Saturday, November 23, 2013

Change In My Fortune - Day 10

Wow, yet another most auspicious draw with the Wheel of Fortune X from my Tarot of Vampyres. A wheel lays on top of the thick, brown stems of a rose bush and is surrounded by vibrant blooms in the colors of the rainbow which also represents the chakras. I also notice the glyph for Jupiter which is the planet of growth, expansion and luck. The roses vines echo the bittersweetness of life. Sometimes there are thick vines with thorns or brambles that trip us up and cause us so much pain. But this card is emphasizing the brightness, the vibrancy of life. It also makes me think of advise I was given to keep flowers in the place I'm staying to help ward off any negative spirits or the dead that are trying to feed off of me. Flowers represent the beauty of life, but they also absorb negativity and are therefore protective.

The Wheel says I need to embrace change, go with the flow, and take risks. It also has to do with travel. My dear friend Karen has been all but begging me to come to the U.K. and to plan on arranging specific nights where I do readings. This card is a go ahead if ever there was! I need to take the risk on this. It seems the universe is in complete agreement on it. Look a what my fortune cookie tonight said. (key word being fortune)


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