Tuesday, July 15, 2014

30 Day Yoga/21 Day Plank Challenge

I spent the day in London Saturday. I asked my guides to just lead me to wherever I was supposed to go. I found myself in an accupunturist's office by the end of the of the evening. I felt like hell and was in so much pain it was ridiculous. Given the past 7 years of working toward healing 9 damaged disks in my spine, please understand how much trust this took!!! In mySelf, my guides and Dr. Wang, who I just randomly found. Long story short, it was a very positive experience. Of the many things he advised me to do was to go back to yoga everyday. (Because my intuition, my former trainer and dear friend who did SO much to bring me healing over th years, and the tarot had never suggested the importance of this...) I knew beyond a doubt I'd get the 10 of wands/swords/the Hanged Man. Here is how this will benefit me.


Mind - 6 of wands - Those neurotransmitters will start firing properly and I can tell my old buddy Depression and Anxiety to miss where the sun don't shine! I will have more clarity and confidence and see myself as the amazing woman I am. Go me.

Body - Magician - (I chose to place this card at the bottom.) I will feel so much stronger and physically adept. This speaks to the mind/body/spirit/heart connection that Eastern philosophy addresses. To treat the entire being, unlike how in Western medicine the focus is symptomatic treatment which is so fucking foolish. But that generates more $,€, and £ baby. I think this card shows I'm in very capable hands with Dr. Wang. I am excited to be able to show him that I've progressed when I return next month.

Soul - The Empress III - (placed in the middle, where my soul is) My central focus needs to be on self-care. I have such a tendency to nurture everyone else but me. I'm instantly drawn to the swan and her cygnet. I had an amazing experience this past Sunday where I got to see Her Magesty's Royal Swan Warden tag swans! The purpose is to asses the health of the swans and ensure their population increases. They are gorgeous creatures and extremely protective of their young. Witnessing this was pure medicine for my soul. And yoga will be as well.

Bottom line - 10 of wands - Lol, and there it is. One of my primary indicators of back pain and accupressure. being a wand this shows me that yoga will help aliviate stress due to the fact that I feel the weight of the world is upon me most days. I'll be getting my energy/qui moving and feel far less lethargic and more revitalized.

Here is the nice YouTube lady I chose to follow for the 30 day yoga if you'd like to try it as well and a video on proper form for planking.




Lifting the Fog

I'm pleased to report that my tarot course curriculum is coming along! Not as quickly as I'd like for it to, but it is coming. I've written out the lesson plans for all of the majors, the wands suit, and most of the cups. Today was even slower progress than usual and it has me super frustrated. So I decided to ask th cards how I can improve my progress.

I first asked my Earth Magic Oracle what the energy of the day would be - Fog (veiled) - Well that explains how I'm feeling quite perfectly. As I see the sun's rays shining through and burning it away I realize that I just have to be patient and accept I feel confused and like I can't see where this is going to go, if it will go anywhere. The way will become more clear as I go through the day. Find things to remain positive and excited.


Jumper - The Queen of Pentacles - My personal significator jumped out as I was shuffling. This is such a beautiful version of it. I need to stay true to mySelf as I work on this project. It's so important for a Capricorn to maintain a solid sense of integrity with anything that their name is associated. I'm drawn to her plumeria flowers which represent beauty, charm and grace, three traits very much associated with Capricorn females. The beautiful pentacle shines like a star at her third eye chakra. All of this tells me to be patient with myself, be true to myself, and that will allow me to connect with Divine energy and convey messages from Spirit with clarity. This Queen also bodes quite well for the success of any business venture.

1. What will help me? - The Chariot VII - I need to see this as already accomplished. It is done. Like Jesse Jackson used to say, "Keep your eyes on the prize." This is really reinforcing what the Fog card said. When I get frustrated with myself, I get of course. Negative self-talk brings me to a halt. Some days I may make more progress than others, some days less. That's not what matters, only that I stay focused. I think creating a template for how I write each lesson will do that for me as well as my students as they work through each lesson. I also need to know when I need to take a break and do it without guilt. Just like when driving. If you're too tired, pull over and get some fresh air, a snack, take a nap. Then get back on the road feeling refreshed in stead of lethargic and pressured.

2. What's hindering me? - 5 of wands - Waaayyyy too much negative self-talk is just wearing me the hell out! I won't let my students beat up on themselves, so why allow it in my own head?! I'm using my own energy as a weapon against me. The only thing I'm creating is unnecessary drama,mkilling my spirit and getting me no where fast.

3. Bottom line - 3 of swords - I'm still so heartbroken about Selene's death. It is really fucking with my head. I swear everywhere I look I see people with their dogs. I've got to work through the grief, anger and guilt. Maybe I will dedicate the course to her. I won't go into what all that means right now because I don't feel like crying but I can see where it can help me to heal. I think this is the most beautiful 3ofSw of any deck and it really does capture the essence of the cards meaning.

This reading really touched on the issues I need to address and how to do that. I feel a lot more inspired now, thank you very much! And I love the gorgeous, vibrant jewel tones of both of these decks. The sunlight on Fog really draws my eye back to the QofP and the torche on the Chariot. I have to remain an open vessel for Spirit to work through me. Ashé.



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