Friday, January 10, 2014

Meet Me Halfway - Day 57

I was called to use The Nefertari's Tarot deck and I've drawn the 2 of swords. There are two women and two swords that mirror each other. Above them is a banner with red little flags or spears, they are the potential for a nasty, heated argument. But I notice they are are contained. The women wear snow white dresses (purity, clarity, the color worn in many spiritual ceremonies) with ornate gold and onyx collars across their shoulders and necks which suggestes they have learned to harness their ego and false pride by remaining grounded because they are secure within themselves.

Hence why the daggers are below and in front. They've made their respective points quite clear but have chosen to meet each other half way. They have laid aside their need to be right and now can see things eye to eye. Their hands are in prayer position as if saying "Namaste- I honor the precense of God in you". Ones' fingertips meet the others, showing an agreement to work together. No more arguing or using harsh words to make themselves heard. The 2ofSw corresponds to the Moon in Libra, so compromise is found by weighing the benefits of being analytical and detached against compassion and care for another's feelings (Moon). Or another way to say that is the question do you want to be right or happy? If you can find a way to have a meeting of the minds, you just might get both.

This calls to mind a reading I did today for a client who's boyfriend sat in as per her request. He is a Libra. Some things came up in the reading that caused me to be led to explain this way of approaching things. I wonder if I will have to take my own advise tomorrow. But I did just speak with my mom had had the nicest, most even conversation. Proof positive that taking the advice this card just gave me is a very wise choice.


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