Friday, March 18, 2011

What Do You Want Me To Know Right Now? 3/17/11 @ 3AM

I just asked my cards/The Divine/my guides, "What do you want me to know right now?"
The first card I notice is the 4 of Swords. I kinda think that this means since it's 02:51 I need to carry my tail to sleep! I am such a nocturnal creature so my days and nights are always spun around. Even when I was a flight attendant I picked up every red-eye I could get. I have things to do tomorrow so even though I don't have to get up early per se, I do have to get up earlier than my body will be  pleased with since it's 3am and I'm still wide awake.

The Hierophant V let's me know that this is not just one of my guides, but God/Goddess speaking to me. This card to me is all about The Divine saying "get your shit together. you can b.s. the rest of the world  and maybe even yourself, but not me. So I"m calling you out!" He is the ultimate teacher. And I see the school of fish on the card and with the 8 of pentacles right next to it, I know it's addressing how passionate I am about being a student of the tarot. (There are a lot of earth cards so I know this also means that I can be financially successful at this!)

Another take I am getting is the bird in is hand as the girl is trying to peek at him. She has on a striped shirt in both this card and the 8ofP and that makes me think of Paris and my dream of going to pro make-up school there. "A little bird told me you want to be a student of tarot as well as make-up. So why are you hiding so sheepishly back there and not talking directly to the teacher? Because if you look at who you are in the 8ofP, you can see how much potential for growth you have. And for success. You'll look back on this period of insecurity, fear, and doubt and it will seem so far away because you will be a star for all the world to see. And you to be able to see if you allow yourself to see yourself as a star. That's why it's on your face in the 8ofP. But if you keep lounging all day and not taking action, that you'll be grey like she is in the 4ofSw. Then you'll wonder where the time went. You've got to leave the reef little fish, like Nemo. You have to grow up and take chances or you'll always wonder what else is out there for you."

I felt I needed to pull one more card. It is The Hermit IX. This version of it looks like Jesus to me and makes me think of how he had to go out on his own to find the answers of who he was meant to be and why he was put here to bring enlightenment to the world. Just like Shakumuni Buddha. I want both make-up and tarot to be a means for helping people create joy from within and to share that with the world. The Hermit IX is also tied to the sign Virgo, and school starts in September lol.

The bottom line card is The Hanged Man XII. Only I can get me free from the ropes that hold me back. The guy with the butterfly net is chasing his dreams and he is doing it his way. With a happy red heart on his cheek. 

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