It says I am still in a stage of learning. I need to acknowledge the things I've accomplished and give myself the credit I deserve. It also makes me think I need to pick up my knitting again as it used to be so enjoyable and so relaxing. It reminds me to take time to do things that I enjoy and get my mind off of stress, things that are creative. And the cat makes me think of my own sweet fur ball.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Change In My Fortune - Day 10

Wow, yet another most auspicious draw with the Wheel of Fortune X from my Tarot of Vampyres. A wheel lays on top of the thick, brown stems of a rose bush and is surrounded by vibrant blooms in the colors of the rainbow which also represents the chakras. I also notice the glyph for Jupiter which is the planet of growth, expansion and luck. The roses vines echo the bittersweetness of life. Sometimes there are thick vines with thorns or brambles that trip us up and cause us so much pain. But this card is emphasizing the brightness, the vibrancy of life. It also makes me think of advise I was given to keep flowers in the place I'm staying to help ward off any negative spirits or the dead that are trying to feed off of me. Flowers represent the beauty of life, but they also absorb negativity and are therefore protective.

The Wheel says I need to embrace change, go with the flow, and take risks. It also has to do with travel. My dear friend Karen has been all but begging me to come to the U.K. and to plan on arranging specific nights where I do readings. This card is a go ahead if ever there was! I need to take the risk on this. It seems the universe is in complete agreement on it. Look a what my fortune cookie tonight said. (key word being fortune)


Friday, November 22, 2013

Ezili Danto's Veve - Day 10

Tonight I am very grateful to my niece for letting me borrow her brand new, deliciously dark, Gothic Tarot. This deck had been on my wish list for ever and a day. I've drawn the 3 of swords. Normally, I'd be so sad to have pulled this card that usually symbolizes such sorrow, heartache, pain. I also find it quite often means infidelity. But it has come to represent something else as a reader and tonight that gives mixed feelings of caution and comfort. This looks like a beautiful drawing of Ezili Danto's veve. Danto is a Haitian spirit who is extremely protective of women and children and she loves knives. Veve's are drawings that act as calling cards to a particular spirit. I will take this as a sign that Mamma Danto is around me. Anyone with ill intent would do wise to steer clear.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Change Is In the Air - Day 8

Tonight's card is from the Robin Wood deck, it's the Ace of Swords Rx Lots of billowy white clouds seem to be reflecting sunlight though we don't see the sun. A large sword is in front of them as though they have cleared the way so that the sword is well presented and what little sunlight there is can relflect off of the blade which is encircled with what seems to be 3 types of plant life. I've never noticed what seems to be rosemary before. Rosemary is an excellent herb for protection and cleansing. This reminds me I need to make up my next cleansing bath. The AofSw is a symbol of the Orisha Oya who is queen of the cemetery. I petitioned her for help on Saturday so she seems to be letting me know she is helping me, but doing the bath will help keep the dead off of me who have been so horribly draining. The white roses are also confirming that because I brought white roses to the cemetery on Saturday when I petitioned Oya and my ancestors for help. They are also letting me know that novena I am doing to St. Jude and St. Expedite is working. I left two buds next to their candles and I got two wonderful and very unexpected bits of information and blessings that only divine intervention could have brought about.

The other things I notice is the hilt. I've see this card a million times as a professional reader, but I've never noticed how much the wings look like flight attendant wings. I've gotten several signs and messages about it. It is time to apply and get back I the sky I think. Since Oya is the winds of change and the sky is her domain, maybe I will ask her to blow away any obstacles keeping me from being a skygoddess again.

Over all, this Rx AofSw is telling me to follow the British phrase, keep calm and carry on. Keep a level head, my mind focused on what I am wanting and remain strong. The third plant I see is the laurel wreath encircling the point of the blade. Bay is another very protective and cleansing herb, but also a sign of victory. Change is coming, though it is taking longer than I'd like. God let it hurry up please and bring me the things I so truly need.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joy Is No Melodrama

I had such a good day today with my amazing friend Michaelle, so to get this card is quite a shock. And a shocking card this is to say the least, good God! I mean I know the 3 of swords is a most unpleasant card unless there are some pretty wonderful ones around it, but this is one extreme ass, melodramatic statement. All I can think is that this is to remind me that no matter how bad my life may be I can promise, it damn sure ain't even close to this! So here's to reminders of the joys I am blessed with in the midst of the bullshit.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Impending Victory - Day 6

Another draw from the Ludy Lescott deck. Two cards jumped out while shuffling, the King of Swords and the 6 of wands. This 6ofW has so much symbolism, but I'm absolutely beat so I am going to be very brief. The first thing that comes to mind is that some man who wants to see me succeed is going to come to my aid. I can see this as being two people, one being Joshua who is a Gemini and who is working on making something happen that would be extremely beneficial to me. The other is a legal matter that I had to address today that an attorney is handling. I'd say both situations will work out in my favor. After such an extraordinarily difficult few months, it is so encouraging to be getting positive cards the past few days.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Star from Amedeé -Day 5

I decided to draw from the Ludy Lescot Tarot again because I need to learn how it speaks. What a glorious card to pull, The Star XVII! Under a soothing lavender sky, a lovely woman kneels before a creek. In the far distance there are woods and a bit closer is low- lying fog skimming the tops of boulders that seem to form a barrier almost. Above our lady is a beautiful 8 pointed star, shining like an angel that is watching over her even though she doesn't see it. Her eyes are closed almost prayerfully as she dips her fingertips into the cool, clear water receiving its healing energy and cleansing. Dead, autumn leaves collect at the hem of her dress to show that it is the season of shedding what no longer serves us. A green frog sits and watches her. (check out what symbolism Avia Venifica associates with it! One thing I just learned from her is that frogs are a link between the living and the dead.)

There are a lot of similarities between this card and real life. It I set here in New Orleans where I am. It is fall and there are brown leaves on the ground outside of the window at the CC's where I am. It's a very overcast, somewhat foggy night with a purplish sky just like in the card. While taking a shower today I called upon the healing energy of water to cleanse and protect me. Yesterday I went to the cemetery and asked my ancestors, my grandfather Amedeé and step-grandmother Elizabeth particular, to watch over me and help me and to please send me signs. And The Star card often means that angels and/or deceased loved ones are watching overs us and wanting to help. Last night I had a very interesting conversation with Joshua about knowledge he is gaining about angels.

I very rarely read the LWB, but it says, "You have the right to receive everything that is good in the world." I just did some spell work on last night's full moon in Taurus. Spells are like wishes, only super charged with faith and the assistance of the spirits one invokes. Now I need to get in the flow of accepting this statement and those blessings. And lastly, The Star card tonight is telling me to fill out the form to do extra work. While sitting here, one of the stars of American Horror Story was here. I am very grateful to God/Goddess, Spirit and my ancestors for this beautiful sign telling to not loose hope. Good things are very soon to come.


Day 4

Tonight's draw is from the Ludy Lescot deck, the 10 of cups which jumped out as I was shuffling. What a most auspicious card considering the fact that I just did spells today to find a new apartment/home. Seeing the mother holding and nurturing her child makes me know that both Yemaya and my ancestors as well as St. Jude and St. Expedite have heard my plea and the my prayers will be answered sooner than I may think. And for this, I am more grateful than words can say!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Fishnet, Black Pantyhose - Day 3

Today's draw (at 1:50 AM) is intentional. I love to wear boots with lacey and fishnet stockings and today it made made think of the Daughter of Knives. This pretty young vamp seems to be pausing after making an attack with her blade. She seems like a tough chick who has confidently handled some bullshit and is now kinda staring into space as she takes a breather before moving on. She knows what she wants and doesn't apologize for it, just gets to it. Note to Self.



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lovers Rx

Just cause you don't like a card doesn't mean you get to ignore it. In fact, I guess the argument could be made that you definitely need to pay attention to it. Today's draw for myself comes from the Faulkner Tarot and it is The Lovers Rx. I recently had a break up and though I have no doubt that it is for the best, it still makes me very sad.

The Lovers card is also about choice. It is ruled by Merucry, which is Rx at this time. This card says to me that regardless of how well-suited and compatible we are in so many ways, or how clearly we both saw ourselves walking down the same path toward a future together, we clearly got very off track. Choices we both made, or in some cases didn't make, got us both in the very fucked up place we are in our lives respectively. Communication that was open and forthcoming became half-truths and lies from one partner to another to cover up addiction issues. And then that became lies to ourselves, and thus a toxic cesspool that caused both our lives to implode. No matter how much love there is, if things become imbalanced, what was once a beautiful union turns into a codependent death trap. All we can do is choose to accept where we are and choose to make choices that lead to our own true happiness.



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit - Day 2

Today's card is from a really nice oracle deck my friend Toby gave me a while back and I just busted open. It's the Animal Messages Oracle from Suzie Green. I drew Badger. "Abandon compromise and fight valiantly for what you believe in." The first thing I think of is that hilarious video that went viral about the honey badger. "Honey badger don't give a shit, it takes what it wants!" I had to contact the phone line I just got hired by to work on the last items I need to take care of to finalize things in order to be activated as a reader for them. I've been dragging my feet because things are not ideal for me to start doing this. I know this card is telling me to fight the bullshit that fear keeps whispering in my ear that will cause me to end up missing out on this opportunity. Don't be a chicken, be a honey badger and take this opportunity I want! And was given to me directly from LaSirene!

And so I did. Just spoke to the woman who was super nice and so excited for me to start. And told me to worry about getting better since I sound like hell with all this congestion. I'm so grateful for this new opportunity to bring in more money and grow as a reader. It is also a reminder to be aggressive and assertive to go after the things I want in general.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Wonder Woman Challenge

I have so much respect for those of you who can post everyday, the lovely Chloe at Inner Whispers being the first who comes to mind. I swear that woman would give Linda Carter a run for her money. I'm in awe of her seemingly effortless energy given the multitiude of responsibilities she has. So I've decided to attempt to challenge myself to make a post a day. This means I'd do wise to keep my posts very short and not go into too much depth when interpreting the cards. Not at all my style. But I think this will prove to be extremely beneficial, maybe even imperative. As a professional reader, I always go way over the scheduled time. Combined with the fact that my readings tend to go very deep, it's killing me y'all. I. Am. SO fucking burned out! And given the many challenges in my personal life, some of which include getting hit by a taxi while riding my bike and my brother being killed two weeks after that, I am about to fall apart - and not necessarily at he seams. But I digress... This whole giving-till-it-hurts bullshit really comes down to my own insecurities and not feeling like I'm giving enough, which I suppose means not feeling like I'm good enough. So on that note, I'm gonna hush with explaining myself and start my new discipline.

Question: Should I start doing a post a day?

Card 1. If I do? - Queen of Wands - Ha! My "Wonder Woman" card! I will have such a rewarding feeling of accomplishment and pride. It will prove to me what everyone else seems to see so clearly, that I am an amazing reader. I will think more highly of mySelf, adopt more of a Leo attitude of confidence and get back to see tarot as a joy, not drudgery. An awful truth, but that's what it it on the verge of becoming. Look how that candle to the right (the future) is almost melted to nothing.

*Crystal Visions Tarot from U.S. Games

Card 2. If I don't? - Knight of Pentacles - Dear God look how tired this guy and his horse is! I need to work smarter, NOT harder! Nothing more need be said!



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