Sunday, December 22, 2013

Learning to Avert Danger and Temptation - Day 39

I went to the misa today as explained I planned to do in last night's post and the cards I drew made sense in ways I didn't foresee. The female pictured on the patriarchal Emperor card as well as the other two were reflected by a conversation I had with a woman about working with Spirit and the possibility of getting initiated and thus having godparents.

Tonight's cards are the 8 of pentacles and The Devil XV. Two earth cards. I've gotta be flexible. I woman sits at a potter's wheel carefully molding her clay into what she wants it to be as two earth spirits assist and encourage her. The 8ofP is about learning a new skill and being patient. She has a beautiful smile on her face as she works, and around her are pots she examples of what she can accomplish and has done in the past. It's all about taking your time as the creation process unfolds and being proud of each accomplishment. The Devil card is at her back. Such a unique version of this card. She is not distracted by the various temptations that would interrupt her flow or her joy. Together they speak of learning how to not revert to old behaviors that have consequences I'd rather not pay, regardless of how enticing the prospect of satisfaction. I'd would only be short lived and lead to guilt somehow.

Now I question if she is not distracted by temptation or something harmful, or is she oblivious...


Something said I should pull another card and it is my significator card, the Queen of Pentacles. What's funny is that the woman on the card actually resembles me and the man reminds me of a friend I spent most of the day with. In the card, the two of the walk in a lush garden and she listens as he seems to be explaining something. We weren't in a garden, but like the card, my friend has been very kind and supportive as I formulate a plan to create the life and surroundings that are healthy and promote my growth and stability. Like what is said in the other two cards, we talked about not getting side tracked by certain distractions that can be very tempting for me but are very unhealthy.

This seems to be all about today. I wonder if any of this will be played out as I go about my day tomorrow.


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