Monday, November 11, 2013

Wonder Woman Challenge

I have so much respect for those of you who can post everyday, the lovely Chloe at Inner Whispers being the first who comes to mind. I swear that woman would give Linda Carter a run for her money. I'm in awe of her seemingly effortless energy given the multitiude of responsibilities she has. So I've decided to attempt to challenge myself to make a post a day. This means I'd do wise to keep my posts very short and not go into too much depth when interpreting the cards. Not at all my style. But I think this will prove to be extremely beneficial, maybe even imperative. As a professional reader, I always go way over the scheduled time. Combined with the fact that my readings tend to go very deep, it's killing me y'all. I. Am. SO fucking burned out! And given the many challenges in my personal life, some of which include getting hit by a taxi while riding my bike and my brother being killed two weeks after that, I am about to fall apart - and not necessarily at he seams. But I digress... This whole giving-till-it-hurts bullshit really comes down to my own insecurities and not feeling like I'm giving enough, which I suppose means not feeling like I'm good enough. So on that note, I'm gonna hush with explaining myself and start my new discipline.

Question: Should I start doing a post a day?

Card 1. If I do? - Queen of Wands - Ha! My "Wonder Woman" card! I will have such a rewarding feeling of accomplishment and pride. It will prove to me what everyone else seems to see so clearly, that I am an amazing reader. I will think more highly of mySelf, adopt more of a Leo attitude of confidence and get back to see tarot as a joy, not drudgery. An awful truth, but that's what it it on the verge of becoming. Look how that candle to the right (the future) is almost melted to nothing.

*Crystal Visions Tarot from U.S. Games

Card 2. If I don't? - Knight of Pentacles - Dear God look how tired this guy and his horse is! I need to work smarter, NOT harder! Nothing more need be said!


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