Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lovers Rx

Just cause you don't like a card doesn't mean you get to ignore it. In fact, I guess the argument could be made that you definitely need to pay attention to it. Today's draw for myself comes from the Faulkner Tarot and it is The Lovers Rx. I recently had a break up and though I have no doubt that it is for the best, it still makes me very sad.

The Lovers card is also about choice. It is ruled by Merucry, which is Rx at this time. This card says to me that regardless of how well-suited and compatible we are in so many ways, or how clearly we both saw ourselves walking down the same path toward a future together, we clearly got very off track. Choices we both made, or in some cases didn't make, got us both in the very fucked up place we are in our lives respectively. Communication that was open and forthcoming became half-truths and lies from one partner to another to cover up addiction issues. And then that became lies to ourselves, and thus a toxic cesspool that caused both our lives to implode. No matter how much love there is, if things become imbalanced, what was once a beautiful union turns into a codependent death trap. All we can do is choose to accept where we are and choose to make choices that lead to our own true happiness.



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