Sunday, December 15, 2013

Long Day, Sleepy Girl - Day 32

I have had the busiest day. A very good day, but a nonstop busy day. I am tired as shit. But I like I said on Day 1, no matter how tired, no matter how short the post, I will make one each day. It's about the discipline, commitment and follow through. All things I must get better about.

I shuffled an got the Rx Knight of Wands. How spot on. Having exerted a lot of energy doing things that excited and motivate you that you are just fried. My "Wife" and I spent the day having "Lady Day" as we call it. Her boyfriend is out if town and left me the keys so rolled out man. We hit Michael's, Marshal's, T.J. Maxx, Kirkman's, Ulta, broke for an scrumptious dinner and La Madaline, then on to World Market and Big Lots! Then came home and made charm bracelets (which I'm pretty proud of. Pictures later.) So then I pulled out the 4 of swords intentionally, as one of its defined meaning so-to-say is rest, recuperation and healing. This girl in the card is so damn tired, she's sound asleep in the snow lol. Like her, my ass is sleepy lol. AND I have to get up and go to my family's annual Cookie Sunday! Ugh! As much as I want to, I really just want to lay in pajamas, eat and watch football.


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