Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your Disastrous Dream Come True

I'm trying a spread from a new lady I found on FB, Living Tarot. At first I was having a really hard time with the cards I got. I started to talk it out and then it started to fall into place.
EXERCISE~ YOUR DISASTROUS DREAM COME TRUE~ Pull out your deck. Shuffle, while thinking "Which past dream come true in my life has brought me the most disastrous results?" Lay down the Five Card Spiritual Commentary: Card 1 = Short Answer~ Cards 2,3,4 = Long Answer~ Card 5 = Spiritual Commentary.

First thing I notice: NOT A FIRE CARD IN SIGHT!

The first category is Air- This is about my way of thinking and how I deal with stress.
The second category is Earth, Earth, Water--There are 2 earth cards and 1 water. This grouping says to me not to let my emotions keep me stuck. Also the earth shows how money and health are in question.
The third category is Air- Again, it all comes back to changing my mindset and how I deal with stress.

Short answer: Card 1--4 of Swords- The first thing I notice is her back and that she is laying down resting, so this is about my back injury.

Long Answer: Card 2,3,4-- Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles and 2 of Chalices 
The first thing I see is the QofP which is my card since I'm a Capricorn. I see the lotus blossoms so this says to me that my Buddhist practice is a large part of this issue. I didn't start practicing until after I fell. I often see the huge object behind her as the moon, but today it's a pearl, as in wisdom, or a gift. Also the connection of pearls and Japan and Nichiren Buddhism being from Japan. I'm thinking of how a pearl is made from that grain of sand that is a major irritation for the oyster but creates something so precious and beautiful. So I need to realize that though I am pretty badly injured, in the grand scheme of my life, it is but a minor irritation that will have great benefit if I can adopt the Buddhist way of thinking that obstacles are really benefits if we turn poison into medicine. The Queen is holding a pentacle so I'm thinking I need to do more reiki on myself and somehow get massages and other forms of hands on healing. The Knight of Pentacles is about patience in creating tangible results and God knows that has been the case. He looks pissed and is moving away from the Queen. The KntofP is here to remind me tht diligence and hard work are what gets tangible results. As if to say my inner pissed off teen-ager needs to grow up and not turn away from the mature part of myself who wants to grow up and be a woman with roots and stability, but to listen to her advice and to not give up. With this serious of an injury, I will always have to work very hard at keeping my spine in good shape. Since the knight has wings and is is on that flying fish over rough seas, it is making me think about how much I miss being a flight attendant. The caduceus on the 2 of Chalices confirms for me that this is the medical situation that has had such an emotional impact on my life. Why is she letting go of the flowers? I can't let go of my dreams and just stay in bed. And this has been a great way for me to learn who I am in order to find the right man for me. We often talk of wanting our soul-mate. I've learned that as imperative as love and passion are for me, I've always missed the mark on compatibility. In this version of the 2ofC they look to be total opposites, yet still seem so well matched. A lot of times opposites do attract, and one of the few marriages I know of that I think is truly rock solid are two people who on the surface are as opposite as two humans can get. But their core values, beliefs and desires are the same. I think the only way for me to find that is through really knowing who I am at my core. And being injured has given me a whole lot of time to do a lot of soul searching.

Spiritual Commentatry: 6 of Swords--The angel is saying to me to forgive myself and that will break those chains I see that are keeping her/me from flying. I have to take off that blindfold and face these two characters who I am allowing to keep me bound and holding me hostage. And I can see who they are and know their names as well as I know my own! That asshole in front is Fear and the one in back is that jackass Doubt! Look at his face! The traditional meaning of the 6ofSw is about moving onto a better place or situation. If I want to do that, I've got to change my mindset and and stop focusing on the stressful and painful things I'm dealing with and allowing them to hold be captive. I even think it means I am to be a flight attendant again, only this time recognizing my worth and having an employer who does as well.

The card at the bottom of the deck is The World XXI-- What a wonderful card and this deck has such a beautiful interpretation of it. Life is about cycles, life lessons to be experienced, learned, and then move on to the next cycle. Sometimes there will be tears shed, and lots of them, but don't let that negate all of the beauty in this world, and as corny as it sounds, keep looking up to the stars, your hopes and dreams. This card also confirms that I am so meant to travel the globe and bring beauty to it. One way is through being a make-up artist. But also the beauty of my spirit that will be enhanced through the lives I touch and who touch mine. If I forget the lessons or don't even learn the lessons I'm supposed to through the back injury, I will be short changing myself as well as the many others who lives I'm supposed to touch by sharing my experiences and bringing them encouragement. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Tarot Dame's "What do you want" Spread

I just got an email update from The Tarot Dame, who is a lovely lady who's blog I truly enjoy and have gotten a lot of reading. She just created a really simple but very cool, to the point spread. Two cards. Bottom line, straight to the point. Here we go.

What I want:
LMAO! Wow! I freakin' love it!! The cards I got are as to the point as this spread is!

The Tower XVI- I'm so glad I've learned that one should not look at cards as either all good or all bad. Usually this card is one of the "worst" ones possible. But here I see how wonderful it is. I want very drastic changes in my life. This may be my one of my favorite interpretations of this card because it teaches about how we should deal with extreme changes or harsh realities that occur. And in the past fe years, I have had a plenty. Death of my dad, Hurricane Katrina, end of a 5 year relationship, loss of my career as a flight attendant, back injuries, several unplanned moves, one of my closest friends moving away, going through my savings because I can't work right now, death of my grandma, having to give up my kitty-cat, supporting a man who was deployed to Iraq and I love dearly but is not capable of being in a relationship and....a partridge and a pear tree! LOL The girl is up in the tree removed from the drama. She got out of the horror that occurred and it's like she's not even looking at it but beyond it, to the beautiful sun on the horizon. The tree can be seen as her past experiences that she can draw strength and wisdom from in order to move into the positive future. She is not looking at the bullshit and what is painful or at what she has lost, but at the beautiful new beginning that the loss has created. I want to be a person who deals better with the tragedies in  life and see them as opportunities. As we say in Buddhism, turn poison into medicine.

How do I get it:
The Sun XIX- Omg, it's like that sun on The Tower has risen! I MUST look at the bright side, no matter how dark a situation is!!!! I see the faces on this Sun XIX and I think this version is one that many people would not like or understand given the looks on their faces, but to me it says to love and embrace who you are, shine in your own individuality. If I can take the advice of the first card I can create the meaning of this one. Hope and positivity and joy and even good health all start with ones state of mind. Like the sun, rise above the horizon which can be a metaphor for what looks like a limitation but in reality is only a matter of perception. It can be seen as the gateway to a whole new world.  Free ya mind, ya aas'll follow!

The other thing I notice is that precious little rocking horse--UGH LOL!! That one part of me 39!!! I must be mad!....wants to have a child. But until the drastic Tower-like changes occur there is no way in hell. My back with 9 damaged disks could never permit me to carry a baby at this time. Let alone my lack of finances. And I want to be married. Like I said, I want a lot of Tower-like changes.

Both cards are fire cards...I NEED MORE ENERGY, PASSION AND DRIVE!! 

So I just went to take the picture of the cards, and low and behold, I realize that on the Sun XIX there are 5 faces!! Just like the tag line of this blog!!  5 girls in my head and all have way too much to say. There are so many different aspects to my personality. The faces on the card show me the one who looks back at the past. Gotta learn to let go and to see the past as positive learning experiences. The one who looks at the future, but she sure doesn't see too hopeful does she. The one below her looks scared shitless about the future. The little small one on the bottom left I wonder if she is my intuition that I am trying so hard to nurture and learn to listen to. And then the one looking at me head on saying "So...whaddaya gonna do? Shut up. Do!" 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daily Reading 3/22/11

The first thing  I notice is the sun on the Chariot VII, I guess since it's so rainy and gloomy here. Being the Chariot VII, I take this to mean that I need to be mindful of keeping my spirits high regardless of the nasty cold weather. This card is all about balancing your emotions. The Wheel X in this deck is so wierd to me. I guess it is saying about the many ups and downs in life. And the 7 of cups in this deck os so pretty, but I need to study it....Ahh.... The beautiful woman is staring into the water, but her reflection is that of a skeleton. I guess part of me does feel so dead inside a lot of the time. The 7 of Cups is about choices that are very emotional.  Maybe I might want to make choices that stop waisting my life away huh.

Given the elemental dignities, all that water and just the one earth, this is about wanting to get grounded and just doing more floating. There are no fire cards= no drive. No air cards = not wanting to think aobut all the shit I should be doing. The cards I have are all passive, fire and air cards that are lacking are active cards.

I'm now getting off this damn computer. 


Originally uploaded by Jade M. Sheldon
I am posting it in my effort to send healing energy and pay respect to those who have been affected by the horrible tragedy in Japan. It is called land of the rising sun and may the sun goddess shine Her light upon them.

Direct quote from the artist about this piece:
Here is Amaterasu, the Japanese Shinto sun goddess, ruler of the Plain of Heaven, whose name means 'shining heaven' or 'she who shines in the heavens. She is the central figure in the Shinto pantheon and the Japanese Imperial family claims descent from her. She was so bright and radiant that her parents sent her up the Celestial Ladder to heaven, where she has ruled ever since. To this very day, the Japanese honor Amaterasu with their national flag.

Amaterasu is seen from the waist up and is in the center of the deep permanent yellow, pure orange, and pure kaput mortuum covered page. These colors signify the sun.

She is dressed as a traditional Geisha in a kimono with her hair pulled back in a
traditional chignon and ornamented with flowers, hair pins, combs and beads. A few
strands of hair sweep across her face which signifies her free spiritedness.

Amaterasu gazes towards the left and holds the handle of an open parasol in her right hand. The round parasol mimics the shape of the sun and it’s rays.

Prayers For Japan

I was thinking about the awful tragedy Japan is facing right now due to the tsunami and the earthquake and realize I need to spend more of my prayer time devoted to sending healing energy there. So I decided to look on Flickr for a cool pic and wouldn't you know the one I happended to choose is titled "Prayer". May the beautiful Goddess Amaterasu smile down her rays of healing light after the storm.

Prayer /// Red Vector Thoughts

Prayers For Japan

I was thinking about the awful tragedy Japan is facing right now due to the tsunami and the earthquake and realize I need to spend more of my prayer time devoted to sending healing energy there. So I decided to look on Flickr for a cool pic and wouldn't you know the one I happended to choose is titled "Prayer". May the beautiful Goddess Amaterasu smile down her rays of healing light after the storm.

Prayer /// Red Vector Thoughts

Toy Box

I'm not sure if I've written anything about a possilbe money making opportunity or not. It would be for a company called Passion Parties, which is....shall we call them.."love toys" lol. One of my nearest and dearest put me intouch with a friend of her's who does it and makes a nice little penny doing so. The start up cost is more than I have right now. So she emailed me today with an idea that would cost me only about $30. So I wanted to ask the cards what would be the result if I go this route.

The first card is the Knight of Wands. I need to go back and check, but I'm almost sure Rhiannon says that this is the best possible bussiness card.---- Omg I am just listening to her YouTube video and she says "they have got the gift of gab and could sell snow to the Eskimos! They don't lie, they expand the truth. It is THE best card linked to business, utter success!" She says it has teh gypsy meaning of a journey over water and quite possibly one linked to bussiness. Wands energy are all about fire and passion, so how perfect that the business in question is directly related to wands of passion LMAO!! Now as I look at the card I see the happy couple in a passionate embrace. Hell, I just realized all of the cards are wands!! The suite of passion and fire! The 9 of Wands shows me if I do this venture, with the sword pointed down and the wands standing tall. To me this says that the arguing and lack of communication could be put to rest for many couples if their sex life improved. I also read in a book once that the 9ofW in a relationship reading means that if the couple can get through this one major issue, it will soloidify their union. The last card is the victory card, the 6 of Wands. This card is such an odd version to me. I take her tears as tears of joy that these couples will have when they deepen the intimacy of their relationship. Maybe even my own at being able to help these couples. And uh.... well, there is a "toy in" pictured.... LMAO---I'm just sayin'!! Which reminds me of one of the funniest skits Ive ever seen in my life with Adam Samburg and Justin Timberlake!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emotional Transitions

I've been getting emails I signed up for from this very interesting sounding self-help lady, Lissa Rankin. She was an OB/GYN who had a very successful practice but she gave it up to pursue her true passions in life and decided her calling now was to help the rest of us learn to purse out dreams. (I'll add her link) This email was about  transitions in life. More often than not they are forced upon us; death of a loved one, loss of a job, moving. It can so often be so difficult and painful. Even if it's a marriage that you know you need to get out of, a job you know you should leave, a move you know you should make. I've been through all of the above and each time didn't want to let go, to go through the painful transition. Why the hell does it seem so much more appealing to stay with the devil you know than to try out the one you don't?? What if the one you don't know is an angel who's getting a bad rap? Lissa makes a very good analogy of the transition of birth. How the fetus is in the warm safe womb and has to leave and what an unpleasant and very scary experience that is. But once this transition is forced upon you, there is no turning back. You either keep going forward or you perish. She goes on to make another profound analogy with regard to the transition of death. For a nano second it almost made death sound appealing. Not all in a way that makes me want to rush the timing of mine along mind you!! But in a way that makes it seem not at all a bad thing when it has happened to my loved ones or when it will happen to me. So maybe.....just maybe....if I can see death as a really cool transition that I will have to make at some point not matter how scary it may be, then maybe I can see all the transitions I am making right now as a good thing, no matter how terrifying and and imposing they seem.

The three cards I drew today speak right to this. The 8 of Cups calls to me first. It's all about not wanting to leave a situation that has a very deep emotional hold on you even though you really should let it go. How perfect since I emailed a certain someone last night that I had told I was going to pull  away from yet who I am so drawn to, so deeply. The woman in the card is trying to  move forward but it's like that tree branch shows how this man is so deeply in her head. They both look so sad. He doesn't want to let her go, but he is because he knows he can not give her what she deserves. He has his hand on his heart. I think this is my answer for every time I wonder if her really does have feelings for me. It also shows how scared he is to give it to me. He has such a far away look in his eyes. He is remembering how I was there for him during his deployment in a way that many other Soldiers have told me was so amazingly loyal and loving that it was probably overwhelming and frightening for a him since he has never had anyone like that in his life, definitely not during his last deployment. That far away look also shows him thinking of all the  pain in his heart from his past and lack of belief that he can do anything to change his life and heal some one the damage of his past demons. Like that damn glass in his hand and the woman pouring out the contents in the glass she is holding. He, like most Soldiers, is an alcololic and I want to pour every last drop around in right down the drain. This is where I get into trouble and can't cut her hair in the picture that is the symbolic cord between us, but I so know I need to. Yet why does that feel like makes me yet another person abandoning him.
The 9 of Cups in this deck (like so many cards in it) is such a new spin on it. The woman is under the water. The 9ofC is about wish fulfillment and dreams coming true. As a Buddhist, the Japanese feel to the imagery is screaming a couple of very important things. We believe in the limitless potential of every human being, yet how we get so clouded in our minds due to fear and doubt. I always preach this to the afore mentioned man, yet clearly I need to remind myself of my own limitless potential. The other thing is that in order to do that I must chant more often than I have been. (We chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo) In the picture she is reaching up to that swan sitting in the light of the gorgeous full moon. The full moon is all about giving birth to whatever you have put your energy into, a time when life is at its fullest potential. I feel like her. Under all that water, just drowning in fear and doubt and insecurity. Only she is not drowning is she. She looks so afraid, but also tired. She is also reaching up to that swan, a wonderful symbol of transformation and self love and acceptance. The beautiful koi at the bottom is like he is cheering her on. My subconscious mind. I may have a long way to go, but i need to remember I can do this. Or, I can not....and drown in the sea of self-doubt.
The last card is Temperance XI. Patience---ugh. Not one of my finer virtues I must say in matters where it should be, yet I have an overabundance in matters where I shouldn't. It's funny that this card is ruled by the sign of Sagittarius, my Soldier's zodiac sign. The desert makes me thing of him in Iraq. This card has a lot to do with a relationship that you have a problem with (not necessarily a romatic one mind you). I feel like in spite of that, it is saying I need to put myself on a pedestal like this woman has and attend to the other aspect of this card. It is said that the angel on Temperance XIV is Raphael, the angel of healing.
The spread is now reading like a story from left to right. I've got to make the transition and get from under the sea of emotions that are holding me back from healing my own life. Maybe the best way I can help this man is to live my life, create my own happiness and lead by example. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Face to Face

So I got a message from an old friend I have not seen since the night we met back in '05, about a week before Hurricane Katrina. Then we found each other on FB a few years ago and occasionally say hey, what's up or Happy Birthday since we are one day apart. The chemistry between us is HOTTT!!! So he hit me up this evening via FB and text to let me know that he will be in town tomorrow. (Well, since it's 03:52 we can call it today huh.) I'm torn about seeing him. I really do want to. He's a really cool guy. But I have reservations about it for several reasons. A. I'm about 15lbs heavier than I should be. Now I'm very lucky that I carry my weight very well since I'm kinda tall and am lucky enough to have a pretty nice shape naturally. But 15 lbs too much is 15 lbs too much no matter how ya stack it!! And though he is almost 10 years older than I am, he is in amazing shape. He used to be a professional athlete and still looks like it!  2. is the fact that my back is has been so bad lately. Being in chronic pain is such (ok, here it comes...really bad pun) well, such a pain! Today I was walking around looking like a ward of the state and didn't get out of my pajamas until like 9:00 at night! And here I am in quite a bit of pain right now. It can make me cranky and not the best company to be around and often keeps me from going places and doing fun stuff. And 3. he works in the airline industry like I used to until I fell and damaged 9 disks. It's so hard to deal with the normal questions people ask: How are you? What are you up to? Where do you work? Well what do you do? How do you manage? Will you go back to flying? What do the doctors say? How long has it been? UGHHH!!! So all of that to say I have a few very deep insecurities that are keeping me from wanting to see him. I could always say that now isn't a good time for me, but that would only lead to the question "Why not?" since I have expressed that I'd really like to see him when he can get an overnight here. And to lie and say I'm not in town or something like that just seems dumb. I'm 39 and I'm gonna lie about anything much less dumb shit!?? I mean, for real!

So of course I had to consult the cards.
Holy. Cow. !
Sooo many things that are so perfectly descriptive of the dynamic between he and I!!! So I shall just name but a few.

First thing I notice straight away is that 3 out of 3 cards are Majors! And the first one is The Lovers VI! LOL And this version in the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight is so incredibly beautiful and romantic. I notice that the woman is nude as the man gently caresses her face. It shows how vulnerable I feel right now, how exposed to disclose what is going on (or not going on as the case may be) in my life right now. But I guess this also shows that he will be compassionate and accepting of me just as I am. Which, if he isn't, why be with him at all, regardless of what the dynamics are! The two lovers on the card are as if they are an island unto themselves. Maybe he needs to be alone with me and to feel safe too. And the way it is just floating in mid-air makes me think of us working on an aircraft, miles above the planet.
The next card is my beloved High Priestess II. I guess in many ways we are both a mystery to each other. And I think for him I really am. Talk about mystery and romance, we met on a hot summer night in the French Quarter and it was an instantaneous attraction about as subtle as white lightening streaking though the velvet sky just before the crack of thunder whips through the clouds before a rain storm. And I must say, I most definitely let my inner High Priestess II run the show! I look at this version of her and have to laugh. There is often a lot of "cat and mouse" interaction in our conversations. I see the High Priestess as an alluring seductress. Kinda hard to feel that way these days though. The look on the cat's face is more like how I feel! "Oh! Shit! He's gonna see through the veil! I'm no good at game playing and so I won't be able to keep up the facade that my life is going just fantastic!" I also notice that the High Priestess II has her back to the next card, the Emperor IV, who clearly has two sides to who he is and is fine with letting me see both. This card is represents a man who is powerful and has good business sense, posses a lot of character and strength and has his shit together. As a pilot, this card really could be a good one to represent him.  It's like the Priestess has her back to him and is looking off into the distance into the "if only..." that is not my reality at this time. And he is looking dead at me. I'm gonna have to face him, yet I still want to retain some air of mystery and magnetism with him. If this card is here, then so far I have. But can I keep that?? The High Priestess is the woman that a man is drawn to like a bee to honey, or more appropriately, the ocean to the moon. Even when he is not consciously thinking of her, she is not that far away from his thoughts. She's under his skin. Even if they don't see each other or speak often, he never forgets her or how she makes him feel. It also shows how he had confided in me about a lot of personal thoughts and feelings about himself and his life.

The card at the bottom of the deck is the 9 of Pentacles. This is by FAR  my very FAVORITE 9ofP and dare I say the best interpretation I have ever seen!!! I was looking at it earlier today and for some reason was thinking about New Orleans! This card just screams everything I think the 9ofP is all about and everything I want for my life, The deep red says passion, as a personality trait, but a passion for life. She's Catwoman for Goddess' sake! The 9ofP is about a woman who is confident and strong and has not had anything handed to her easily, but has worked hard to attain what she has and is very comfortable and financially secure but also very secure within herself. She chooses to be with others is she so desires, but she is very independent and no matter what, she always lands on her feet! It's like the High Priestess has changed outfits, still looking off into the distance, only here she looks so much more content and at ease. Is it because she has her mask on? This deck is sooo Tim Burton-esque! I now hear the the lines  spoken and the song that was in Batman Returns when Michelle Pfipher/Selina Kyle was at the party dancing with Bruce Wayne/Michael Keaton. It was "Face to Face" by Siouxsie and the Banshees and it is one of my very favorite songs. "Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it. But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it." We have spoken many times, but this will be the first time in 6 yrs (!!! Holy shit Batman, where in the world does time go!?!??!) seeing each other face-to-face. I wonder if either of us will really take of our mask or if when we kiss, will we allow ourselves to mean it...

**Update-- This reading couldn't have been more accurate lol! I am so glad I did this reading and took its advice. It was so nice to see him and I could tell my guides putting the Siouxsie song and the Catwoman/Batman dynamic into my head was so accurate. And when I took of my mask to a good degree, he did as well. And boy was I pleasntly surprised. I was so afraid he would see my life as one big giant hot mess and judge me. Meanwhile, he spoke very briefly, yet finished my sentences as though he read my mind, only he spoke in first person. And in that moment I was so very glad I did go to see him. And as opposed to feeling down on my self and how my life has been for the past few years, I felt understood and accepted. My God, what better gift can you give another person. I don't know if it ever struck me so deeply that there actually can be a greater gift than love.
And I also felt like a school girl having her first kiss that night! LOL I kept thinking of this song: 

** Why the hell this is so damn large is beyond me LOL!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What Do You Want Me To Know Right Now? 3/17/11 @ 3AM

I just asked my cards/The Divine/my guides, "What do you want me to know right now?"
The first card I notice is the 4 of Swords. I kinda think that this means since it's 02:51 I need to carry my tail to sleep! I am such a nocturnal creature so my days and nights are always spun around. Even when I was a flight attendant I picked up every red-eye I could get. I have things to do tomorrow so even though I don't have to get up early per se, I do have to get up earlier than my body will be  pleased with since it's 3am and I'm still wide awake.

The Hierophant V let's me know that this is not just one of my guides, but God/Goddess speaking to me. This card to me is all about The Divine saying "get your shit together. you can b.s. the rest of the world  and maybe even yourself, but not me. So I"m calling you out!" He is the ultimate teacher. And I see the school of fish on the card and with the 8 of pentacles right next to it, I know it's addressing how passionate I am about being a student of the tarot. (There are a lot of earth cards so I know this also means that I can be financially successful at this!)

Another take I am getting is the bird in is hand as the girl is trying to peek at him. She has on a striped shirt in both this card and the 8ofP and that makes me think of Paris and my dream of going to pro make-up school there. "A little bird told me you want to be a student of tarot as well as make-up. So why are you hiding so sheepishly back there and not talking directly to the teacher? Because if you look at who you are in the 8ofP, you can see how much potential for growth you have. And for success. You'll look back on this period of insecurity, fear, and doubt and it will seem so far away because you will be a star for all the world to see. And you to be able to see if you allow yourself to see yourself as a star. That's why it's on your face in the 8ofP. But if you keep lounging all day and not taking action, that you'll be grey like she is in the 4ofSw. Then you'll wonder where the time went. You've got to leave the reef little fish, like Nemo. You have to grow up and take chances or you'll always wonder what else is out there for you."

I felt I needed to pull one more card. It is The Hermit IX. This version of it looks like Jesus to me and makes me think of how he had to go out on his own to find the answers of who he was meant to be and why he was put here to bring enlightenment to the world. Just like Shakumuni Buddha. I want both make-up and tarot to be a means for helping people create joy from within and to share that with the world. The Hermit IX is also tied to the sign Virgo, and school starts in September lol.

The bottom line card is The Hanged Man XII. Only I can get me free from the ropes that hold me back. The guy with the butterfly net is chasing his dreams and he is doing it his way. With a happy red heart on his cheek. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Interview With the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

I just got my Tarot of the Sweet Twilight and couldn't be happier with it! The colors are so vivid and gorgeous! I'll be so glad when I have a scanner so the true beauty of the cards can be seen. They are so dream-like, so rich and vibrant! Looking at them is not like looking at still pictures, but at very slow motion videos. They remind me of a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton colaboration. I think I may have to start reviewing my decks because I have so many and I love them all. But I can say that this one will remain very high on my list of favorites! Anyway, I remembered a spread I saw on the blog of a wonderful lady (a fellow Capricorn--tee-hee hee!) names Lisa from the UK. Please check out her blog, as I have included a link to it. She has created two other blogs and doesn't update this one very often anymore which I am very sad to say because I learned so much from her. But she has tons of entries and is very passionate about tarot as means of healing. This spread is really cool because it gives you a chance to explore what a particular deck has to offer and how to best communicate with it.

        An Interview With the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
8 of Pentacles: This card jumped out as I was shuffling. This deck will make me a stronger reader, give me the training I need to advance my skills and to finally take it pro. It has a lot to teach me. The pentacles that are buried show my potential for improving my skills. I need to relax and soak up the knowledge.

1. What is your most important characteristic? The Wheel of Fortune X
I own so many decks, had so many ups and downs, been round and round with myself about if I am or ever will be a "good" or "qualified" reader. The first thing that stands out in this card is the little girl's ears. I will be able to hear my guides even better. It will force me to have to listen to them and to trust that they won't let me fall. The Wheel also has a strong association to money, so I'm really feeling that I will use this deck to make money. Is that a broken heart or a set of lips at the bottom of the tree?? It will enable me to speak to people with compassion to bring healing and honesty. This is also my card in numerology that is the sum of my birthday (I forget what it is called) so I have a strong connection to it and the Magician I. This deck is going to prove to be very important to my growth as a reader.

2. What are your strengths? Ace of Swords
Well if this doesn't make all the sense in the world lol. This Ace is all about a new beginning that you may not think you are ready for and may even be forced upon you, so it is kinda scary. But you will be so glad you went for the ride. This deck is so bold, look at the explosion of vibrant colors and the raw emotions. This gorgeous woman is so calm and so confident as she pulls her sword out of its scabbard. This deck is confident so it expects I will honor it by being so as well. It's strength is in cutting through the shit that causes me to doubt myself.

3. Limitations? 9 of Wands
In the LWB it says "the joy of actually making it pushes tiredness into the background." I'm not sure is if this deck has any limits except any that I impose upon it. The girl has the sword in her hands. It's like she has gone from in the Ace of Swords to this place carrying her confidence, or it has carried and sustained her. She has come from those clouds in the background, the dark times of mot having a clear mind or not always knowing where she is going to end up, but she persevered and now she is on top. This woman says there are no limits once you work beyond your fear and doubt.

4. What are you here to teach me? 4 of Cups
Stop moping, get of your ass, and take action. She's sitting on top of the house. I've got to get out of the house and do readings and not just sit here and to them on my computer. Or if I do, branch out and do reading over the web. She has wings, yet she refuses to fly!! And she is fishing from a tiny cup and not from a lake, river or ocean; stop selling myself short and limiting myself.

5. How can I best work with you? Queen of Wands
This Queen is the mover and shaker. She's active and alive. She is all about work and energy. She is a career woman who can balance all the various aspects of her busy life. Here she looks so sad because she is alone and just standing there. This Queen thrives on being busy. The flowers around her head say she has so many beautiful thoughts that deserve to be expressed and shared with others. It reminds me of the most beautiful compliment any man has ever given me, and he is the King of Wands (maybe more of the Knight--grow up please), but he told me "you have the most beautiful mind of anybody I have ever known." I can best work with this gorgeous deck by seeing my own beauty and by by embracing the fact that this is a viable source of income!

6.Potential outcome: Death XIII
Something big is gonna jump of in the next three months. This card is associated with the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of depth and passion. I am so passionate about tarot and helping others to empower themselves through it. This may be the most beautiful Death XIII card I have ever seen. It's like she is just sleeping and the Grim Reaper is more like experience and wisdom that is carrying her to the next phase, getting her away from the barren surroundings that are so desolate. The potential outcome is awakening me, transforming my gift and breathing life into my readings.

Bottom Line: The Hanged Man XII
Break free from my own self-imposed restrictions. I've been bullshitting for to long. This can be the dawn of a new day for me as a reader, so stop reading damn tarot books and just read the damn cards woman!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Well hell and damnation!!! I decided to ask the cards what does this next week hold for me and i get The Fool 0, The Tower XVI and the 5 of swords!!! WTF!??! In the same day I have managed to pull the damn 5ofSw twice! And to have it next to The Tower XVI is like gasoline to the fire! My eye was drawn to paper in the fireplace first. Are missing or destroyed documents in question? The one thing I must say about the way The Faulkner Tarot depicts this card is that it is at least a contained fire and does seem like total devastation. But that nasty, nasty 5ofSw makes me wonder what unpleasant and nasty surprise do I need to be aware of. Since The Fool 0 is here and the gypsy meaning for it is moving, I really pray it has nothing to do with my new residence. Either way, I will really pray for the protection and happiness of both me and my enemies in hopes of diffusing what looks to be something very ugly, mean, and nasty where no one will win and irreparable damage is done.

So now I have to ask: What can I do to prevent this or to protect myself?

The Wheel X, the 7 of swords, 3 of cups. I am drawn first to the center of The Wheel and think I want to look up Rhiannon's meaning of when that draws your attention first. It is the "good luck" card, yet its' right next to the nasty bad luck of the 7ofSw which is all about lies and thievery and cheating. I really do not like this because The Wheel is all about karma and how sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug and with that 7 next to it, it says to me my luck ain't so good and being the bug is beyond my control this week. And the woman pictured is walking under a ladder which we all know is complete bad luck! With the 3ofc next to that, the first thing that popped into  my head was "commitment", and next to the 7ofSw I'd say the end of one. Man I hope this room mate shit doesn't get even worse. The only way around this that i can see is to at least try to avoid any situations where I would be at risk and to be true to my commitment to my principles and to myself.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daily Reading 3/6/11

Well I see what this is in reference to straight away. The card at the bottom of the deck, the 8 of cups, is exactly what this is all about. My old room mate telling me I needed to find another place to live while I was out of town. And we can see me leaving out with my bag in this card. The 5 of swords makes me nervous that this is gonna get even nastier. She called me yesterday. It's like she wants to act like nothing ever happened and out interaction is to continue just like any other day. I was polite, but not warm. At the end of the conversation she said I love you. I just said goodbye. I heard her laugh as she was hanging up, as if to say to me that she took note of that and say to hell with me too. The 4 of pentacles shows the fact that I have no savings because I have gone through it since my back has been hurt. In the 9 of wands, that's me, hot under the collar and feeling under the gun because since my name is not on a lease, that could end up happening again. I woke up several times through out the night thinking of yesterday's phone interaction and feeling so anxious and unsettled. I have got to take charge of my life and stop putting myself in situations where others have power over me and can choose to use it against me when I least expect it. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going to See the Queen of Wands, the King of Pentacles, and 3 Princess of Pentacles today

LOL!! Well if this isn't crystal clear confirmation! I'm going in a few hours to see my g/f Jacqui and help her for a day while she has lasiks surgery. She is a Sag. She actuaclly has 3 daughters whom  I love and adore, and this cards meaning and the interpretation with Nathalie doing ten things at once is dead on lol! Her husband is a Virgo who drives a really sweet little sports car quite similar to the one on the card. She just told me about an amazing possible new bussisness opportunity for me that could be pretty profitable! I see myself getting off the dark island and going toward the end of that rainbow. 


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