Thursday, November 21, 2013

Change Is In the Air - Day 8

Tonight's card is from the Robin Wood deck, it's the Ace of Swords Rx Lots of billowy white clouds seem to be reflecting sunlight though we don't see the sun. A large sword is in front of them as though they have cleared the way so that the sword is well presented and what little sunlight there is can relflect off of the blade which is encircled with what seems to be 3 types of plant life. I've never noticed what seems to be rosemary before. Rosemary is an excellent herb for protection and cleansing. This reminds me I need to make up my next cleansing bath. The AofSw is a symbol of the Orisha Oya who is queen of the cemetery. I petitioned her for help on Saturday so she seems to be letting me know she is helping me, but doing the bath will help keep the dead off of me who have been so horribly draining. The white roses are also confirming that because I brought white roses to the cemetery on Saturday when I petitioned Oya and my ancestors for help. They are also letting me know that novena I am doing to St. Jude and St. Expedite is working. I left two buds next to their candles and I got two wonderful and very unexpected bits of information and blessings that only divine intervention could have brought about.

The other things I notice is the hilt. I've see this card a million times as a professional reader, but I've never noticed how much the wings look like flight attendant wings. I've gotten several signs and messages about it. It is time to apply and get back I the sky I think. Since Oya is the winds of change and the sky is her domain, maybe I will ask her to blow away any obstacles keeping me from being a skygoddess again.

Over all, this Rx AofSw is telling me to follow the British phrase, keep calm and carry on. Keep a level head, my mind focused on what I am wanting and remain strong. The third plant I see is the laurel wreath encircling the point of the blade. Bay is another very protective and cleansing herb, but also a sign of victory. Change is coming, though it is taking longer than I'd like. God let it hurry up please and bring me the things I so truly need.


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