Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleansing with the Moon - Day 53

Tonight I got the Moon XVIII. There is a massive super moon glowing like a halo behind a very androgynous looking shirtless vampyre. Let's call it a her for tonight. Her arms are extended back as she grabs her cape. She is wearing a soft blue skirt and standing next to cattails growing in tall grasses. I think bullet points will serve me best tonight.

- where am I feeling emotionally vulnerable? Make a list. Burn it.

- do a meditation to a lunar Goddess

- plan out my full moon ritual this week

- release toxic emotions (cattails grow where toxic chemicals are high). I will use the spiritual bath tonight my friend who is an houngan made for me to ensure I've cleansed 2013 negative energy

- romantic energy headed my way??

- Be sure to drink more water.

- create tarot water essence by placing a card who's energy's I want to infuse into my being under a glass of water. Maybe tonight I will do the 10 of cups.


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