Sunday, November 24, 2013

Creating Focus - Day 11

Tonight I have the 8 of pentacles from the Ludy Lescott. I woman sits in a posh chair while wearing a sapphire blue night gown. She holds needle and thread in one hand and her the embroidery she has been working on for some time, her (very odd looking) kitty cat at her feet. From off to the side, a man is about to enter the room. To me this is about remaining focused on what I want to accomplish and not letting anything or anyone deter me from what those things. It says I am still in a stage of learning. I need to acknowledge the things I've accomplished and give myself the credit I deserve. It also makes me think I need to pick up my knitting again as it used to be so enjoyable and so relaxing. It reminds me to take time to do things that I enjoy and get my mind off of stress, things that are creative. And the cat makes me think of my own sweet fur ball.


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