Thursday, November 28, 2013

Joy and Inspiration - Day 14

Tonight's deck is the Robin Wood Tarot. Since I've decided to commit to making a post every night no matter how short it may be, almost every time the cards have jumped or fallen out whilst I was shuffling and tonight they did again. Both the 3 of cups (another 3 tonight I see) and the Knight of Wands. This seems too be both a recap of today and foreshadowing of tomorrow. I spent the day with my dear friend Michaelle, or "my wife" as we both affectionately refer to one another. We went to H&M which only just opened in N.O. last week. God I love that store! And then her partner Jim took us and his friend Yvette (who is one of the funniest people I've ever met!) for late night nosh at I-Hop. What a wonderful day. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will spend it with so many people I love. So this card duo speaks to me about how the joy and laughter spent with people I love will create a positive momentum inspiring me to create more of those situations and that frame of mind.

The Kn of W also confirms a reading that my friend Stephanie who is a fantastic reader did for me! I got this card as the answer to something I'm planning on that is very exciting and a big sign to go for it. Thank you again Stephanie!

I am very thankful to be receiving such encouraging cards each night.


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