Friday, January 17, 2014

Moms, Dogs, and African Violets - Day 64

Tonight I''ve drawn The Empress. It's interesting how the card was done almost exclusively in shades of green and  slight tinges of blue. We see a mother out in the garden pausing from her work to tend to her child's skinned knee. She has on a bandana that makes think of the Blessed Mother's crown of stars . In her flower bed is a box of garden tools, a watering can, what appears to be a dog dish or water bowl, & a potted African violet. Given the Empress card's association with maternal energy, this makes me think of a very nice conversation I had with my mother last night. Another wonderful thing is the stars on her head and the African violet  lets me know that one of my most beloved spirits is back in touch with me. I cannot explain the gratitude enjoy that makes me feel. And the dog dish? Well I guess that's because I've foolishly somehow become somebody's mama by default! You know I need to have my head examined! That she is precious and I love her already. Good grief! I'm such a sucker lol.

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