Saturday, January 11, 2014

Receive and Share the Wealth - Day 58

This deck doesn't really speak to me, but it's my emergency deck that actually belongs to my "wife". I almost always have at least one deck on me at any given time. Tonight is not one of those times. So here I am, with... Well, the box just says "Tarot", so please do not ask me the name of it. If you read Dixie's blog, you know she uses it and it seems to speak clearly to her. Any damn way, I got the Ace of Pentacles. A hand, appearing out of the pitch darkness, has a pentacle in its grasp. Is it accepting or offering it? Not quite sure, but all around are 9 dandelions floating about. I say I just need to continue truly believing that the things I've been wishing to manifest into my physical reality will do just that. And when it does, express my gratitude and take joy in being able to share the wealth with my loved ones.


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