Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Interview With the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

I just got my Tarot of the Sweet Twilight and couldn't be happier with it! The colors are so vivid and gorgeous! I'll be so glad when I have a scanner so the true beauty of the cards can be seen. They are so dream-like, so rich and vibrant! Looking at them is not like looking at still pictures, but at very slow motion videos. They remind me of a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton colaboration. I think I may have to start reviewing my decks because I have so many and I love them all. But I can say that this one will remain very high on my list of favorites! Anyway, I remembered a spread I saw on the blog of a wonderful lady (a fellow Capricorn--tee-hee hee!) names Lisa from the UK. Please check out her blog, as I have included a link to it. She has created two other blogs and doesn't update this one very often anymore which I am very sad to say because I learned so much from her. But she has tons of entries and is very passionate about tarot as means of healing. This spread is really cool because it gives you a chance to explore what a particular deck has to offer and how to best communicate with it.

        An Interview With the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
8 of Pentacles: This card jumped out as I was shuffling. This deck will make me a stronger reader, give me the training I need to advance my skills and to finally take it pro. It has a lot to teach me. The pentacles that are buried show my potential for improving my skills. I need to relax and soak up the knowledge.

1. What is your most important characteristic? The Wheel of Fortune X
I own so many decks, had so many ups and downs, been round and round with myself about if I am or ever will be a "good" or "qualified" reader. The first thing that stands out in this card is the little girl's ears. I will be able to hear my guides even better. It will force me to have to listen to them and to trust that they won't let me fall. The Wheel also has a strong association to money, so I'm really feeling that I will use this deck to make money. Is that a broken heart or a set of lips at the bottom of the tree?? It will enable me to speak to people with compassion to bring healing and honesty. This is also my card in numerology that is the sum of my birthday (I forget what it is called) so I have a strong connection to it and the Magician I. This deck is going to prove to be very important to my growth as a reader.

2. What are your strengths? Ace of Swords
Well if this doesn't make all the sense in the world lol. This Ace is all about a new beginning that you may not think you are ready for and may even be forced upon you, so it is kinda scary. But you will be so glad you went for the ride. This deck is so bold, look at the explosion of vibrant colors and the raw emotions. This gorgeous woman is so calm and so confident as she pulls her sword out of its scabbard. This deck is confident so it expects I will honor it by being so as well. It's strength is in cutting through the shit that causes me to doubt myself.

3. Limitations? 9 of Wands
In the LWB it says "the joy of actually making it pushes tiredness into the background." I'm not sure is if this deck has any limits except any that I impose upon it. The girl has the sword in her hands. It's like she has gone from in the Ace of Swords to this place carrying her confidence, or it has carried and sustained her. She has come from those clouds in the background, the dark times of mot having a clear mind or not always knowing where she is going to end up, but she persevered and now she is on top. This woman says there are no limits once you work beyond your fear and doubt.

4. What are you here to teach me? 4 of Cups
Stop moping, get of your ass, and take action. She's sitting on top of the house. I've got to get out of the house and do readings and not just sit here and to them on my computer. Or if I do, branch out and do reading over the web. She has wings, yet she refuses to fly!! And she is fishing from a tiny cup and not from a lake, river or ocean; stop selling myself short and limiting myself.

5. How can I best work with you? Queen of Wands
This Queen is the mover and shaker. She's active and alive. She is all about work and energy. She is a career woman who can balance all the various aspects of her busy life. Here she looks so sad because she is alone and just standing there. This Queen thrives on being busy. The flowers around her head say she has so many beautiful thoughts that deserve to be expressed and shared with others. It reminds me of the most beautiful compliment any man has ever given me, and he is the King of Wands (maybe more of the Knight--grow up please), but he told me "you have the most beautiful mind of anybody I have ever known." I can best work with this gorgeous deck by seeing my own beauty and by by embracing the fact that this is a viable source of income!

6.Potential outcome: Death XIII
Something big is gonna jump of in the next three months. This card is associated with the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of depth and passion. I am so passionate about tarot and helping others to empower themselves through it. This may be the most beautiful Death XIII card I have ever seen. It's like she is just sleeping and the Grim Reaper is more like experience and wisdom that is carrying her to the next phase, getting her away from the barren surroundings that are so desolate. The potential outcome is awakening me, transforming my gift and breathing life into my readings.

Bottom Line: The Hanged Man XII
Break free from my own self-imposed restrictions. I've been bullshitting for to long. This can be the dawn of a new day for me as a reader, so stop reading damn tarot books and just read the damn cards woman!

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