Monday, March 7, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Well hell and damnation!!! I decided to ask the cards what does this next week hold for me and i get The Fool 0, The Tower XVI and the 5 of swords!!! WTF!??! In the same day I have managed to pull the damn 5ofSw twice! And to have it next to The Tower XVI is like gasoline to the fire! My eye was drawn to paper in the fireplace first. Are missing or destroyed documents in question? The one thing I must say about the way The Faulkner Tarot depicts this card is that it is at least a contained fire and does seem like total devastation. But that nasty, nasty 5ofSw makes me wonder what unpleasant and nasty surprise do I need to be aware of. Since The Fool 0 is here and the gypsy meaning for it is moving, I really pray it has nothing to do with my new residence. Either way, I will really pray for the protection and happiness of both me and my enemies in hopes of diffusing what looks to be something very ugly, mean, and nasty where no one will win and irreparable damage is done.

So now I have to ask: What can I do to prevent this or to protect myself?

The Wheel X, the 7 of swords, 3 of cups. I am drawn first to the center of The Wheel and think I want to look up Rhiannon's meaning of when that draws your attention first. It is the "good luck" card, yet its' right next to the nasty bad luck of the 7ofSw which is all about lies and thievery and cheating. I really do not like this because The Wheel is all about karma and how sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug and with that 7 next to it, it says to me my luck ain't so good and being the bug is beyond my control this week. And the woman pictured is walking under a ladder which we all know is complete bad luck! With the 3ofc next to that, the first thing that popped into  my head was "commitment", and next to the 7ofSw I'd say the end of one. Man I hope this room mate shit doesn't get even worse. The only way around this that i can see is to at least try to avoid any situations where I would be at risk and to be true to my commitment to my principles and to myself.

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