Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rollin' With Good Fortune - Day 55

The Dark Angels shuffled out The Wheel of Fortune X. A golden sky forces back dark thunder clouds. To the left and right are two stone walls with a bull and a lion respectively. Dead center is a dark magician type fellow standing in front of a massive stone wheel with a huge stone gryphon. On the one hand there is brute force or doing things out of habit (the bull), on the other hand there is reacting out of anger, foolish pride, or ego (the lion). Between them us the gryphon and the human. Gryphons symbolize great wisdom and protection. Buddhist philosophy teaches the "Middle Way", which in extremely basic terms is about living with a sense of balance that is found through meditation as opposed to extremes. Because therein lies true happiness. Ultimately ones external conditions are a reflection if the internal.

Major changes are in the air. I can feel it and am starting to see evidence in my physical reality. And this card is a 10 which means the cusp of endings and beginnings. There is a profound theory of the 10 Worlds, which I won't event attempt to go into but you can go here to explore on this award winning blog my dear friend does to learn about. If I can continue to view life through the eyes of the gryphon and accept that life is constantly in flux and just because really fucked up shit happens, it doesn't necessarily equate with punishment. In fact, literal shit is also known as fertilizer. It's not really good or bad inane of itself. It's just shit. Depends on what one does with it, and that may be seen as good or bad perhaps. But shit (aka Life) is just shit. The lotus flower is used to symbolize Nicherin Buddihsm for several reasons, one being the fact that it is such a gorgeous flower that grows in the murkiest water. That's what is really meant by the phrase, "It is what it is..." The title of this card says it all in Buddhist terms. They do not say "blessings" but instead use the word "fortune". NO cause is ever wasted in Buddhism, meaning no effort made. Effort can be action, but equally as much one's thoughts or intentions even if no action is taken. Say for example you had a friend in the hospital. You really want to go sit with them. It will bring them joy to have someone to spend time with them. It will bring you joy from doing something that makes you feel like a compassionate person. But it's butt-ass cold outside and you just want to go home. In Buddhism, fighting through the feelings of not wanting to go and going based on doing something kind, will amas good fortune. But say you don't want to go because you feel a cold coming on so going is harmful to you, thus you decide not to. The honor of your intention will still bring you good fortune. It's still considered "making cause". This card is reminding me to keep making good causes and due to the law of cause and effect, I will experience good fortune.

It's also worth mentioning the fact that there is no such thing as coincidence and Buddhism is a very prominent force showing up the past few days. Out of nowhere I chanted Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo one day last week. Then I came across my beads and prayer book totally at random. Yesteday's card was the QofW as Tina Turner who has been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for like 40 years or so, and today a wonderful woman I used to practice with in Philly called to let me know she is in town and wants to get together. Seems the a Universe has significant changes in store that have been building up from the many causes I've made. (Of course now I have "Proud Mary" playing in my head lol! And we're rollin'!)


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