Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Star from Amedeé -Day 5

I decided to draw from the Ludy Lescot Tarot again because I need to learn how it speaks. What a glorious card to pull, The Star XVII! Under a soothing lavender sky, a lovely woman kneels before a creek. In the far distance there are woods and a bit closer is low- lying fog skimming the tops of boulders that seem to form a barrier almost. Above our lady is a beautiful 8 pointed star, shining like an angel that is watching over her even though she doesn't see it. Her eyes are closed almost prayerfully as she dips her fingertips into the cool, clear water receiving its healing energy and cleansing. Dead, autumn leaves collect at the hem of her dress to show that it is the season of shedding what no longer serves us. A green frog sits and watches her. (check out what symbolism Avia Venifica associates with it! One thing I just learned from her is that frogs are a link between the living and the dead.)

There are a lot of similarities between this card and real life. It I set here in New Orleans where I am. It is fall and there are brown leaves on the ground outside of the window at the CC's where I am. It's a very overcast, somewhat foggy night with a purplish sky just like in the card. While taking a shower today I called upon the healing energy of water to cleanse and protect me. Yesterday I went to the cemetery and asked my ancestors, my grandfather Amedeé and step-grandmother Elizabeth particular, to watch over me and help me and to please send me signs. And The Star card often means that angels and/or deceased loved ones are watching overs us and wanting to help. Last night I had a very interesting conversation with Joshua about knowledge he is gaining about angels.

I very rarely read the LWB, but it says, "You have the right to receive everything that is good in the world." I just did some spell work on last night's full moon in Taurus. Spells are like wishes, only super charged with faith and the assistance of the spirits one invokes. Now I need to get in the flow of accepting this statement and those blessings. And lastly, The Star card tonight is telling me to fill out the form to do extra work. While sitting here, one of the stars of American Horror Story was here. I am very grateful to God/Goddess, Spirit and my ancestors for this beautiful sign telling to not loose hope. Good things are very soon to come.


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