Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your Disastrous Dream Come True

I'm trying a spread from a new lady I found on FB, Living Tarot. At first I was having a really hard time with the cards I got. I started to talk it out and then it started to fall into place.
EXERCISE~ YOUR DISASTROUS DREAM COME TRUE~ Pull out your deck. Shuffle, while thinking "Which past dream come true in my life has brought me the most disastrous results?" Lay down the Five Card Spiritual Commentary: Card 1 = Short Answer~ Cards 2,3,4 = Long Answer~ Card 5 = Spiritual Commentary.

First thing I notice: NOT A FIRE CARD IN SIGHT!

The first category is Air- This is about my way of thinking and how I deal with stress.
The second category is Earth, Earth, Water--There are 2 earth cards and 1 water. This grouping says to me not to let my emotions keep me stuck. Also the earth shows how money and health are in question.
The third category is Air- Again, it all comes back to changing my mindset and how I deal with stress.

Short answer: Card 1--4 of Swords- The first thing I notice is her back and that she is laying down resting, so this is about my back injury.

Long Answer: Card 2,3,4-- Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles and 2 of Chalices 
The first thing I see is the QofP which is my card since I'm a Capricorn. I see the lotus blossoms so this says to me that my Buddhist practice is a large part of this issue. I didn't start practicing until after I fell. I often see the huge object behind her as the moon, but today it's a pearl, as in wisdom, or a gift. Also the connection of pearls and Japan and Nichiren Buddhism being from Japan. I'm thinking of how a pearl is made from that grain of sand that is a major irritation for the oyster but creates something so precious and beautiful. So I need to realize that though I am pretty badly injured, in the grand scheme of my life, it is but a minor irritation that will have great benefit if I can adopt the Buddhist way of thinking that obstacles are really benefits if we turn poison into medicine. The Queen is holding a pentacle so I'm thinking I need to do more reiki on myself and somehow get massages and other forms of hands on healing. The Knight of Pentacles is about patience in creating tangible results and God knows that has been the case. He looks pissed and is moving away from the Queen. The KntofP is here to remind me tht diligence and hard work are what gets tangible results. As if to say my inner pissed off teen-ager needs to grow up and not turn away from the mature part of myself who wants to grow up and be a woman with roots and stability, but to listen to her advice and to not give up. With this serious of an injury, I will always have to work very hard at keeping my spine in good shape. Since the knight has wings and is is on that flying fish over rough seas, it is making me think about how much I miss being a flight attendant. The caduceus on the 2 of Chalices confirms for me that this is the medical situation that has had such an emotional impact on my life. Why is she letting go of the flowers? I can't let go of my dreams and just stay in bed. And this has been a great way for me to learn who I am in order to find the right man for me. We often talk of wanting our soul-mate. I've learned that as imperative as love and passion are for me, I've always missed the mark on compatibility. In this version of the 2ofC they look to be total opposites, yet still seem so well matched. A lot of times opposites do attract, and one of the few marriages I know of that I think is truly rock solid are two people who on the surface are as opposite as two humans can get. But their core values, beliefs and desires are the same. I think the only way for me to find that is through really knowing who I am at my core. And being injured has given me a whole lot of time to do a lot of soul searching.

Spiritual Commentatry: 6 of Swords--The angel is saying to me to forgive myself and that will break those chains I see that are keeping her/me from flying. I have to take off that blindfold and face these two characters who I am allowing to keep me bound and holding me hostage. And I can see who they are and know their names as well as I know my own! That asshole in front is Fear and the one in back is that jackass Doubt! Look at his face! The traditional meaning of the 6ofSw is about moving onto a better place or situation. If I want to do that, I've got to change my mindset and and stop focusing on the stressful and painful things I'm dealing with and allowing them to hold be captive. I even think it means I am to be a flight attendant again, only this time recognizing my worth and having an employer who does as well.

The card at the bottom of the deck is The World XXI-- What a wonderful card and this deck has such a beautiful interpretation of it. Life is about cycles, life lessons to be experienced, learned, and then move on to the next cycle. Sometimes there will be tears shed, and lots of them, but don't let that negate all of the beauty in this world, and as corny as it sounds, keep looking up to the stars, your hopes and dreams. This card also confirms that I am so meant to travel the globe and bring beauty to it. One way is through being a make-up artist. But also the beauty of my spirit that will be enhanced through the lives I touch and who touch mine. If I forget the lessons or don't even learn the lessons I'm supposed to through the back injury, I will be short changing myself as well as the many others who lives I'm supposed to touch by sharing my experiences and bringing them encouragement. 

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