Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Person of the Week - Queen of Wands - Day 54

Tonight I shuffled my Hanson-Roberts deck for my Person of the Week. I got the Queen of Wands and Tina Turner is a perfect example of this court card. The woman survived an abusive childhood and then marriage yet was a loving mother and one of the most successful women non the planet. The picture above is her making the cover of Vogue Germany at age 73 and looking like every bit the sex goddess she did in the 60's! The QofW is a fiercely independent and bold woman who grabs life by the balls and makes no apologies for it. She wants to experience all of the joy and possibility it has to offer. She can do 37 things in one day and make it seem effortless. As a mom she is absolutely amazing. She is the woman who will get up and make sure her young ones get a good breakfast. It may be instant grits or Eggo's, but they'll get fed. She will not only be at their football games, she'll most likely be on the field helping them practice. The woman seems to have an endless source of energy and her laughter is And she is almost always a total sex kitten. As a matter if fact, she often comes up as the "other woman" in readings. Boy could I tell you a story about the first to me that happened lmao! Holy shit was that awkward considering the client's wife was sitting right there!

The QofW can have a wicked temper. She will get right up in your face and rip you a new ass. She can be pushy, brazen and bossy, but she is one of the most wonderful and true friends you can have.


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