Friday, January 3, 2014

Ace of Prosperity - Day 50

This card is from the Hanson-Roberts deck, which is the very first tarot deck I ever owned. I've drawn the Ace of Pentacles. A beautiful pink and purple sky gives way to a huge golden pentacle, surrounded by white lillies with bright green stems. All if this gives me the feeling of a bright future on the financial front. The thing I often get when I see the star of the pentacle on the AofP is that keeping priorities in perspective by honoring Spirit and my own personal spirit is important. I'd also say getting the Ace of Earth on the second day on the new year and just after the New Moon in Capricorn is an auspicious sign. And today was one of th best days I've had financially in a very long time and for that I am most grateful! Maybe because of the catchy little tune I've been singing that I heard in a prosperity meditation, "Money is comin' to me!" The great thing about the AofP is it bodes well for creating security and stability that has far reaching effects. Thank the Goddess!


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