Monday, February 7, 2011

Kaleidoscopic Eyes

Kaleidoscope: a tube containing mirrors and pieces of colored glass or paper, whose reflections produce changing patterns that are visible through an eyehole when the tube is rotated. • [in sing. ] a constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements

Day 59 : Green

A million tiny mirrors cut into various triangular shapes. Little silver prisms reflecting and refracting the purity of white light and altering its rays to blue and green. A green so vibrant it looks like an emerald. Not just any, but those exquisite, precious gems mined in Colombia. So rare and thus highly prized for their transparency and a unique six-pointed star pattern that shimmers like green flames. An outer rim of a blue so beautiful the Sky herself is is forced to bow her head to something superior to even her limitless cerulean beauty. And when placed side by side; liquified  pools of a glowing turquoise light. Like looking up from the depths of the Caribbean Sea while the suns rays shine down on the waves creating a dance of sparkling diamonds. And yet, soundless. Like the peaceful quiet that exists on the cusp of conciousness just before you wake up from a deep sleep. I know that in reality there were several voices speaking, singing, cussing, laughing loudly, yet in the time and space that was my reality for those few sacred moments.....inaudible stillness. Thinking back, I remember the words, "you're actually here" drifting by like irridescent bubbles lightly tickling my skin. I don't think I actually smelled or tasted anything at all. But if I did, it would have been the deeply spiritual scent of Mid-night Mass. The dark, intoxicating aroma of a fine Australian Shiraz mixed with warm vanilla and cinnamon. Or a crystal snifter of Hennesy on a cold, rainy night while taking in the smoke rising from the molten hot coals of cedar smoldering in a fireplace. And the feeling.....that was.....almost ethereal, esoteric.  Like being a weightless cobweb blowing in the wind. Just a floating,  silvery stream of silk. The silk woven into the gowns worn by saints and angles as they often pass unseen on this Earthly plane. And then that white heat. So hot it could dissolve any object that dared pass by. Glowing, shinning, a crown jewel. One so unique and rare, it could only have been a gift reflected from the crown of the Blessed Mother Herself. In that moment, I was absolute StarLight itself, and I had never felt more beautiful or any more special than I did at that moment in my entire life. And I may not ever again.

I always wonder what colour your eyes are. But this is how I see them.
You know who you are....

Night Stalker

Who is the original Buddha

Shakyamuni The origins of the SGI-USA worldview can be traced to the teachings of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, who lived some 2,500 years ago in what is modern-day Nepal. Born Gautama Siddhartha, he abandoned his sheltered, princely life and sought instead to understand the inescapable sufferings of every human being—birth, aging, sickness and death—and the means by which these sufferings could be overcome. Following his enlightenment at age 30, he traveled throughout India for some 50 years, sharing the wisdom he had discovered. The term Buddha, or "enlightened one," is applied to any human being who realizes the eternity of life and the operation of cause and effect throughout the three existences of past, present and future. Throughout Shakyamuni Buddha's life, he expounded many sutras, or teachings, the highest and most comprehensive being the Lotus Sutra. Shakyamuni stated that all of his teachings prior to the Lotus Sutra should be regarded as provisional; these teachings strove to awaken people to the impermanence of all phenomena in order to free them from the sufferings that arise from egoistic attachment to things that the passage of time will destroy or render meaningless. As his essential teaching, revealed in the last eight years of his life, the Lotus Sutra teaches the existence of an innate and universal truth known as the Buddha nature, the manifestation of which enables one to enjoy absolute happiness and to act with boundless compassion. Rather than stressing impermanence and the consequent need to eliminate earthly desires and attachments, the Lotus Sutra asserts the ultimate reality of the Buddha nature inherent in all life. It is therefore a teaching which profoundly affirms the realities of daily life, and which naturally encourages an active engagement with others and with the whole of human society. The Lotus Sutra is also unique among the teachings of Shakyamuni in that it makes the attainment of enlightenment a possibility open to all people—without distinction based on gender, race, social standing or education.
Buddha  138/365

America's favorite serial killer!


Daily Reading 2/7/11

The first thing I think of as I see these cards is about this blog; emotional communication. The Moon XVIII is such a powerful card for me. I've never understood why a lot of readers don't see all the wonderful positive things I feel with it.  For me it does hold the traditional meanings: hidden situations and issues not yet seen or about to come to light, emotions, karmic patterns, hidden agendas, even the deception. But for me I feel so much more! Romance and sensuality, and mysticism! I think of New Orleans and how seductive she is, of deep emotional connections, of passion, be it with regard to a person or something else that moves you deeply. I love how peaceful and at ease with confidence the goddess Selene is pictured here and the almost irridescent glow of the moonlight on her skin and dress.

Being next to the 8 of Wands I  feel the positive sides of the Moon confirmed. And especially so as Tisa and I sit here watching True Blood lol! Or maybe it's for another reason from today ;) lol.... I'm still in a state of pleasant surprise.

Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow [Official Music Video]

USAirways Steelers Plane

NO KEYS! PUSH TO START!!! Pittsburgh Steelers Airbus Everything we do, we do it BIG!!! BLACK&YELLOW BLACK&YELLOW BLACK&YELLOW!!!

US Airways Airbus A319 "Pittsburgh Steelers"

Uh-huh! You know what it is!!!


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