Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yellow, Coral, and Sapphire - Day 24

Tonight I asked what divine energies had been with me today by using my Secret Language of Colour Oracle Inna Segal.

What angel was around me? Yellow - I know yellow is one of Raphael's colors, but something told me to see who else. So I Google it and my face almost fell off my head! Wouldn't you know I end up finding a post that Lisa, a fellow blogger/reader that I have the utmost respect for, made SPECIFICALLY FOR ME a few years ago! One of the cards I got was Jophiel from her gorgeous Angels of Atlantis Oracle! I will so be buying a yellow candle tomorrow and calling upon him! I mean talk about synchronicity!

What Orisha or Lwa? - Coral and Sapphire - Ok... did I just use the word synchronicity? Last night I did another spell to Oshun. Her sacred two of her sacred colors are yellow and orange. Tonight I happened to put on my orange pajama bottoms. The card advises you on how to work with the coral ray to increase synchronicity to flow into your experience! And the color sapphire is her sister Yemaya's sacred color. One of the primary things I petitioned Oshun for ties in directly with what I asked Yemeya for! And got answers from both of them today in very specific ways!

I am so very grateful! Thank you Spirit!



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