Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family Love - Day 45

Haha ha! Same card four days later, the10 of pentacles. And once again it is perfectly appropriate. My mother came to town. We went to dinner and I spent the evening with her and met several cousins I never knew and ones I haven't seen since I was a child. I got to hear about many family members I love dearly, many who are gone to the spirit world. It makes me realize how important it is to pass down the stories and recipes from the older generations and to spend time with loved ones while we have the with us.


I pulled one more card and got The Fool. This truly marked a fresh start with regard to my relationship with my mother. It has always been an extraordinarily stressed one despite the enormous amount if love we have for one another. Maybe because if the self-discovery we have both done this is the beginning of a much happier, healthier and enjoyable relationship. I certainly hope


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