Friday, November 22, 2013

Ezili Danto's Veve - Day 10

Tonight I am very grateful to my niece for letting me borrow her brand new, deliciously dark, Gothic Tarot. This deck had been on my wish list for ever and a day. I've drawn the 3 of swords. Normally, I'd be so sad to have pulled this card that usually symbolizes such sorrow, heartache, pain. I also find it quite often means infidelity. But it has come to represent something else as a reader and tonight that gives mixed feelings of caution and comfort. This looks like a beautiful drawing of Ezili Danto's veve. Danto is a Haitian spirit who is extremely protective of women and children and she loves knives. Veve's are drawings that act as calling cards to a particular spirit. I will take this as a sign that Mamma Danto is around me. Anyone with ill intent would do wise to steer clear.


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