Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Choices and Consequences - Day 49

Someone gave me this deck, Nefertari's Tarot, almost a year ago and althought it is very beautiful, it's just never spoken to me. But for some reason it did just now. I've drawn The Lovers VI. We see a couple in embracing as they gaze into one another's eyes. It makes me think of the scene from the old school Batman with Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfiefer where they are dancing and realize who the other one's alter ego is. In the background one of my favorite songs plays, "Face To Face" by Siouxsie and the Banshees. I don't have a lover in my life currently. I have thought about two ex-boyfriends in particular a lot today. I suppose this card is telling me to make choices I can live with. There is no "perfect" way of doing things. But remembering that certain choices do have consequences would serve me well. I need to remain honest with myself about who I am and what is important to me and not compromise that for anyone else's issues. Maybe that way both my head and heart can find contentment.

Face to face, my lovely foe

Mouth to mouth, raining heaven's blows
Hand on heart, tic tac toe
Under the stars, naked as we flow

Cheek to cheek, the bitter sweet
Commit your crime in your deadly time
It's too divine, I want to bend
I want this bliss but something says I must resist

Another life, another time
We're Siamese twins, writhing, intertwined
Face to face, no telling lies
The masks, they slide to reveal a new disguise

You never can win, it's the state I'm in
This danger thrills and my conflict kills
They say, follow your heart, follow it through
But how can you, when it's split in two?

And you'll never know
You'll never know
You'll never know

One more kiss before we die
Face to face and dream of flying
Who are you? Who am I?
Wind in wings, two angels falling

To die like this with a last kiss
It's falsehood's flame and it's a crying shame
Face to face, the passions breathe
I hate to stay, but then I hate to leave

And you'll never know
No, you'll never know
No, no, you'll never know

You'll never know
You'll never know
You'll never know

No, no, you'll never know
No, no, you'll never know

You'll never know
You'll never know
You'll never know


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