Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Courage to Embrace Love - Day 67

Tonight I've pulled the Strength VIII card. This card for me is about inner strength,fortitude. The first thing my eye is drawn tied the red roses beside the woman's arm. What I getting from this is having the strength to embrace or be open to love or romance. I see how both the woman's and the lion's eyes are closed. This speaks of the trust and courage it takes from both parties to allow one's self to be vulnerable. Being ruled by Leo it also speaks to having a strong sense of self worth and a commanding precense that exudes power, but personal power over insecurity not power or control over others. It's about having the strength to face the scarier aspects of ourselves and embrace the lovingly.


Monday, January 20, 2014

The Chariot and Stomach Pain - Day 66

The Chariot VII card is ruled by the sign Cancer. Cancer rules the breast/chest and stomach. I've intentionally chosen this card because my tummy is very unhappy, in addition to I just got out of the car after 9 hours in one. I'm going to bed now.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vampire Road trip to Nashville - Day 65

So I spent the night in a car driving from New Orleans to Nashville for their first vampire tour. My brother and his wonderful girlfriend are big in that subculture, so I care be supportive. so this is the post that should have gone out last night. I figured The Chariot from the Gothic Tarot would be appropriate as an intentional draw. Set your course in life and choose the best possible means to get there. If you don't like it, you can always go back lol.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Moms, Dogs, and African Violets - Day 64

Tonight I''ve drawn The Empress. It's interesting how the card was done almost exclusively in shades of green and  slight tinges of blue. We see a mother out in the garden pausing from her work to tend to her child's skinned knee. She has on a bandana that makes think of the Blessed Mother's crown of stars . In her flower bed is a box of garden tools, a watering can, what appears to be a dog dish or water bowl, & a potted African violet. Given the Empress card's association with maternal energy, this makes me think of a very nice conversation I had with my mother last night. Another wonderful thing is the stars on her head and the African violet  lets me know that one of my most beloved spirits is back in touch with me. I cannot explain the gratitude enjoy that makes me feel. And the dog dish? Well I guess that's because I've foolishly somehow become somebody's mama by default! You know I need to have my head examined! That she is precious and I love her already. Good grief! I'm such a sucker lol.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Self-care Through Solitude - Day 63

I felt called to use the Incedental Tarot tonight and came up with the 9 of Oaks (pentacles). We see a mighty oak tree with a large, strong trunk that seems firmly rooted and numerous branches with a broad canopy. The tree is encircled by a wreath of oak leaves and 9 acorns. This card for me usually means independence and being comfortable in one's own skin. However, tonight it just feels like the powerful need for the elusive blessing of solitude in order to feel grounded as well as the need to be able to self support. That comes from the master 9 from the major arcana, The Hermit IX. It also draws on feelings of self-doubt and anger which cause me to withdraw and put up barriers. I totally get it since this is how I'm feeling a lot these days. Today I found out someone I care for very deeply is moving away. Though this will be such a good thing for him and that brings me enormous joy because he is such a beautiful soul, I felt a kind of sadness and loss that really kinda took me by surprise and went very deep. I didn't realize how much he means to me until I read the words saying he is moving. *sarcastic laugh* Ain't that always the way. But he and I are both too wounded to pursue the feelings that I now see are there. He's got PTSD from Iraq (though Veterans in general have a massive place in my heart, been down that road before!) and I've got the craziness that is my life right now so that'd just be some toxic bullshit. And I do recognize my tears where also reflecting pain from other relationships and friendships that have ended for one reason or other. When I said something to him today that reflected the afore mentioned kind of skewed self image, he text me the most beautiful picture. I made it my phone's screen saver. I need to be reminded of this message.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Keep Tryin' - Day 62

Tonight's draw is from The Ancestral Path deck. It is the second deck I ever owned and was given to me by my dear friend Glenda who taught me how to read cards when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale years ago. While shuffling, The Star XVII fell out. This card has such a peaceful feel to it. There is a Native woman pouring water from two vessels, one onto river stones, one back into the source. I'm now hearing the words of Abraham-Hicks "co-creating with source". I get a strong message of healing, which I so desperately need. The pain I've been in this past week has been so bad because of the temperature and barometric pressure changes. Muscular, bone, discs, and nerve pain from Hell! The glistening starlight is telling me I need to go back to accupunture. I think I'll do a few bullet points.

* go to accupunture

* spending time with my brother whom I love so much (he is Native) and his awesome girlfriend this coming weekend will be a really good thing

* listen/watch Abraham-Hicks YouTube videos daily

* go down to the Mississippi and give an offering

* keeping looking up and forward. Blessings are just beyond the clouds, and closer than they may seem. I have gotten this card 3 or 4 times since I started this daily posting challenge

* sign up to do extra work for all the filming they do in town

Here is the song I instantly heard when it fell out:




Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Drinks and Dinner - Day 61

This, like last night's post, will be a short one. I'm in so much pain it's ridiculous. And if I take the particular prescription that would help, I'll sleep the entire day away.

I've drawn the 2 of cups. We see a very happy couple enjoying a fabulous night out. It makes me think of one of the restaurants I've always wanted to go to, Arnoud's. It makes me think of a particular couple I did a reading for last Christmas who later told me that the reading had a huge impact on saving their marriage. I hope they are doing well. I haven't heard from them in quite a while.

I wish I could write more, but it hurts too much to type. Let's say for now this card makes sense given certain recent events. Although I'm still extremely guarded, we'll see.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Choosing a Home I Love - Day 60

So I missed my first night of posting last night. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I guess I'll mark this as Day 60 instead of Day 61. I won't beat myself up though. I have a tendency to do that. Tonight's post will be short as well. I'm in a lot of pain.


I've drawn The Lovers. We see a couple choosing the home they want. I did some energy work earlier to draw to me the home I'd love to have. Maybe this is a sign that is closer to me than I may know. This card also shows I need to make choices based upon what will bring security and joy in my heart and wait for it to manifest.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Receive and Share the Wealth - Day 58

This deck doesn't really speak to me, but it's my emergency deck that actually belongs to my "wife". I almost always have at least one deck on me at any given time. Tonight is not one of those times. So here I am, with... Well, the box just says "Tarot", so please do not ask me the name of it. If you read Dixie's blog, you know she uses it and it seems to speak clearly to her. Any damn way, I got the Ace of Pentacles. A hand, appearing out of the pitch darkness, has a pentacle in its grasp. Is it accepting or offering it? Not quite sure, but all around are 9 dandelions floating about. I say I just need to continue truly believing that the things I've been wishing to manifest into my physical reality will do just that. And when it does, express my gratitude and take joy in being able to share the wealth with my loved ones.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Meet Me Halfway - Day 57

I was called to use The Nefertari's Tarot deck and I've drawn the 2 of swords. There are two women and two swords that mirror each other. Above them is a banner with red little flags or spears, they are the potential for a nasty, heated argument. But I notice they are are contained. The women wear snow white dresses (purity, clarity, the color worn in many spiritual ceremonies) with ornate gold and onyx collars across their shoulders and necks which suggestes they have learned to harness their ego and false pride by remaining grounded because they are secure within themselves.

Hence why the daggers are below and in front. They've made their respective points quite clear but have chosen to meet each other half way. They have laid aside their need to be right and now can see things eye to eye. Their hands are in prayer position as if saying "Namaste- I honor the precense of God in you". Ones' fingertips meet the others, showing an agreement to work together. No more arguing or using harsh words to make themselves heard. The 2ofSw corresponds to the Moon in Libra, so compromise is found by weighing the benefits of being analytical and detached against compassion and care for another's feelings (Moon). Or another way to say that is the question do you want to be right or happy? If you can find a way to have a meeting of the minds, you just might get both.

This calls to mind a reading I did today for a client who's boyfriend sat in as per her request. He is a Libra. Some things came up in the reading that caused me to be led to explain this way of approaching things. I wonder if I will have to take my own advise tomorrow. But I did just speak with my mom had had the nicest, most even conversation. Proof positive that taking the advice this card just gave me is a very wise choice.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Goodnight Moon - Day 56

There is so much I can say about this card. And this particular Moon is one of my favorite of any card in any deck. I used to sit in class in high school and draw it, having never seen a deck of tarot cards in my life. But I'm so sleepy. So for now I shall say good night. I promised myself I'd make a post a night, no matter how brief.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rollin' With Good Fortune - Day 55

The Dark Angels shuffled out The Wheel of Fortune X. A golden sky forces back dark thunder clouds. To the left and right are two stone walls with a bull and a lion respectively. Dead center is a dark magician type fellow standing in front of a massive stone wheel with a huge stone gryphon. On the one hand there is brute force or doing things out of habit (the bull), on the other hand there is reacting out of anger, foolish pride, or ego (the lion). Between them us the gryphon and the human. Gryphons symbolize great wisdom and protection. Buddhist philosophy teaches the "Middle Way", which in extremely basic terms is about living with a sense of balance that is found through meditation as opposed to extremes. Because therein lies true happiness. Ultimately ones external conditions are a reflection if the internal.

Major changes are in the air. I can feel it and am starting to see evidence in my physical reality. And this card is a 10 which means the cusp of endings and beginnings. There is a profound theory of the 10 Worlds, which I won't event attempt to go into but you can go here to explore on this award winning blog my dear friend does to learn about. If I can continue to view life through the eyes of the gryphon and accept that life is constantly in flux and just because really fucked up shit happens, it doesn't necessarily equate with punishment. In fact, literal shit is also known as fertilizer. It's not really good or bad inane of itself. It's just shit. Depends on what one does with it, and that may be seen as good or bad perhaps. But shit (aka Life) is just shit. The lotus flower is used to symbolize Nicherin Buddihsm for several reasons, one being the fact that it is such a gorgeous flower that grows in the murkiest water. That's what is really meant by the phrase, "It is what it is..." The title of this card says it all in Buddhist terms. They do not say "blessings" but instead use the word "fortune". NO cause is ever wasted in Buddhism, meaning no effort made. Effort can be action, but equally as much one's thoughts or intentions even if no action is taken. Say for example you had a friend in the hospital. You really want to go sit with them. It will bring them joy to have someone to spend time with them. It will bring you joy from doing something that makes you feel like a compassionate person. But it's butt-ass cold outside and you just want to go home. In Buddhism, fighting through the feelings of not wanting to go and going based on doing something kind, will amas good fortune. But say you don't want to go because you feel a cold coming on so going is harmful to you, thus you decide not to. The honor of your intention will still bring you good fortune. It's still considered "making cause". This card is reminding me to keep making good causes and due to the law of cause and effect, I will experience good fortune.

It's also worth mentioning the fact that there is no such thing as coincidence and Buddhism is a very prominent force showing up the past few days. Out of nowhere I chanted Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo one day last week. Then I came across my beads and prayer book totally at random. Yesteday's card was the QofW as Tina Turner who has been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for like 40 years or so, and today a wonderful woman I used to practice with in Philly called to let me know she is in town and wants to get together. Seems the a Universe has significant changes in store that have been building up from the many causes I've made. (Of course now I have "Proud Mary" playing in my head lol! And we're rollin'!)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Person of the Week - Queen of Wands - Day 54

Tonight I shuffled my Hanson-Roberts deck for my Person of the Week. I got the Queen of Wands and Tina Turner is a perfect example of this court card. The woman survived an abusive childhood and then marriage yet was a loving mother and one of the most successful women non the planet. The picture above is her making the cover of Vogue Germany at age 73 and looking like every bit the sex goddess she did in the 60's! The QofW is a fiercely independent and bold woman who grabs life by the balls and makes no apologies for it. She wants to experience all of the joy and possibility it has to offer. She can do 37 things in one day and make it seem effortless. As a mom she is absolutely amazing. She is the woman who will get up and make sure her young ones get a good breakfast. It may be instant grits or Eggo's, but they'll get fed. She will not only be at their football games, she'll most likely be on the field helping them practice. The woman seems to have an endless source of energy and her laughter is And she is almost always a total sex kitten. As a matter if fact, she often comes up as the "other woman" in readings. Boy could I tell you a story about the first to me that happened lmao! Holy shit was that awkward considering the client's wife was sitting right there!

The QofW can have a wicked temper. She will get right up in your face and rip you a new ass. She can be pushy, brazen and bossy, but she is one of the most wonderful and true friends you can have.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleansing with the Moon - Day 53

Tonight I got the Moon XVIII. There is a massive super moon glowing like a halo behind a very androgynous looking shirtless vampyre. Let's call it a her for tonight. Her arms are extended back as she grabs her cape. She is wearing a soft blue skirt and standing next to cattails growing in tall grasses. I think bullet points will serve me best tonight.

- where am I feeling emotionally vulnerable? Make a list. Burn it.

- do a meditation to a lunar Goddess

- plan out my full moon ritual this week

- release toxic emotions (cattails grow where toxic chemicals are high). I will use the spiritual bath tonight my friend who is an houngan made for me to ensure I've cleansed 2013 negative energy

- romantic energy headed my way??

- Be sure to drink more water.

- create tarot water essence by placing a card who's energy's I want to infuse into my being under a glass of water. Maybe tonight I will do the 10 of cups.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Colts vs Chiefs - Day 52


So one thing that I generally seem to suck at is football predictions. I've come a long way to be able to have confidence to say that I'm a damn good reader however, I seem to suck at football protections. But tonight I figured I'd take a chance and see what I could come up with. The first game was Kansas City at Indianapolis Colts. After some indecision I went with the Colts. I decided to try my Secret Language of Color Oracle after having pulled some tarot cards and still not really feeling confident about who was going to win. I pulled the card Emerald which spoke to me as representing the Colts being a cool color and closer to blue. For shits and giggles I pulled one more card and in came some confusion because it was the card Red. Then I read the message printed on each card and got a lot more clarity as well as was able to trust my So one thing that I generally seem to suck at is football predictions. I've come a long way to be able to have confidence to say that I'm a damn good reader however, I seem to suck at football protections. But tonight I figured I'd take a chance and see what I could come up with. The first game was Kansas City at Indianapolis Colts. After some indecision I went with the Colts. I decided to try my Secret Language of Color Oracle after having pulled some tarot cards and still not really feeling confident about who was going to win. I pulled the card Emerald which spoke to me as representing the Colts being a cool color and closer to blue. For shits and giggles I pulled one more card and in came some confusion because it was the card Red. Then I read the message printed on each card and got a lot more clarity as well as was able to trust my intuition more. Emerald says "call your mind, body and soul". Red says "free yourself from pain". To me the red card address the fact that Kansas City, being the red team, had a lot of injuries that was going to be your Achilles' heel. The quote on the Emerald card made me think about how angry yet focused Andrew Luck the quarterback for the Colts was when they were getting their ass severely kicked in their own stadium. Don't quote me on stats, but the Colts came back from a three touchdown deficit to win the game by one point.






Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sleep and Rest - Day 51


I got a text from out of the blue for a Skype reading and yesterday I got a massive tip from a client I've only had once but instantly connected with on a very deep level. So that Ace of Pents from yesterday's card is doing its job. I also think that particular illustration of it may mean looking like sunrise may infer that changing my vampire bat circadian rhythm to that of a more normal, less nocturnal human for while may improve my finances. At least until it warms up enough for me to read out in Jackson Square again.

I'm so tired I can't even see straight. I think this 4 of swords is a sign from the Universe that I really need to get some rest. I need to get good, solid sleep, but also to rest my mind from stress which means to meditate every single day even if it's just for 5 minutes. Which I've been quite good at, but I may need to do it in the middle of the day to rejuvenate so I don't feel overwhelmed. I need to do as this guy has, carve out time to clear my head so I don't feel boxed in by life's many stress triggers. And I do have to get up earlier than what is usual for me in the morning. So on that note, good night.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Ace of Prosperity - Day 50

This card is from the Hanson-Roberts deck, which is the very first tarot deck I ever owned. I've drawn the Ace of Pentacles. A beautiful pink and purple sky gives way to a huge golden pentacle, surrounded by white lillies with bright green stems. All if this gives me the feeling of a bright future on the financial front. The thing I often get when I see the star of the pentacle on the AofP is that keeping priorities in perspective by honoring Spirit and my own personal spirit is important. I'd also say getting the Ace of Earth on the second day on the new year and just after the New Moon in Capricorn is an auspicious sign. And today was one of th best days I've had financially in a very long time and for that I am most grateful! Maybe because of the catchy little tune I've been singing that I heard in a prosperity meditation, "Money is comin' to me!" The great thing about the AofP is it bodes well for creating security and stability that has far reaching effects. Thank the Goddess!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Choices and Consequences - Day 49

Someone gave me this deck, Nefertari's Tarot, almost a year ago and althought it is very beautiful, it's just never spoken to me. But for some reason it did just now. I've drawn The Lovers VI. We see a couple in embracing as they gaze into one another's eyes. It makes me think of the scene from the old school Batman with Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfiefer where they are dancing and realize who the other one's alter ego is. In the background one of my favorite songs plays, "Face To Face" by Siouxsie and the Banshees. I don't have a lover in my life currently. I have thought about two ex-boyfriends in particular a lot today. I suppose this card is telling me to make choices I can live with. There is no "perfect" way of doing things. But remembering that certain choices do have consequences would serve me well. I need to remain honest with myself about who I am and what is important to me and not compromise that for anyone else's issues. Maybe that way both my head and heart can find contentment.

Face to face, my lovely foe

Mouth to mouth, raining heaven's blows
Hand on heart, tic tac toe
Under the stars, naked as we flow

Cheek to cheek, the bitter sweet
Commit your crime in your deadly time
It's too divine, I want to bend
I want this bliss but something says I must resist

Another life, another time
We're Siamese twins, writhing, intertwined
Face to face, no telling lies
The masks, they slide to reveal a new disguise

You never can win, it's the state I'm in
This danger thrills and my conflict kills
They say, follow your heart, follow it through
But how can you, when it's split in two?

And you'll never know
You'll never know
You'll never know

One more kiss before we die
Face to face and dream of flying
Who are you? Who am I?
Wind in wings, two angels falling

To die like this with a last kiss
It's falsehood's flame and it's a crying shame
Face to face, the passions breathe
I hate to stay, but then I hate to leave

And you'll never know
No, you'll never know
No, no, you'll never know

You'll never know
You'll never know
You'll never know

No, no, you'll never know
No, no, you'll never know

You'll never know
You'll never know
You'll never know


Read more: Siouxsie And The Banshees - Face To Face Lyrics | MetroLyrics


Happy New Year 2014! - Day 48

Ok, I can't make this up y'all. I shuffled and got the 2 of pentacles. I shuffled again asking for more info and got the 10 of pentacles! Same cards all week. It seems the theme of finding balance with regard to creating my own life and maintaining self-care aka sanity and spending time with family and creating bonds and healing old hurts is a big thing this deck wants me to address. I must say I have enjoyed doing do over the past few days far more than I'd have imagined. And in reference to last nights post, I did end up watching the family make a huge pot of gumbo. Since I don't eat seafood, I just watched as they enjoyed it.
I wish I could write more, but I've got to be up in 5 hours to drive back to New Orelans. I wish I could stay a bit longer. I keep feeling that Spirit is tell on me I am to move here to Houston. My mind cannot see that happening, but my gut says it is already done. I've decided to not fight it if the opportunity comes along I spite of how much I love Nola. I guess I'll see.
I pray 2014 brings healing, wealth, joy, ease and peace. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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