Friday, March 25, 2011

The Tarot Dame's "What do you want" Spread

I just got an email update from The Tarot Dame, who is a lovely lady who's blog I truly enjoy and have gotten a lot of reading. She just created a really simple but very cool, to the point spread. Two cards. Bottom line, straight to the point. Here we go.

What I want:
LMAO! Wow! I freakin' love it!! The cards I got are as to the point as this spread is!

The Tower XVI- I'm so glad I've learned that one should not look at cards as either all good or all bad. Usually this card is one of the "worst" ones possible. But here I see how wonderful it is. I want very drastic changes in my life. This may be my one of my favorite interpretations of this card because it teaches about how we should deal with extreme changes or harsh realities that occur. And in the past fe years, I have had a plenty. Death of my dad, Hurricane Katrina, end of a 5 year relationship, loss of my career as a flight attendant, back injuries, several unplanned moves, one of my closest friends moving away, going through my savings because I can't work right now, death of my grandma, having to give up my kitty-cat, supporting a man who was deployed to Iraq and I love dearly but is not capable of being in a relationship and....a partridge and a pear tree! LOL The girl is up in the tree removed from the drama. She got out of the horror that occurred and it's like she's not even looking at it but beyond it, to the beautiful sun on the horizon. The tree can be seen as her past experiences that she can draw strength and wisdom from in order to move into the positive future. She is not looking at the bullshit and what is painful or at what she has lost, but at the beautiful new beginning that the loss has created. I want to be a person who deals better with the tragedies in  life and see them as opportunities. As we say in Buddhism, turn poison into medicine.

How do I get it:
The Sun XIX- Omg, it's like that sun on The Tower has risen! I MUST look at the bright side, no matter how dark a situation is!!!! I see the faces on this Sun XIX and I think this version is one that many people would not like or understand given the looks on their faces, but to me it says to love and embrace who you are, shine in your own individuality. If I can take the advice of the first card I can create the meaning of this one. Hope and positivity and joy and even good health all start with ones state of mind. Like the sun, rise above the horizon which can be a metaphor for what looks like a limitation but in reality is only a matter of perception. It can be seen as the gateway to a whole new world.  Free ya mind, ya aas'll follow!

The other thing I notice is that precious little rocking horse--UGH LOL!! That one part of me 39!!! I must be mad!....wants to have a child. But until the drastic Tower-like changes occur there is no way in hell. My back with 9 damaged disks could never permit me to carry a baby at this time. Let alone my lack of finances. And I want to be married. Like I said, I want a lot of Tower-like changes.

Both cards are fire cards...I NEED MORE ENERGY, PASSION AND DRIVE!! 

So I just went to take the picture of the cards, and low and behold, I realize that on the Sun XIX there are 5 faces!! Just like the tag line of this blog!!  5 girls in my head and all have way too much to say. There are so many different aspects to my personality. The faces on the card show me the one who looks back at the past. Gotta learn to let go and to see the past as positive learning experiences. The one who looks at the future, but she sure doesn't see too hopeful does she. The one below her looks scared shitless about the future. The little small one on the bottom left I wonder if she is my intuition that I am trying so hard to nurture and learn to listen to. And then the one looking at me head on saying "So...whaddaya gonna do? Shut up. Do!" 

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