Monday, November 25, 2013

The Rx Star - Day 12

As I was shuffling the Faulkner Tarot, a card flipped over, The Star Rx. As many times as I've looked at this card I've never noticed that there is a lid covering the wishing well. It's like all the things I'm wishing for are so close, but something is blocking me from having access. I'm taking this a sign to not loose faith in spite of the many obstacles in front of me. And The Star card means angels and according to Rhiannon Faulkner who created the deck it means a house move. Just what I've been praying for. Thank you angels for looking out and for sending me signs.

I was ready to call this done and as I was typing the very simple title The Rx Star instead of The Star Rx, it made me think; what is a reversed star ? A black hole? I'm too tired to get lost in Google-land looking it up and I think the point is the question I just asked myself that questions the contrast between the two. What I'm getting is a warning to be mindful not to absorb negativity, a reminder to do my cleansing baths and to shield.


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