Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Toy Box

I'm not sure if I've written anything about a possilbe money making opportunity or not. It would be for a company called Passion Parties, which is....shall we call them.."love toys" lol. One of my nearest and dearest put me intouch with a friend of her's who does it and makes a nice little penny doing so. The start up cost is more than I have right now. So she emailed me today with an idea that would cost me only about $30. So I wanted to ask the cards what would be the result if I go this route.

The first card is the Knight of Wands. I need to go back and check, but I'm almost sure Rhiannon says that this is the best possible bussiness card.---- Omg I am just listening to her YouTube video and she says "they have got the gift of gab and could sell snow to the Eskimos! They don't lie, they expand the truth. It is THE best card linked to business, utter success!" She says it has teh gypsy meaning of a journey over water and quite possibly one linked to bussiness. Wands energy are all about fire and passion, so how perfect that the business in question is directly related to wands of passion LMAO!! Now as I look at the card I see the happy couple in a passionate embrace. Hell, I just realized all of the cards are wands!! The suite of passion and fire! The 9 of Wands shows me if I do this venture, with the sword pointed down and the wands standing tall. To me this says that the arguing and lack of communication could be put to rest for many couples if their sex life improved. I also read in a book once that the 9ofW in a relationship reading means that if the couple can get through this one major issue, it will soloidify their union. The last card is the victory card, the 6 of Wands. This card is such an odd version to me. I take her tears as tears of joy that these couples will have when they deepen the intimacy of their relationship. Maybe even my own at being able to help these couples. And uh.... well, there is a "toy in" pictured.... LMAO---I'm just sayin'!! Which reminds me of one of the funniest skits Ive ever seen in my life with Adam Samburg and Justin Timberlake!

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